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Dorina is an author, speaker, teacher, foodie, and trail runner. She helps people chase God's glory down unexpected trails and flourish in their callings. Her latest books include Breathing Through Grief, Kailani's Gift & Chasing God's Glory. Dorina and her hubby Shawn are raising three courageous daughters in Central California.

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  1. Those Bible references spoke to me. Having been very thin all my life because of how I was built, not because I tried, now at 70 I struggle with my weight. At 5’2″, I gained 15 lbs over the past 6 months due to foot surgery and then a knee injury. I am trying to focus on the fact that I am otherwise healthy. I was recently told I look just like my nonna. At first I was devastated, but then I realized I adored her and I see it as an honor that I should remind others of her. I have 2 children- a son (43) who struggles with his weight and a daughter (41) who is tall and thin but has recently began experiencing what women do at some point and the pounds easily come on when she slows down. But unlike me, she accepts herself fully and does not get stressed by it. So, today the shorts come out and I might even wear them out in public.

  2. ‍♀️

    Thank you for sharing! Messages like this are great reminders to check my heart. I like the line about allegiance being to King and not culture. He made me a wife and a mom, so those are the people I should be focusing on, and not the opinion of others. My kids tell me I’m beautiful—maybe that’s a little message from God—and maybe they’ll be more apt to continue thinking that way if I choose to let engaging with them and having fun override discomfort with the bumps and squishes I would rather hide. (Because, really, I’d rather hide them.) So that’s the truth to replace discomfort: be present and happy anyway. The kiddos will have memories of you being there and having fun and they won’t remember the bumps and squishes.

  3. Yes, I struggle with body image especially at 60 and being under 5 feet!!! But this devotion encourages me!!! I needed it!! Thank you!! And rock that tankini!!!!

  4. Dorina,

    Yes! There are times that I struggle with body image and FEEL self critical. But the FACT is, I am fearfully and wonderfully made! And to criticize my body would be to criticize God’s creation.

    I bet you rock the shocking pink tankini. ️

    Sending you Summer Joy,

    Lisa Wilt

  5. Dorina…What a great story. Something that I don’t often think about. My struggle is with the way I dress. I live in an independent living place, but it is mostly people with physical problems. I am 76 years old and I am here only because my husband of 55 years has a very violent type of Dementia where he almost killed me on 4/20/2023. I had to sell the house and move somewhere. I have always dressed to the nines. My mother told me I was very picky when I was 3 years old, about my clothes. My job of 45 years as a manager required back then that we dressed like we were someone in authority. Here is the great information I received from your story is. The people here are in their 80’s on up to 103 years old. Many of them think I am a show-off because of my clothes, shoes, jewelry, my blond (bleached) hair. It has been very upsetting to me as those individuals will not even talk to me. The women and men that gave me a chance really like me and found up that I am not a show-off. Your scriptures and words made me remember that Our Creator made us in his image and I know He loves me in whatever I wear. So I need to keep trying to get people to talk to me and if not, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks of me as I am loved by Jesus, my Holy Spirit and Our Lord. Thank you for helping me out of my worry on this front. I have so many more very difficult problems to resolve. So, Dorina, you wear that tankini with pride and no worry what you used to think about this very important issue to we woman. I love the (in)courage women and I read all of your devotionals every morning. Hope you and yours have a wonderful July 4th, but the way our world is right now, we need to think about why we are celebrating and not just a day off, especially with the election coming in November and our Democracy hangs in the balance. Love and a hug to you from Betsy Basile

    • Betsy, I believe the clothes we wear, the accessories we choose, and the way we move are all opportunities to celebrate God’s diversity in the world. I’m cheering you on!

    • Oh Betsy I’m so sorry how your life has taken such a dramatic turn. I’ll be turning 70 in a few weeks & we just celebrated our 50th anniversary. I’m not sure where you live but would love to connect with you as you wish. I live in Central California & have 3 children all grown with families of their own. My heart goes out to you for all you’ve endured the past few years & I think your fellow residents are very set in their ways & as people get older they lose their speech filter. I’ve had some relatives say things to me that I was pretty surprised with.
      Lord bless you & I hope you are able to make more friends to be able to sit & visit with, enjoy a meal or even play some games.

