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Kayla Craig is the author of “To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers & Liturgies for Parents.” A former journalist, she’s adamant about paying attention and staying curious. Kayla explores what it looks like to see God in all things in her work as a writer and podcaster.

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  1. I so needed to hear your message this morning! I struggle to find my resting times and rhythms during the course of the day when I am at work. Today is my first day back at school after two weeks off for Christmas. I was honestly worried. Now I know it’s okay to step back and let God lead showing me how to rest with Him.
    PS I have been struggling with daily devotional time with God and decided to see which podcast spoke to me!

    • Thanks for reading, Rebecca! I’m so glad you found this podcast episode and it spoke to your heart. I hope your first day back at school after break goes well!

  2. This spoke to my heart today. It’s so easy to look at things we can see like to-do lists and measure what we have accomplished while overlooking God’s beauty and grace.

  3. Great post..I have a calendar also.. what I need is GOD’s Calendar .. Let Him rewrite mine daily.
    Our pastor challenged us to read the Fruit of the Spirit every morning this year. My verse for 2024 is 1 Samuel 12:16. .. be watching ..SEE LOOK . my word “expect” His great thing every day?
    Blessings to you . Thankyou

  4. “We may look at this graveyard of goals, but Jesus looks at our heart.”… thank you for this powerful truth!!

  5. Kayla,

    I trust God enough that I don’t worry about not accomplishing everything. I know my body needs rest. Time to refuel my brain with God’s word.

    Trying to walk & work with God. Not interested in man’s applause Although it is nice to hear “we appreciate you” every now & then. I try my best to say that to others.

    There was a patient, work in ICU, whose brother sat with here 12 hrs. daily then went home to her son who had a stroke. Each day I would say hello & get him some water. Christmas day an RN got some food for him. I prayed hard for her recovery. Tried to encourage him as much as I could. Unfortunately the sister didn’t make it. I still pray for him.

    Thankful for God’s love & devotion. Just about every Friday from 4:30-5:00 till 7:00 PM I volunteer at Loaves & Fishes Food Bank. You will find me doing dishes, making food boxes, helping put meals together. Putting extra stuff in food boxes what ever needs to be done. For Christmas I chose three seniors off the senior angel tree. Wanting to make Christmas better for the elderly who might not get anything. Once a month I, along with my church, cook for Recovery Soldiers-drug/alcohol addicts. They live in a dorm across from the church. We also buy supplies for them monthly.

    No resolutions for me in 2024. Just going to find a daily/weekly rhythm & allow God to guide my steps.

    Blessings 🙂

    Am I, with God’s help, folding in rhythms of the fruits of the spirit into the very fabric of my being?

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