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Twyla Franz is a relentless believer in direction over pace and ripple-effect living. She plays worship songs loud and on repeat. Numbers her thanks to remember gratitude is a before, not an after. Her passion is helping others get close to Jesus and grow deep, missional friendships with neighbors.

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  1. Love this. As menopause creates a new sleep rhythm (or lack thereof), what a great reminder to use the time for connection with God and prayer, not worry about falling back asleep.

    • Grateful it was helpful! Those verses wrecked me. Here’s to the overwhelming presence of Jesus when we’re asleep, and when we’re wide awake!

  2. Twyla, I’m very interested in your ministry. It’s right where God is speaking to me right now. I signed up for your emails and the sample from your book. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am ever so grateful to everyone associated with this site including those like me who respond with thoughts and experiences. I appreciate everyone’s courage to share. And I am so appreciative of knowing that I am not alone- it’s not just me! It is a rarity that I do not share an experience with what I read here. So many thanks as I sit here bleary eyed from another restless night due to allergies, financial constraints, and just life in general. And wow- I never thought about David not being able to sleep.

    • Grateful for your presence here too! This is the most encouraging community. And goodness, so sorry sleep is that scarce. Praying for relief and healing rest, and more Jesus in every moment.

  4. So tired, and sleep feels impossible sometimes. Thank you for the reminder that I’m not alone, and I need to get on my knees in praise rather than resent those hours awake in the dark.

  5. Hi Twyla…I loved your story. About 7 to 10 years ago, I experienced this same thing, but know I know what to do. Exactly what you listed in your story and it definitely works. Difficult situations can really disturb your sleep, but I am doing much better now with my sleep. Thank you for your story today……………..Betsy Basile

  6. Thank you so much for good reading Twyla. It has spoken to me. That we can access God any time. As God’s there is there for us all the time. God loves us to access him. Especially when we need help with something and he is the only person that can give us the right help. So we have to not be afraid to go to God in prayer and ask for God to help us. God will gladly help us. In the way that right for us in that problem we taken to him prayer. All we have to do is listen to God’s Holy Spirit speaking to us. To know how to do the right thing for the prayer requests we asked God to help us with. God might not answer us right away. Why that is to see how much we trust him to answer our prayers request we have ask him to help us with. As at times when we get we have a problem we instead of going to God right away in prayer. We can get that we go to other people first. But if we can find that the person we have ask to help us with prayer requests don’t help us as well as we have when we ask God first. So it’s always good to go to God first in prayer for his help. Do what God through his Holy Spirit tell us. Love today’s reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

    • Your kind comment touched me, like a hug straight from God. Thank you for praying! We’re actually in the middle of pitching and conversations for a different book than the one I mentioned in this story.

  7. This resounds with me. Sleepless night exhausts me. I will turn to Him even more in the middle of the night. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Every time I tried to come here to leave a comment, it didn’t work. Finally now stopping by to say I loved this piece and hope you continue to follow the bread crumbs of this topic. So good and wise. Thanks for sharing these words with (in) — we’re thankful for you!

  9. Twyla,

    Over the years I’ve grown closer to God. When I wake up at night I start praying for people, praising & thanking Jesus for all He’s done for me. Seems lately that I only want to hear Christian music. When at work Christian songs run through my mind. I access God all the time!

    Blessings 🙂

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