  6. I am a perfect 10 with no stretch marks. Oops I might have sent too soon. I am replacing this lie with the truth. My love for God is a perfect 10. I have stretch marks left from children that are now adults. I smile everyday because I am praising the lord and he made me as I am.

  7. Dorina – I have struggled with my weight all my life, to the point I was anorexic in my 20’s and early 30’s. Now in my 60’s, I’ve learned to be healthy and when I get upset about my weight or the way my body looks, I just tell myself I am a healthy, beautiful daughter of the most high King. Sometimes I have to repeat all day to myself and other times it just once. I have found that as long as I take care of his temple and keep my heart seeking after Him, I’m beautiful to the one who matters. Thank you so much for your devotional! And I’m sure you are beautiful in your tankini! God bless you and (in)courage!

  8. I agree with all that you said. However, I sometimes beat myself up because I am not taking the best care of the body God gave me. Praying for balance to not let Satan bring on the guilt for skipping my walk, eating too many sweets, etc.

    • I’m with you on that Trudy! You might want to check out my devotional journal, Walk Run Soar, for ideas on how to make those walks meaningful!

  9. Boy do I ever. I so can relate to this. I’ve always felt I have to be beautiful to make it in this world. To be loved, to be liked. As I’ve grown older, almost 69 I have struggled, mentally and physically with things. I know I am beautiful in my creators eyes. I find my walk slow but I am getting there!

  10. Thank you for this post Dorina! I struggle with this a lot! Especially after having a radial hysterectomy in October of 2022 and getting thrown into menopause. I run (I’m one of your Glory Chaser followers) or go to the gym almost everyday, but nothing will help this frumpy middle. OGGG! But over these last 2 years I have finally found the peace that I have been searching for in the one true God! Reminding myself almost daily that I am his daughter and made me perfectly!

    • Oh Tara, I’m right there with you! Let’s remind ourselves showing up matters. We can abide with Him while we move and give ourselves grace as He designed us even for this menopause season.

  11. Thank you Korina for your encouraging words. I needed them. I am 77 years old. I broke my right hip and femur last year and also have serious back problems. In addition I also suffer seasons of depression and anxiety. All of these things have changed my life completely. Prior to all this I have been very strong and healthy all my life and done things that most women would never attempt. But I am so grateful to my Lord Jesus for each day that He gives me and all His many blessings to me. God bless you again for your very encouraging words!

  12. This was such a good devotional. I think one thing I often have to remind myself of is that my body is not less than or more than anyone else. I think I can get insecure and really hard on myself from time to time because of my disability and how it affects my body. It makes me feel not normal and sometimes like I’m lacking.
    But I have to remind myself that I’m beautiful and I am crafted in His image and that there is a reason and purpose for everything.

    • Courtney, that pull to compare ourselves to others is so real! I hear you! Praying for you to walk in your identity as His daughter!

  13. Dorina,

    Our culture is doing a disservice to young women. They tell you that thin is in. Although it is getting a bit better lately. I have seen commercials with larger sized women being used. Truth is our beauty isn’t measured in pounds. It comes from within. What flows from our hearts makes us beautiful.

    Years ago I said I would not ever have a “muffin top”. Surprise-never say never! At first I was upset but now have learned to live with it & work on getting my body stronger & healthier. God made me this way & I am beautiful inside & out!

    Blessings 🙂

    • I’ve learned to never say never. I like the way you are reminding yourself of truth, Beth! Thanks for reading and responding!

  14. ‍♀️
    I’m with you. I love these Bible verses. Now that I’m 57, I am learning to appreciate my body as it is. And I have a purple sticky note on my bathroom mirror that declares: “Wow! You’re aging beautifully!” That’s my mirror talking to me!

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