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  1. Thanks for launching this book/study – it’s going to bless and help MANY people! And thanks for sharing your story about trauma. Society has trained us to always compare ourselves to others and it often makes us diminish our sufferings rather than process and acknowledge them. May we all have the courage to let others in – therapists, God, friends and loved ones – and heal so we can be a blessing to a hurting world.

  2. I have not heard of compound trauma before. That is eye opening & makes so much sense. As women (those who know in love, Jesus, and those who don’t) we often grin and Barrett and like Kathi just keep doing the next right thing & we don’t fully grieve or recover.
    Jesus truly is what holds us together.
    I look forward to reading Strength for any Struggle! Your devotions & books are also so full of truth & timely reminders! ❤️

    • Totally agree. Jesus help me through compound trauma that I may be of service to others In Jesus name Amen

    • Compound trauma makes sense of an otherwise confusing time in my life. I feel like I can barely keep my head above water and provide support to my older mom, my husband and adult children. Thank you for writing this article!

      • Susan,

        Father God please come near to Susan. Give her the strength she needs to care for her aging mother & family. Send people to assist her with anything she needs. In Jesus Name AMEN


        Blessings 🙂

  3. I would love to give my mom a copy. My Dad passed away 2 years ago and she is learning how to live as a widow

  4. This seemed to be God’s word for me today, as my devotion this morning was about using your pain to grow closer to God and help others thru similar journeys. I renewed my faith during a health crisis 5 years ago and I continue to endure, but have found that the pain has allowed me to minister to so many others. So looking forward to reading this!!

  5. Excited for the opportunity to receive and share. I’m sure this will be an excellent book. Happy Launch Day!

  6. Thank you for today’s devotion. I had a jolt into the reality that I have been carrying a lot over the last year and I need to lean on the strength of others. I cannot do it alone and the first place I can go is at Jesus’s feet. Blessings.

  7. I would love to win the books! I think I would give one to my sister who just had surgery and is in recovery and one to my aunt who broke her leg and is in rehabilitation longing to go home.

  8. I would absolutely love to have this book! I live with many heartaches. The biggest being my son’s physical disability.
    Almost five years ago he overdosed on pain meds. He didn’t die but his life was forever changed. And
    our family’s lives will never be the same. He is totally dependent on someone to care for him. He has hope that God is
    going to heal him. The grief of his situation is very heartbreaking!! I feel like 100 Days of Strength in any Struggle would
    be very helpful for me and also my son’s wife.

    • Denise,

      Please give Denise & family (Wife) strength to care for her son & husband. Send your healing touch to the son & allow him to have a great testimony. Provide assistance for any & all their needs. In Jesus Name AMEN


      Blessings 🙂

  9. I would love to give this to my sister. She has been dealing with cancer for 12 years and definitely could use some encouragement.

  10. Thank you for the words of wisdom, Kathi. I would love to have a copy to share with my good friend and neighbor. Her 10-month old grandson is now in hospice care. We are praying for a miracle. I feel this book would bring her and the family she cares for, comfort is these trying times.

    • Jerilyn,

      Jehovah Rapha You are the God who heals. Please send your healing touch to Jerilyn’s grandson. They desperately need a miracle that only you can provide. Give them a peace & calm no matter the outcome. AMEN


      Blessings 🙂

  11. I would share one with my friend is Ann. She will be celebrating her 85th birthday tomorrow. Over the last 4 years she has said good-bye to her husband & to her good health: has fallen numerous times resulting in neck & back damage/2 surgeries/need of a walker to get around.

    Congratulations on the book! It will bless many as all your books do!

  12. Thank you for sharing that what happens to us in our lives is life changing even if we don’t understand why we feel the way we do.
    I’m excited to learn more and lean into God’s comfort so I can comfort others and lead them to God the great comforter.
    Happy launch day!

  13. “It doesn’t matter if people are tougher than you.” Thank you for this. My go-to response to a hard moment is beating myself up more for not being as tough as the next person. I will rest in this truth and God’s unconditional comfort today.

