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April is a Southern girl and a former Certified Financial Planner turned seminary graduate. She is a podcaster, speaker, author of Made to Shine: 90 Devotions to Enjoy and Reflect God’s Light, and the founder of Reflecting Light Ministries.

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  1. This morning I journaled about rest. Then I read this devotion. Thank you. God does provide rest if we let him in.

  2. Thank you for this opportunity. I am encouraged by the topic and would love to win a copy.

  3. What a timely devotion! I would love to win a copy of your book and learn more on how to truly rest in Him.

    • Loved this, thank you, April for your words of encouragement!
      It’s so important to make time and welcome Jesus and others into our homes but so often the busyness of everyday life doesn’t allow for it. I’d love to win a copy of your new book to help me accomplish this goal!

  4. The story of Mary and Martha has been a favorite for years. The Holy Spirit shows me something different each time I read it. In this devotional what stood out was that Jesus came with 12 hungry men. I always knew this but it just hit me that this would be a lot of food to prepare. I don’t imagine Martha skimping on food.

    I welcome Jesus into my heart every morning…but I don’t entertain dinner guests often. My hubby just isn’t into it so I have somewhat given up over the years. That said, I do meet girlfriends for lunch out…which is great as there is no stress and no mess.

  5. Thank you April. Sometimes {well maybe most times} I feel like a Martha. I love having people over to help my loneliness. I believe God has given me the gift of hospitality. But I also need His peace and rest within my soul. I just want to fall at His feet and surrender my worries and fears to Him. I am working on this and appreciate your article. God bless you!

  6. I’ve often thought Martha gets a bad rap. Yes, she was corrected for our benefit but God himself liked to spend time in her home. She must have had a special gift for hospitality that Jesus at the height of his ministry would find a welcome respite in her homemaking. Just my humble opinion.

  7. I love the story of Martha and Mary in Luke. I’m definitely a Martha who is constantly busy. But I long to learn how to be more like Mary.

  8. Like many women, I struggle with rest. My body needs to move, my brain jumps from one thing to another. Only Jesus calms my restless soul but I still struggle! I look forward to this devotional.

  9. I am definitely on a journey with God finding myself in it.
    Thank goodness God waits patiently for us to call upon him.

  10. Thank you April. I’m smiling. Thinking….”Martha Martha Martha”
    We just hosted a dinner in the family home we moved into. An old little house my husband’s grandparents owned. We invited our Pastor and his wife. We are blessed because they are also dear friends. Another beloved couple joined us too. I was sooooo nervous! I was feeling like this little house was not good enough. It’s “too small” and we have to add another table so everyone can sit and eat. We can’t all sit in the living room it’s too small”! On and on I convinced my self this little house wasn’t good enough to share with them. They had visited us at our window filled beach house and our beautiful mountain house. Yet, everyone gathered and ate and laughed and sat squeezed together chatting. It was awesome. This sweet little house just wrapped it’s loving arms around us. It was as if my husband’s grandmother Ruth and Jesus were part of the party!!!!
    I’m so grateful for God’s gifts…. and His company \0/

  11. This devotion spoke directly to me! I was just praying the same thing last night, as the prayer above! I would love an opportunity to utilize April’s book to help me be able to rest in God throughout my day!

  12. This seems like a bible study that will do my soul good. Btwn being a mother of 2 toddlers & nursing supervisor in the middle of a nursing shortage, i often let the busy, chaos of my life & career take the wheel instead of jesus. I need a study that helps me to stop in the midst of the storm & let Jesus rest & work in my heart. Looking forward to this study!!

  13. I loved this devotional! It was a great reminder to rest in God and invite him into my heart…even the messy parts! Thank you!!

  14. I had lunch yesterday with two sisters that I haven’t seen or spoken to since I was 13. Their father was our pastor. While that may not seem too strange, I am now 78 years old. The bond that had kept us together in spite of time and distance is the love of Christ Jesus. Though our hair is now gray and our eyes are not as good as they once were, the love we share from our Savior and for one another has not changed. Isn’t our God good!!
    So my sisters, remember who you belong to, hold your head up high and don’t be afraid. Read the lyrics to “Onward Christian Soldiers” they are as timely today as when they were first written.
    Heaven is an eternal dinner party and we are invited.

  15. “THANKS” April for your special gift of words, what a meaningful devotion & heartfelt prayer. The story of Mary & Martha has always been one of my favorite lessons that I can relate to and reminds us to take TIME for GOD in our daily lives. When people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality. Romans 12:13. Time with our heavenly Father is never wasted and thanks for reminding us to REST in him with His Peace!

  16. April,

    I have let Jesus fully into my heart & messy life. Each day I listen to Christian music on the drive to & from work. Often times I will pray for friends, family & co-workers. Each weekend (I get 3 days off) I make it a priority to rest & make time for God. Filling up on His promises, Bible reading, etc. It helps me when I head back to work on Monday.

    Blessings 🙂

  17. I want to be more hospitable like Martha, and more willing and able to rest in the Lord like Mary. Thank you for a devotional that could help with these. God bless.
    (I enjoyed your conversation with Becky)

  18. I’ve really been focusing on getting rest when I can since I moved in October 2022. Saturdays are my day of rest if I do not have other things going on. Now I am also learning what is okay to say no to. That is huge for me. This sounds like such a needed book! Thank you for giving us another opportunity to win.