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Kaitlyn is a Virtual Assistant, book launch manager, and storyteller who writes about discovering God's goodness in the ordinary and faithfulness in the difficult. She loves good books, deep conversations, and iced vanilla lattes. Kaitlyn is the author of Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between.

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  1. Dear Kaitlyn……..What a wonderful and unusual story. I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights and here in PA we actually had a small chance to do that; however, it was very cloudy that night so we did not have a chance to see it. I was disappointed, but we are not in an area that would be able to see it. The solar eclipse we did see a couple of months ago and that was amazing. I have been facing a very difficult situation for the past 16 months. Kaitlyn, there is one thing maybe you could explain to me that I just can’t quite grasp it. I pray about this situation for the last 16 months and I do it frequently through the day, but I haven’t heard from Him and I know God works on His own timeline, but at this point I sometimes think He is punishing me for something, but I don’t know what it would be and I have asked Him with no response. I am 77 years old and my son has told me that he no longer says I am not his mother but a liar. A truly heartbreaking thing. He hung up on me. My husband has the “violent type of dementia” and I had to have him evicted from our house of 40 years. The doctors kept telling me if I couldn’t convince him that he was ill after 3 and a half years, and my son would not support me and took his father’s side, that it was just old age, but I read part of the report from the Pyschoneuroligist to him had he said that I made it up. All my support groups and doctors said I now had to think about my safety. They didn’t want to tell me this is the beginning, but they said I had tried to help him longer than most . Then they dropped the bombshell. Asked if I had guns in the house, I replied, Yes, my husband was a hunter, they said he will get one of those guns when he is in one of his “Dementia Rages” coupled with being drunk and come to where you were in the house , shoot and kill you and 10 minutes later come back in the room and say “Who did this to my wife?” He would never remember that he did it. I knew then I needed to do something. There is much more to this story, but I do not want to bore you with it. Do you have any idea if the Lord is punishing me for something? These stories by (in) I get every day and I love them. Have Blessed Day, Kaitlyn. Betsy Basile

    • Betsy, I am so sorry for the hurt and pain you have experienced – and are still experiencing! There is so much in your comment here, and I’m certain it goes even deeper, even further, than what you have shared. I am praying for you today by name, and am asking our kind and compassion friend Jesus to speak louder than any lies. He is a Good Shepherd who goes after His sheep, not to punish but to take care of their wounds and carry them Home.

  2. “And it’s true, isn’t it, that grief can unexpectedly color a year and smear itself over absolutely everything yet remain largely unseen by the naked eye.”

    I have found this to be so true. The grief is compounded by well-meaning “friends” who simply do not see and suggest it’s time to move on from this messy season, as if it’s a matter of flipping a switch.

  3. Thank you Kaitlyn. Your words brought me comfort. We are all here to serve. I hope I may serve someone here too with my story.
    God bless you.

  4. Kaitlyn,

    Going through trials is never easy. I remember the trials I had with my parents’ dementia/psych issues. Daily prayers were answered two years later when God took mom home. She would never get better only worse. That is why I celebrated. Dad got to the point where I had to put him in gero psych unit twice. Spent much time in lobby just crying. Asking God what to expect & why don’t you take him now? After 1 month dad was better. Then he had a stroke & back he went. This time though God took him home. Both times were sad. It was God in the night that got me through those rough times.

    Blessings 🙂

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