  14. Thanks for sharing. It felt like I was reading my own story. The whole idea of grieving allows us to recover speaks to me.

  15. Compound trauma, allow myself to grieve- words I need to read and re-read. I struggle with trying to be strong and that same line of thinking that others have it worse. I have to think about if I have truly grieved about moving from my dream house I so loved or worse, my husband’s suicide 6 years ago. I try to just keep busy, help others and pray but maybe I need to think about what I am praying for.

    • Madeline,

      Father please come near Madeline. She is still grieving the loss of her husband by suicide. Give her hugs & a peace only you can give. Guide her steps daily. Help her to know that she can stop the busyness & just be still with you. Send people her way to encourage & love on her. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  16. Happy launch day!! I’m still unpacking this devotion, so much valuable, thought provoking information to digest.. thank you!

  17. I’ve never heard the term
    “compound trauma” and plan to research it, both my dear husband, as well as niece, have been experiencing since last year. Life sometimes hurls consecutive traumas. Both of them would benefit from this book. Thanks for choosing a topic to support people who are in the grips of trauma.


  18. I didn’t think I needed this book, but I am beginning to see that my struggles are just when things are really bad, but in my day to day stressors and hard choices. I think I would definitely benefit from this devotional.

  19. God knows our family has had trauma.

    A son in prison and a daughter who was in a car accident recently.

    Jesus help us deal with our trauma on a daily basis.


    • Thank you for this ❤️ This story is so familiar to me. I have felt burdened, lonely, confused and stressed by so many little traumas. It all seems so overwhelming. Thank you for your podcasts! Every day I listen to it and it is an encouragement and blessing to me. Thank God that he comforts and sustains us.

  20. This looks like such an encouraging book. Would love to read it…every week seems to throw a struggle or two (big or small) my way. I’m sure it is filled with wisdom & hope—love these writers

    • Happy Launch Day! This book looks like a wonderful book to have and to share with others.
      Thank you to all the writers for sharing their stories…they all direct us to the One who created and loves us.

  21. Thank you for writing this these books. My husband died almost 19 years ago, and after 6 years of leading GriefShare at my church, I know I have been called to walk alongside those who are grieving. God has brought many other widows into my life over the years. Each of their stories is different, and some involve such trauma. I look for opportunities to gather them with each other, because there is hope in seeing other women who are a little farther along in the journey of grief. They do not stay strangers for long after meeting each other. These books would truly be a wonderful resource for my friends and for me.

  22. Yes, please! My only problem will be deciding which of my friends (or maybe my SIL) I should send it to! I’m struggling with resiliency so much in this season of life. Compound trauma is a real thing.

  23. I would love this book because I was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder where I will eventually lose my hearing. This book would help me as I figure out how to be strong and be courageous as I go through this journey. I also am a high school teacher so this book would help me navigate my everyday dealing with teenagers.

  24. Just like many other ladies, I’d love to have this book. I remember reading this exact devotion (last year maybe?) because I could empathize with what Kathi was saying—others have been through worse than I have. (And the barb from the enemy: what’s your problem?) Seeing the list here of what everyone has been through compounds that feeling! It does feel like life has been unrelenting. To hear the message that our suffering isn’t invalid because others might have gone through different and worse, is helpful.

  25. Reading this devotion today made me think if I am dealing with some compound trauma. I often always say yes I am doing through so much but there are others going through worst than me. Please pray the Lord will lead me to a believing therapist. Thank you for this so much needed in this season in my life.

  26. This excerpt hit home for me today. Each of you is a blessing in my life because of your willingness to be vulnerable, express and share your circumstances, and the Lord’s words in your heart.

  27. Compound trauma …its what makes me catch my teeth clenched and my shoulders clenched at too many moments in the day/night amidst taking breathes and praying and looking for a promise from God — as I look back too at how he showed up.
    Great message and I always equally enjoy comments from others here.
    I know A dear young in the faith loved one would like this new release.

