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Sarah is a writer, wife, and mother abroad. She is inspired by cafe lattes, the sky, and the thread weaving all our stories together. She writes at sarahbahiraei.substack.com, and hopes her words stir readers to look for the bits of magic tucked away in the ordinary.

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  1. Good morning Sarah. Thank you for your honest devotional about storms. My life has been stormy for an extended period of time. I appreciate you sharing your heart and prayer concern. I stand in agreement with your prayer concerning your visas and move to your home country. May God and his angels minister to the decision makers and process to expedite on your behalf. God bless you.

  2. Sarah,
    Your transparent, vulnerable words spoke to my heart, as I journey through my personal 12 year storm of a broken relationship. Amidst the heartache, God continues to make His divine presence known. I appreciate and will use your visual imagery of being the “lighthouse.”
    You are blessed with the gift of delivering a powerful, relatable message. I look forward to many more!

  3. Thank you, Sarah, for your beautiful message.

    Jesus truly is the only One who can calm the storms of life. I keep an umbrella in my car at all times and one inside my house. I know that in Alabama rains can happen without my having prepared. I tend to go out the door without checking the weather. How true of life, too. I need to be prepared for the life-storms that will happen. In this life, they happen. There is no forecaster who can prepare me. However, I can read God’s words daily, store them in my heart. His words will be available to draw from, protecting my spirit amidst the raging winds.

    God bless you and your family during this time of uncertain transitions.


    • Really love the image of having two umbrellas within reach at all times. There is definitely a connection we can make between the umbrellas and God’s word and promises to us. Thanks for reading, Shannon.

  4. Sarah, your strength, your walk, your words all make my faith stronger. Thank you for that. Who knew the journey God was placing you on years ago when you thought it was only a place holder. But Jesus…always with you always will be. Your writing inspires us to be always aware of that promise.

  5. Sarah,

    It must be hard to be so far away from home and caught in the red tape of Visa’s. I pray you can enjoy where your feet are planted today while also praying that you’ll be home to the USA soon.!

  6. Beautifully beautifully written. I pray that you will reach home with your family. I too travelled and have married and raise 3 children in a foreign land that has become my home. The most wonderful thing is God is here too, He is with me wherever I go and his blessings surpass all understanding and are better than any plan I wanted for myself. Jesus is in the boat of my heart too, at last I’ve found him again.

  7. As I tred waters of uncertainty in the area of being a mother of a trans femme in the last year, I look to Jesus. He is in the boat with me and although this storm stretches out before me with so many questions and fears, I look to him for comfort and peace.

  8. Praying Praying Praying for you and your family! Jesus is with you! May He comfort you and give you His peace! God’s overwhelming blessing be upon you!

  9. Sarah- I am new to (in) courage- but I want you to know this morning I came into my prayer time with an uncertainty hanging over me about my standing with the Lord…

    And I started by confessing this to him and then planned to reach for my Bible and journal. But instead, I picked up my phone and saw a notification on my screen from (in) courage, and opened it first -(to this post).

    God used your post to speak into my uncertainty this morning in a very unexpected way.

    I heard his tender whisper clearly saying, “Your standing with me isn’t based on what you do”- he reminded me that I’m his daughter- and that doesn’t change based on my performance or lack of it. His blood sealed the deal! I then heard him speak other things to me and now my heart is at rest and full of joy!

    Thank you for your anointed post!
    I will be praying for angelic intervention for your family so you can return to your homeland!

  10. Amazing and beautiful and filled with hope and truth. Your writing, how you capture and share your life experiences, is incredible, Sarah.

  11. Sarah love this reading. I can’t wait to hear more reading’s in the days to come from you. Yes when we are in the Storm his voice should be the only voice we hear as we go first Jesus in prayer. How often do not do that. We panic that could be why we think Jesus is. Not with us in this storm. We wonder why Jesus is not helping us in our storm. But sometimes Jesus makes us wait before help us. To see how strong our faith in him is how much we trust him to speak to us in our storm telling us what to do. We have ask the Holy Spirit to help us know it is voice we hear when he does speak. Do what he says. See Jesus this last while has been speaking to me to rest more and spend more time with him. Less on the internet and doing things for others. Yes help them. But think of yourself. Don’t over do helping people. Get rest at the same time. Make time for yourself. I bad at that. I to kind hearted. Then I get rundown because I don’t take the rest I need. Jesus rested and took time to pray be about his Father business. So I starting to do the same. I feel lost better. Thank you for this reading today. Love Dawn Ferguson -Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx

  12. Sarah,

    Praying for God to answer your prayers to send you those Visas you desperately need to travel home. Jesus said we would have trials & tribulations down here. But take heart for I have overcome the world. Walking through storms you feel hopeless, desperation, anxiety & a host of other emotions. But it is in the midst of those crashing waves that Jesus whispers peace be still & gives you hope.

    Blessings 🙂

  13. ❤️ Thank you dear Sarah! Your words speak to each of our hearts, no matter which sea we’re drifting in. Jesus is with us and He cares! I shared your devotional with a young friend going through a dark and deep, deep valley of despair. Thank you. ❤️

  14. Thank you! Prayers for you and your family. I have been away from family due to circumstances beyond my control for many years and it can take a lot out of you. Thankfully, He has been with me through it all, holding me and guiding me. He always pit people in my life that helped me to carry on, was always there! It was never easy , but, He was always, always there! Now, in my seventies and many of my family have gone home, I could go to see them, they are gone and it makes me very sad, He reminds me we will still be together one day! I loved your words, they gave me peace! Thank you! I love encourage and read all the time! Prayers and peace to you all.

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