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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Oh, (in) courage women. What a beautiful and encouraging Sunday Scripture, but the I love everything you give us every day. I always get something out of them. Sunday is always a very lonely day. My health precludes me from driving to the church. I don’t feel safe driving in the morning. I do suffer from loneliness at times as my husband, son and my grandson (not his fault, he is only 13 and his parents have brainwashed him to think that I am evil. Almost everyone here has people that come and take them to church and for lunch.Many people ask me where my family is. I am too embarassed to tell them the heartbreaking story. My friends all have large families and are very busy. They don’t even call me anymore as they don’t know what to say. I know that Gad is always there and knows everything about us, but sometimes I just wish someone ere standing with me and I could feel that hug. Thank you for this Sunday Scripture. All of you must be wonderful women. I am just so glad that my Holy Spirit led me to your group. I have many of your books. Have a Blessed Day……..Betsy Basile

    • Betsy,

      If we lived close I would definitely come get you for church. It doesn’t matter the situation. We were made for companionship. You need to be with others to help lift & encourage you.

      Abba Father please please send a friend to Betsy. She is in desperate need of friendship. You know the situation. Send a willing person to befriend her & take her to church & lunch. You are a good good God & know what we need. My heart aches for her right now. Wishing I lived close to her to be that one to show her your love! AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  2. In Courage,

    Life gets busy & hectic. It can be easy to overlook people needing companionship. Help me to be vigilant in seeking to be that friend. Remind me to call, text, or send a note to them. Make me a conduit of your love.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. Love today’s reading. Thank you incourage for it. I do at times feel lonely. As don’t have that many friends. The two best friends two sisters that live now 86 miles away from me. I don’t see them that often but they are so good to me. They know I suffer from seizures. They text or email me to see if I am ok and keeping me in prayer. The younger out of the two sends me the sermon from her Church. I love them as learn so much from them. They are so kind. But at the same time having not a proper friend down where I don’t have. No one wants to be. I meet up with my sister’s every so often for coffee. It is nice to see them. I pray for them and their family salvation as they are not saved. But when they get together in the coffee shop they talk among themselves. Sometimes me but not that often. But when they get talking to either they chatt chatt among either and forget about me then when in that chatting among themselves. Don’t realise they are doing that. But I still love them. I feel lost then and say to myself what am I doing here. They are not including me qitely to myself and sit there say nothing. Sometimes I would say God why do they do that. Why don’t I have more friends that live where I live. Then I told this to my friend that lives 86 miles away from me with her sister. How I feel. I do my Dad’s Home Help Monday to Friday. Yes don’t get me wrong I love doing it for my Dad. Who is 83 now. Needs the help. I get tired easily as suffer seizures. I do my Dad’s Home Help for the Love of the Lord and the Love of my Dad. I which I had friend who say Dawn lets meet after your Dad’s for coffee and for you to relax after doing my Dad’s. Or just go for a walk if weather good and chat. To switch of from doing my Dad’s and just have a fun relaxing with them. So I do get lonely. My friend who live 86 miles away from now. Said to do with my sister’s and them chat chat in the coffee shop. I just sitting there wondering why I hear. But I go to spend time with them and see them. My friend said. God told here the scripture. I can’t remember where it is in the Bible. But she said God said Dawn “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” As they are not saved. That scripture spoke to me and I did that forgave them. I see things on in different light now. I see I have the best friend of all Jesus. He never will leave me nor forget me. Jesus is my best friend. I love that song. What a friend we have in Jesus. That has helped me to. I thank my friend 86 miles away from me now. For what one said too by the piece of scripture she gave me. “Forgive them for they no not what they do”. Thank you incourage for today message. I love you all in Christ and pray for you. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. Xx

  4. I am in a season of Loneliness myself, I have always been the person who has been there for everybody no matter what. I have always put everyone’s needs before myself. The past 8 months have been crippling for me physically and emotionally. My daughter had chronic terminal health problems, my grown children are in dire financial need, my own health issues on top of everything. I have been so sad and lonely during this process however I am beginning to feel that God has me in this place to learn that I must take care of myself better and that even when I feel lonely that God is here with me

  5. I have a similar situation as Betsy. I have a debilitating condition in my back which prevents me from living a normal life. I also suffer seasons of depression and anxiety. I am in one of those seasons now and wonder if it will ever end. I am unable to attend church as I am unable to stand or even sit for more than a few minutes due to my back. I am 77 and have no children of my own. I have two friends who very rarely contact me anymore. Any contact is initiated by me. I am a prisoner in my bedroom so I can lay down, again due to my back. God’s word says He came to set the captive free. When Lord when? I am trying to get meals on wheels, but am on a list and don’t know if or when that will be approved. I am very lonely, but I look to the Lord Jesus for everything. I feel like the woman with the issue of blood who crawled to touch the hem of His robe. But, in all of this, I know that nothing is impossible for Him and He is faithful.

    • Hi Donna..Thank you for mentioning me in your comment and really, you do sound the way I feel only you said it much better than I did. What I forgot to say is and this is also heartbreaking. My husband has dementia and he almost killed me (he has the violent kind).I have 1 child, but I was date-raped by him when we were dating and 3 weeks later I knew I was pregnant. I was only twenty and wasn’t ready for a child and I did not love this man and he did not love me either. He wanted me to get an abortion (and he is Catholic) and I said absolutely NO.Back in the 60’s there were shot-gun marriages as the women were always blamed for this happening and Donna I am Protestant, but because of the way I got pregnant, I was forced to marry him in a Catholic church. My father was so upset as he was active in our church. I also had to sign a paper that I would bring the child up in the Catholic faith. I said that that was up to Jim as he is the catholic in this mess. To try to make this a little shorter, I have been married to him for 55 years and tried to divorce him 4 times. I was the one that recognized that his mind was going. He was in denial and after 6 years still is. He is in a different facility than I am as they told me the next thing he would do would Kill me and then forget that he did it. Meanwhile, I had been leaving my son weekly update in voice mail as he never answered his phone. He kept calling me a liar and it was old age.No…I have the written reports from the neurologists with the diagnosis. My son took my husband’s side and one night he called me and told me he didn’t consider me his mother anymore and hung up on me. My grandson was only 12 and they have made him think that I am evil. Carter and I had such a close relationship and it eats at me every day that they would do that to me AND him. Any cards I send to him, they intercept them, rip them up and throw them out before he gets home from school. 15 months on this. I pray all the time and ask God, is he punishing me for something? But What? No answer. I am so sorry that you suffer from seizures and cannot get to church either. My friends just kind of leave me out of everything and I like you, know they all have husband and big families and don’t realize what they are doing to me. I have forgiven them, but still doesn’t solve the problem is that I am depressed and lonely. I wish we lived in the same area. We could be each others close friends. Take care, Donna and feel free to email at anytime. I am always here except at lunch and sometimes dinner. The food here is inedible. I hope you don’t mind that I sent this to you. Have a Blessed Day and I will pray for you……………………….Betsy Basile

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  7. For those unable to attend church in person, search for a good Bible-based church with online services. Many have continued online in addition to in person. May God direct you as you continue to seek Him.

  8. Amen, this hits it. Been very lonely on/off all my life. Just was on vacation, travelled all the way from Florida to northern PA for my step-granddaughter’s high school graduation. In a room of people, my daughter, grandchildren, husband, son in law & his sister. I feel all alone. I try truly to be a good Mom, a good wife, grandma, employee, etc…hoping it will make me feel better… will be taping this to my mirror to remind me, I am NOT alone. For those of you who commented and desperately need a friend, I wish I was able to be one for you.

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