  28. I thank God during the good and bad. I do pray for God’s help during my trouble times, but I now pray that he give me endurance during my troubles. He gives me strength and endurance during my struggles.

  29. I love the phrase: You are stronger than you think BECAUSE God is closer than you know! I’m going to marinate in that YUMMY thought today!

  30. Thank you so much for your encouragement! We have certainly had our fair share of tragedy with a large amount of deaths in our family. My husband and I are now taking care of his sister who is dealing with dialysis three times a week, and has been diagnosed with small lung cancer.
    We pray she can tolerate chemo. I would love to read your book, share it with others, and give the extra one to a great friend of mine.

  31. I guess I never really thought of what I went through as compound trauma but it makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing your hard stories and for this opportunity! Congratulations on Launch Day.

  32. Your new book sounds like it was meant for me (and my sister-in-law who is struggling with cancer). Several of the excerpts I have read are very inspiring and definitely uplifting, just what I needed!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win and share this book.

  33. This was so encouraging, We have had one thing after another go wrong for the past 4 years, nothing that could totally devastate us on its own but so close together, I never heard of compound trauma but because of the magnitude of things that have gone wrong I have felt overwhelmed and lately I feel tears coming more frequently . Thank you for sharing this portion of your book.

  34. Wow the title just had me read the rest! Listening to the struggles of women whether single or married whether a young adult or middle aged oft leaves me feeling down, although I listen & validate what they are feeling & try to raise just a little bit of hope. And then I write laments to help me process their pain. I believe such a devotional will speak to the hearts of women wherever in the world they are . Thank you for this .

  35. Happy Launch Day! Your stories and devotions have touched me in so many ways over the years. (in)courage has been a true blessing to me.

  36. I would love to have this book. I feel so weak/unclear. Multiple losses of 2 sisters, brother, my mom and a nephew just days ago last 2 yrs overwhelming! Love this site. I get great encouragement from it!

  37. I needed this post more than ever today. For it is a day I try to avoid and pass over, while holding in my emotions as life continuous on. See 25 years ago, I was raped and suffered a miscarriage from it. I went to counseling briefly,but never truly healed and just buried all the pain as I tried to build my life. What a beautiful life I have,four amazing kids,a loving husband,two cats,dog and an awarding teaching career. But, today the devil tried to bring me down. Until, I got notification of this post. The words,”God is your comforter” is all I needed to break down and allow Him to hold me. Thank you for your words,and for being a strong person of faith!

  38. I really needed this insight today. I ever thought about my traumas as “compounded.” It gives me new perspective for my healing journey.

  39. Thank you for your reminder and encouragement! God knew that today I needed to read and take the message He gave you to my heart.

  40. Thank You so so much for this new book❣️ {& perfect timing!}
    God BLESS you each!! Very much.

  41. This devotional describes me. I lost my husband 18 months ago and my daughter lost her significant other three years ago. My Dad died two years ago. During that time span I also lost two of my best friends. I was scammed and lost all my money. I am in a financial crisis. I am struggling. I know God is in control. My grief is so deep and I want to recover. It’s just been too much.

  42. This is an amazing excerpt from the book. It is the second time it’s been out on the podcast and is very encouraging.

  43. Yay, I’m receiving your emails again! I got very behind on emails for a good while there. I actually had someone mention compound trauma to me recently and explain that’s what I am going through as well. I have added to this to my Goodreads booklist and would love to win a copy. Thanks for giving us another opportunity to win!

  44. I am thankful for this book! So many people, myself included, have been through complex trauma and need resources like this to help us through it.

  45. I hope to win! I read the sample I got a couple weeks ago and loved it! Cant wait to read all of it!! Getting over a toxic relationship and this is just what I needed.

  46. Would love to win this for my daughter and I. Thanks for the opportunity! Ya’ll are a blessing!

  47. I only heard about (in) courage a few month ago and our ladies Bible Class chose to study Peace.
    We are currently studying Hope. I have been encouraged thru the studies of Create in Me (hope and peace). The podcast today was timely for me. Thank you for sharing your stories with others. God bless (in) Courage. God Bless (in) Courage.

