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Kathi lives with Roger and a bunch of chickens in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. There they host writer retreats, and Kathi writes about how to do life with God a little closer today than yesterday. She’s a best-selling author and absolutely loves her Clutter Free Community on Facebook.

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    • You have no idea how much this has moved me and helped me. I have great anxiety over doctors and had to see a specialist this morning. After reading this God gave me great peace and is helping me to move past my hurt. Thank you!!

  1. This spoke volumes to me today. Thank you for sharing your story, your interpretation of scriptures about women and Jesus!!

  2. I read this article through tears this morning. There have been numerous instances where I, my Mom, and my daughters have had their symptoms trivialized by doctors and nurses. I am very grateful for the many people in the medical profession who HAVE listened, but there are a handful of others who have left a painful mark on a life. One instance: I won’t ever forget calling the doctor’s office from the school several years ago, after our daughter had passed out yet again. I was crying into the phone, begging for answers, and the nurse on the other end treated me with such disregard and indifference. (I have a kind of PTSD even writing about it now.)

    Thank you for this post, Kathi. In a way, I was able to go back and see how Jesus was in the room with me in that awful moment, and that’s because of your words today.

    Friends here in the comments: If you are in pain right now, and not being heard by a doctor, a nurse, a pastor, a church leader, etc., may you find the courage to stand up and advocate for yourself today, and may you not give up finding someone who will care for you like you ought to be cared for. Your pain matters to us here at incourage, and to God. Also? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee

    • So true – you are NOT alone. I’m so sorry for what you went through JDL, but I know that your daughter not only saw your advocacy, but felt it. It’s amazing when Jesus makes us brave because he is always on the side of right.

  3. You are so right! And unfortunately, I have found the older I get, the harder it is to be listened to in so many areas. I had an aunt who complained for years of leg pains. Her doctors kept telling her it was just arthritis and to take some pain killers. Well, she had bone cancer that could have been treated had she been listened to. It is so upsetting in this day and age that women still have to put up with this. And like you, I feel the same about God and my pain. But this is a good reminder that it is ok to ask God about our struggles.

    • I’m so sorry for what you – and your AUNT! – have gone through. Yes, as we get older, it’s easier for people to ignore us. That is why women must advocate for each other.

  4. Hallelujah, thank the Lord !

    Please believe me, I have experienced some things just the same way as it is described in this article.

    Sometimes I have to remind my spouse that I am not a super woman. I am a Child of God. I am married to him. I am my mother’s only child. I am the mother of three daughters. But I cannot be to everyone who they need me to become for their situation. But I recommend a true relationship with God by believing in His Son, Jesus who is my Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit is available to
    be invited into every area of your life. He will teach you truth. He will comfort your heart. He will lift your head. He will guide your steps toward making Christlike decisions. It is a constant journey of trust and faith. It is a lifetime Journey.

    God is our Heavenly Father and we are His Beloved Daughters.



  5. I hear YOU and I am so sorry this happened to you. I’ve been in healthcare working as a pharmacist for 34 years until I recently retired. As we have more women enter the healthcare field, I pray your experience will be less prevalent. Sending you JOY Kathi. Thank you for sharing!

    • Can I tell you that the women in healthcare have almost always listened – especially a wonderful pharmacist that I am just so grateful for. Thank you for your decades of service – I know that many people are better because you served them.

  6. Thank you for this! And thank you for sharing a part of you! I have experienced this in my medical care and have a lot of hurt from it. But I know God is working in me and through me!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have had similar experiences. I am 86 years old and I am experiencing with some doctors a very blasé response to some of my issues. The Nurse Practitioners, mostly women, respond very differently. I have changed doctors a few times over the past few years because of the lack of concern or a condescending tone. I’m sorry that this happened to you Kathi, and to all of the women who have suffered through this.
    God bless you.

    • We share a lot of the same story – as I often say these days, our circumstances are different but out challenges are the same. I hope our daughters and granddaughters are believed the first time they speak.

  8. Kathi, I so needed this today. Thank you for being courageous enough to yield to the HS and say what he has given you to offer. Thank you for this salve to my soul.

  9. I searched for years,from doctor to doctor, for an explanation for my pain. I could tell the drs thought I was was “one of those”. Through family issues and losses, we moved to a new city. The very first visit with the new doctor he diagnosed my medical issue. Everything fell into place, and the fear fell away….I wasn’t crazy. While the problem won’t go away, I can manage now and the Savior cares for me through days and nights. Praise HIs name.

  10. Kathi,

    So sorry you had to endure that pain. It seems like men discount women in our society. Women practitioners listen & understand more readily. God truly is with us in our pain. He sees & believes us.

    If you are having troubles getting people to hear & believe you. Know that God is there with you. He sees the pain & anguish. I pray that He will guide your steps to a practitioner who will hear & believe you.

    Blessings 🙂