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Barb Roose is a speaker and author who is passionate about teaching women to live beautifully strong and courageous so that they experience God’s great adventure of faith and purpose for their lives. She’s the proud empty-nest mom of three and whenever possible, Barb prefers to eat dessert first.

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  1. That’s just beautiful and wise Barb!
    God’s faithfulness from the garden of Eden saving His people to the end in Revelation.. 3:20.. knocking on our hearts door..saving us again ! Miraculous memories forever more!
    Grateful for the post and reminder..
    He’s got us❣️blessings

  2. What a brilliant idea to recreate the stone memorial as a visual reminder of God’s mercy and grace. Thank you for sharing your heart and part of your story.

    • Hi Susan, thank you for joining me on (in)courag today! I hope that you make a stone memorial of your own and enjoy celebrating the memories of God’s faithfulness to you!

  3. Just so true Barb. We have to know God’s grace is with us all the time. As I suffer seizures not ever day. But God’s grace and love has been with me. That I know as he has. Especially when I take a seizure. To have the grace to thank God for giving the strength during the seizure to be able to cope after it. How I know that God does. Is a few hours after taking one if I do. God still gives me to strength to go do my Home Help for him. I have the grace to thank God it’s nothing more seizures like a someone with cancer or anything else. I am also given the grace to thank God he was there for me during the seizure. Help me also recover to do my elderly Dad’s Home Help for him. I thank God for that. Plus remember in my brain God never leaves me no matter what and never stops loving me. No matter what I go through. I praise God for that. Love today’s reading. Thank you Barb for it. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx

    • Precious Dawn, thank you for joining me on (in)courage today from Ireland. Thank you for also sharing your story of how you see God’s faithfulness even as you have to deal with difficult medical issues. Your testimony is an encouragement to all of us!

  4. I love the stones of remembrance illustration. Something tangible to work on that makes a mark on our memories and hands. Thank you for sharing this today.

  5. Barb…This message that you sent is very interesting. I try to put the “good” experiences in the front, but I have been going thru a very difficult situation since April, 2023. It is still not settled.Everything I have to do has been very hard for me and I really feel when it is finally settled next month, I can push those negative thoughts of over 50 years to the back of my mine. I keep praying to God that this could happen, but I know these things go on God’s timeline, so I have been trying to be patient, but it is hard on certain day. Thank you for your inspiring message. The rocks mean something to me too. Have a Blessed Day and a good weekend. Betsy Basile

    • Betsy, I’m so sorry for this long and difficult season. It’s so hard when uncertainty is hanging over our lives. I pray that God continues to use today’s devotional to remind you that He hasn’t forgotten you and He will be faithfulful to carry you through.

    • Betsy,,

      Praying God will end your suffering next month. May He give you peace, comfort & love as you await His perfect timing. Be patient & know that you are loved by God & myself. I will continue holding you up in prayer!

      Blessings 🙂

  6. My older brother had claimed Teflon brain for eons referring to nothing sticking. I’m not fond of that sign of aging but love the introduction of Velcro brain to remember all the kindnesses of our great God! Thank you for sharing! Blessings (((0)))

    • Ruth, you’re welcome! While we could have a whole discussion about our aging brain – ha! – I like your mention that we’re going to stay focused on the kindness of God!

  7. Thank you so much for this Barb! It was beautiful in its simplicity and I am grateful for this share. I hope to create my own stone blessing monument!

  8. What a great idea! With it being part of your decor is easy to remember. For years whenever somebody says something positive about me I write it in my phone under their name. It’s amazing how often I run across something they said just when I most needed it. (This tends to work better for me than keeping a card, because often the compliment is verbal.) I like to make technology work for me.

  9. I love this reflection. I had forgotten the story about Joshua and the 12 stones at the River Jordan. I love your idea of putting the twelve stones of mercy and grace into the clear vase as a reminder of ways the Lord has blessed and carried us. Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to many more of your reflections on faith and life.

    • Hi Phyllis! Thank you for joining us on (in)courage today! I hope that you make your own 12 stones memory jar and enjoy celebrating God’s faithfulness in your own life.

  10. Amazing! Thank you Barb.
    My husband and I are going through a very challenging season. He’s struggling with health issues related to work. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster…and that’s just me! His mood swings. His anger. The waiting. All these emotions bring up his unhealthy childhood.
    Your suggestion creating and placing stones of remembrance will be beautiful. I also need to re-read the story of Joshua “the 12 stones at the River Jordan”
    Thank you so much

  11. To show where my mind is today, I was more upset about you being stood up for Prom in 11th grade than having to deal with a separation. I am so sorry you had to deal with both.

    God bless you for your sweet words and reminder to REMEMBER when HE carried us before. Heading to Hobby Lobby for some stones. 🙂

  12. I read this article when I am eating dinner in a restaurant this evening. I’m by myself and enjoyed reading the encouraging words to remember to be kind instead of being upset and frightening . God is always with me even when I’m disappointed in what’s happening, especially this time in life. But I called a friend to ask for help. I feel His presence in my life quite often during the day. I like the story of Joshua and have the Israelites walk through the Jordan River with water away from them. I’m grateful for family and friends who have helped me through life. Thanks

  13. Barb,

    We all have tendencies to forget stuff. That is why Jesus wanted memorial stones. Something tangible to see & remind yourself of His goodness. For me I keep a thankful journal of His goodness to me. Writing down all the trials He has brought me through. Also all the blessings I’ve been given. It helps velcro the good stuff to my brain & brings happy thoughts to mind.

    Blessings 🙂

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