  48. I need to dig deeper into my daily struggle of not knowing why can’t get motivated to create and do what I used to do. I never stopped to think that I could be suppressing trauma just to survive. Looking forward to this book even if I don’t win.

  49. I feel like this. I’ve had lots of devastating loss over the past 10 years. Then one by one my 3 children were diagnosed with the same rare genetic condition and got sick. It’s a lot and I know I haven’t been able to take the proper time to grieve
    This book seems like a great help in the right direction
    Congrats on such a beautiful book

  50. I would love to have a copy of your new book, my family and I have had a rough year starting September of last year. With marriage struggles. Health struggles not only mine but also my children. I feel so lost and all alone. I would love too feel the closeness of God too help me with these struggles.

  51. Thank you for this book with reminders of where our strength comes from. I would love to share this book with my mom. Does it come in large print or audiobook ( she doesn’t see well)? God bless.

  52. What an encouragement. I love that quote “You are stronger than you think because God is closer than you know”. Amen!

  53. Thank you for the opportunity to win a set of these books! I know just the friend I would gift one too!

  54. This is amazing! I know this would be sooo encouraging for me and several of my friends. Thank you for the opportunity and for all of the hard work! May the Lord speak to the hearts of every reader.

  55. “the magnitude of someone else’s suffering does not lessen my suffering. And until I allow myself to grieve, I cannot recover.” I needed this. Thank you.

  56. What an encouraging book! I’d love to win one for my friend who is grieving a loss. Thank you for this giveaway!

  57. I love the title of this book! So many personal struggles in the past year, praying for strength and perseverance.

  58. As I start on this new journey of leaving my job of 16 yrs and becoming a full time housewife, I find myself struggling to adjust and learn how to be still, how to do self care for myself.
    We have three sons with special needs/autistic, one biological and two adopted and that in itself is a full time job.
    With the support of my husband, family, friends and most of all God, I quit my very demanding job.
    It’s been a couple of days and I find myself having anxiety, feeling guilty if I sit down and have some me time, some self care time.
    I start to think, I should be doing something, cleaning, laundry, dusting etc . Then thoughts from work come into play and I have to pause and pray and ask God to calm my anxiety, take my thoughts captive and help me focus.
    So this would definitely be a book I’d love and it would help me and would give me an opportunity to gift it to a friend so I can have an accountability partner.
    Thank you so much and good luck to everyone.
    Be blessed and be a blessing ❤️

  59. First I would like to say congratulations on your book launch! I can’t even begin to express into words how your words in this devotional and the insert from this book you shared here spoke to my heart and leaped off my screen. I had not heard of compound trauma before but after reading this it is so clear that I not only have emotional compound trauma but also multiple physical compound trauma from things that have happened to me and witnessed since I was a child as well as I suffer with multiple compound trauma physically daily with my multiple chronic health afflictions and multiple chronic Intractable pain afflictions on a daily basis. As well as I have been going through compound multiple types of grief for many years now. There is not enough time or space for me to share details here. One thing I know I survived, keep going and am still here because of Jesus strength, carrying and sustaining me. After reading this I know My sweet husband and daughter also suffer from compound trauma. They also have health afflictions and they need Jesus so desperately. I recently lost one of my dearest, beloved close BFFS of 42 years 3 &1/2 months ago to a aggressive metastatic breast cancer, my favorite beloved Uncle a year ago, my favorite beloved Aunt 2 years ago, a beloved furry baby (dog) coming up on a year this month and lost my other beloved close BFF of 42 years tragically in a house fire and 7 years ago my closest beloved BFF was diagnosed with the same aggressive metastatic breast cancer which has now spread to her bladder , stomach, spine and she will be going on hospice soon. Her husband also had a bad stroke shortly after she was diagnosed with her cancer. They are like family to my husband and me she is a strong believer like myself our husbands are not and our children have walked away from the Lord we often pray with each other and for them and encourage each other on the phone. I know she would love to have a copy of this book and so would I and we would both be super blessed and grateful to win a copy of it. I feel there’s so much I could learn from this book that would minister to my heart and bring healing and that God could use to minister through me to my husband and Daughter. It is more than a book it is a healing tool from just what you shared here for those of us who need spiritual and emotional healing and support. My birthday is the day after the giveaway ends and I couldn’t think of a better birthday gift than to win a copy of this book. God bless you and thank you so much for the opportunity to win a copy of this book!

  60. I love you all in incourage. I love to keep you all in prayer. God is a God of comfort that is there for us all times. I love that song that says. “For this I have Jesus” how true that is for this we have Jesus. No matter what we go through we have Jesus who is there for us. We can take it to the Lord in prayer no matter what we go through. Our Lord loves to hear our prayers. Our Lord loves us so much he sent Jesus to Glory for us. Thank you for all you do for us ladies in incourage and the wonderful stories you tell us from your heart to help us grow in Jesus. You give us ladies a chance to reply back to tell you how it spoke to us what you wrote about. How it helped us grow closer to Jesus. It nice to hear and read the stories from other ladies of what they learnt from the lady writer of that days incourage. Which is nice as you can learn something from that lady that has told you what she learnt from that reading from the lady writer of incourage that day. I love that. I love to say what I get out of them for other to know as well. Plus learn something from me as well. Grow closer to to Jesus by the reading and what I wrote. I love you all in incourage and the ladies who reply even if I am the other side of the world. I might never see you all this side of earth. But I am glad to know you are my sister’s in Christ all you and I will see you all in Glory one day with Christ. I say Amen to that. I will keep you all in prayer. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx

  61. This book sounds like something that would benefit me to read. I have had a challenging year! But still walking in faith with Jesus. He is my anchor and hope!

  62. My 90 year old Mom and her twin sister are being separated in 2 days because my aunt’s dementia has gotten so severe she needs constant help. Her son is packing her up to move her from NC to Alabama and my Mom is devastated. I fear her grief will lead to another stroke. I would love to have this book to share with her.

  63. These emails encourage me daily, and I’m so glad that you and your team provide a resource to lift up the name of Jesus, and in turn lift up the readers of your devotions.

  64. I spent last year being a care giver to my sister who has Leukemia. She is still fighting it. Those who I thought would be there for us were not. I struggled with find the will to be her strength and mine too.

  65. I am looking forward to having this devotion. Very much like your experience a therapist said to me “Any one of those things bring people in my door. You have had multiple things happen one after another.”
    The Lord has been faithful. He always provides what we need.

  66. I cried at the same moment you did. Your book sounds a real blessing. Need those words so much at the moment. Thank you. Xx

  67. Thank you so much for these devotionals! They are a blessing every morning. Your book sounds very interesting, i would love to read it!

  68. Wow! This is TRUTH and powerful information, especially for people like me who are peacemakers and don’t like conflict!
    Wish I had heard these words YEARS ago! But I am in a MUCH better place today thanks to therapeutic intervention.
    Thank you for compiling these amazing resources!! And congratulations!!

  69. I think this book could help me in many ways to become the best person that God created me to be. Past traumas are keeping me in the same spot mentally and I need help moving on.

  70. Thank you for this read. I needed this today! I am mentally exhausted, but I think your book may help to some degree.

    I work at a church that has been going through many changes over the past few years and I have been struggling a little here and there, but the last few months have been horrible for me. When you said that you only wanted to be with your husband and dog, that’s me right now!! I have not been checking on or calling my 83-year-old mom like I should be. My sister just had a tragic accident where she broke her femur, and I haven’t been to see her since she got out of the hospital…and she needs my help. I have three grown, married children and four grandbabies, and I am not even spending much time with them either, sad but true. What is wrong with me? I am usually the person that is caring for everyone else, family and friends. I used to check up on others, but I don’t do that anymore; I would take soup to someone who was not feeling well, I don’t do that anymore. I used to send cards to people, thinking of you, praying for you, encouragement cards, etc. I don’t do that anymore. Maybe I, too, need to see someone to help me figure this all out. Again, thank you.

  71. It would be really amazing to receive this book I feel it would help me so much with the struggles I’m going through now

  72. I would love to win your new book 100 Days of Strength in Any Struggle. I am that woman who my mind reels daily of how I can help my neighbors and girlfriends with their struggles. They are each so different w/very different real struggles and I just want to help in some small way. I definitely will not be keeping either of these books for myself, b/c my neighbor and another friend will be receiving this wonderful journal from me w/a card. I will purchase the book for myself b/c believe me, I have struggles, but I know when I put other’s struggles in front of my own, I see God working out my day-to-day problems without any help from me at all. I’m so thankful for my relationship w/my Lord and Savior. I’m so thankful that my past and who I was and the things that have happened to me DO NOT get to clarify my identity. That is only because my Savior took all those sins that I committed and that were committed against me and washed them EVERYONE clean w/HIS BLOOD and only HIS BLOOD could do that. I truly believe that. I want my neighbors and my girlfriends to ALWAYS see OUR GOD in every second of their day as I do and REJOICE through those struggles that satan sometimes slides through their day and convinces them otherwise. Thank you…

    • This book sounds like exactly what I need at the exact time I need it. I’ve been through some difficult seasons and feel this devotional would be a blessing. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am confident 100 Days of Strength in Any Struggle will bless countless women!!

  73. Today’s blog post has spoken to the depths of my soul in which I’ve been too afraid to explore. Similar to many, I’ve been through enough trauma where it is easy to just pack it all up as if the traumas never existed. For quite some time now, I’ve even found myself allowing all sorts of things in my small apartment pile up into a clutter of too many totes, boxes, bags, and papers. I believe I’ve also been just too tired to grieve, process, and work through. However, this excerpt of the 100 Days of Strength devotional gives me comfort and hope that I can get through this, too!

  74. Sounds like just the book my mom and my sisters need right now. My Mom was diagnosed with Colon cancer right before Christmas, and had colon surgery 2 days before Christmas, and my Grandmother who is 98 is needing more care than before. So we are all struggling right now. Thanks for the Giveaway. I appreciate all you do for this community.

  75. I have several compounded traumas I am in the midst of dealing with right now and I am so thankful to have God as my comforter! I am really hoping to be able to get your new book to help me through this time. Thank you so much for the encouragement and sharing God’s love!

  76. I just read this excerpt and started crying. The past two years has been really rough. I was diagnosed with oral cancer September 2022 and had to go thru surgery and radiation. I am still recovering. Now, my husband lost his job and we are struggling financially and no longer have medical insurance. I am trying to trust God because I know He will us through. God always shows me He cares through little things, like this message I got in my email! Thank you

  77. Congratulations on your launch! This is such an awesome giveaway to give strength and encouragement. I definitely know I’ve been in need of it lately! Thank you so much for the opportunity

  78. This sounds like a special book for those of us who have gone through hardships, chronic illness and pain. Blessings to all of you who have shared your story within this new book,.

  79. The daily readings are so inspiring as I am sober 31 years by God’s grace and mercy that your website has enhanced my spiritual growth. God bless all the staff that put the readings together

  80. Congrats on the launch! Your daily messages hv uplifted my daily grind & struggles im so many ways. I look forward to reading & growing in Christ w you as I read the new book! Thanks for being a blessing in my life & Congrats again!

  81. Congrats on the new book. I’m hoping to get this as soon as Hubby finds a job. 2023 was a tough year. I was hospitalized twice then in December, Hubby was laid off. I’m struggling but I know God will carry me through!

  82. Boy is this time appropriate! Right now my life is filled with struggle as I find myself caring for everyone else and wondering when someone will care for ME! I know God cares but I sure feel lonely in my struggle. Would love to be lucky enough to win this book.

  83. I know God is with me going through my marital issues with husband being gone 3 years and still being married but I am struggling with it still and need strength to go through this season in my life.
    I would love to read this book and bless you for these daily readings

  84. Celebrating with you as you launch this devotional into the world. I know it will encourage so many hearts, just as the daily (in)courage devotions anchor my heart to the Truth.

  85. This sounds like a wonderful devotional that I could really use. I have been going through a lot and I think it would be very encouraging to read a different devotional every day. I know other people would benefit from it as well.

  86. I could really use and would love this book. Been struggling with so much lately.

  87. I really enjoy your podcast and most times I believe that the speaker is directly to me. Yes, on my ‘low’ days I sometimes feel like God is distant from, however, when I listened to the message I know He is right along side me. Thank you for your encouragement and uplifting message each day. God bless you and your beautiful ministry in spreading His love and message.

  88. This book sounds like what I need. I am going through some tough things, one right after another. Thanks!

  89. This book sounds like it would help many people, me included. I feel like so many people are struggling with compound trauma and don’t even realize it. I would love to win this book and gift it to a complete stranger. Because you never know what someone else is actually going through.

  90. Oh my goodness this made me cry…. I needed to be reminded that just because others experience things that are hard or tougher, doesn’t lessen what I experience or the feelings I have to navigate. Thank you for this!

  91. I’m excited about this new devotional. I know it’s going to be awesome. I have, 100 Days of Living Deeply Rooted. I love it!

  92. I have been living in a struggling marriage for decades and have struggled in my prayers for my 2 daughters to be freed from their addiction to alcohol for years with no visible results. It’s hard. This book sounds like a resource for giving hope in my situation. Thank you for a chance to win!

  93. As a woman who lives with the grief of losing my mother, and a woman who struggles with a constant internal war or worthiness and self-confidence, this book seems like such a gift! It’s beautiful and I know it would uplift and encourage myself and my dear friend currently going through some silent struggles herself!

    Congratulations on a beautiful book!

  94. This book will be a wonderful encouraging read. Thank you to all the authors for being honest and sharing your writing gifts with us.

  95. This is a timely devotional for so many people. I pray God becomes intimately known as He comes close to those who are suffering. Keep up the Kingdom work, Kathy.

  96. Thank you for sharing your story and about the upcoming book. We can always try to find someone who has it worse or feel we have it worse and let it keep us stuck or felling lacking in support or love, maybe because we have a hard time both expressing our feelings and feeling the courage or permission to do so. Good thoughts. I would love to read the book and gift it to my daughter who is definitely expressing these same thoughts as well

  97. I am going through a hard time right now caring for aging parents while working full-time. As someone who has anxiety disorder, I find it hard to fight anxiety while doing all that needs to get done. This morning I sang “I Need Thee Every Hour” in my head as I drove to work. I pray that I will see God’s truth instead of lies of the enemies. I feel I could benefit from this book. I know others around me are going through difficulties also that I could give an extra copy.

  98. Incourage.me motivates and inspires me daily through your encouraging emails and posts on Facebook. Somehow you always seem to know what I need at that given time. You are indeed God at work in the world, and I thank you for always being there. ❤️

  99. This book sounds so encouraging! I would give a copy to my daughter who has been through a lot in her 18 years. She would be incredibly blessed by this book.

  100. Hi! Thank you for sharing with us about your new book. Thank you and have a wonderful Day!

  101. Thank you for this! It is hard when one thing piles on top of another on top of another, especially when it seems that everyone else is just moving along.

  102. Thank you for writing this devotional, it’s just what I and many others needed right now. I would share the other copy with my best friend who is also going through a lot right now. Bless all of you

  103. In Courage

    Great devotional. Happy launch day!!! Whoot whoot!! This book will help many many women going through all kinds of trials.

    Compound traumas makes sense to me. Things happen to us & we just keep going on as usual like nothing happened. We bury our grief & busy ourselves. This hit me: “until I allow myself to grieve, I cannot recover.” We must take time for ourselves. Soul care is super important so that we can go on & care for others.

    Blessings 🙂

  104. I love that verse. I can just imagine the Father picking me up and holding me tight and reminding me He is still in control. The book sounds wonderful