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Rachel Marie Kang is the author of Let There Be Art and the Social Media & Guest Post Manager for (in)courage. She is founder of The Fallow House and she lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children — connect with her at rachelmariekang.com.

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  1. Thank you for writing this book and for this opportunity. We all need our grief to be validated because we know it won’t end on this side of Heaven.

  2. Rachel, thank you for this reminder and prayer this morning, and for the chance to win this book. 2023 was a year of big and small losses, and I’m sure that this book will help with the grief journey.

    • What a beautiful way to address grief! Each one of us experiences grief in our lives and each one of us experiences it differently. Thank you for validating my tears that always accompany my feelings of grief. I would love to read your book, thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  3. Beautiful and honest with the invitation to us to be vulnerable in our grieving. To be understood and reminded how God (and others) are in it with us.
    Thank you for this.

  4. Thank you for your poignant and thought provoking writing. Grief surely comes in all shapes and sizes. I’ve been experiencing God’s hand drawing me closer through my personal grief and would appreciate developing a deeper understanding through reading your new book.


  5. I thank you for this today. My grandson who is in prison was stabbed. God protected him from death and serious harm.

    We all need God’s touch.

    I look forward to purchasing the book.

    Linda Barton

    • Oh Linda, my ♡ goes out to yours. Yours (and your grandson’s) loss is the kind I seek to honor with this book. All those unknown and unnamed and cast aside by society. Wishing you grace to get through this . . . and grace enough to shower on your grandson. Keep in touch if you read The Matter of Little Losses. ♡

    • Linda,

      Praying for you sweet sister. May God keep your grandson safe. May Jesus also do a work on his heart so your grandson will come to know & accept Christ. Asking for peace & strength as you deal with this trial.

      Sending Hugs from Watauga TN

      Blessings 🙂

  6. Thank you for this encouraging word. My grandson is in prison and was stabbed. He is fine. He’s had many losses and God is with him. Pray for us.

    I will order the book.

  7. Thank you for what you wrote Rachel. I don’t want to win any thing. I want to you to give it to some One more in need of it. One thing that has really helped me to do with Grief. Yes it not nice loosing someone especially if close to you. Should it be to old age or Sickness either not nice. Old as you had them along time. Sickness you watch them not well. Either not nice. But when they pass away it harder if they were not saved. Especially if you don’t know if you see then in Glory when you go. That can be hard for you the loved on to take in. Especially when you loved them so much and have prayed for their Salvation. In your time of prayer for their Salvation you never saw them give their live to Jesus before they left this world. So you that they were saved and don’t know if you will see them in Glory again when your time up one day. But if saved you have that reassurance you will see them in Glory with Jesus one day when your time up on earth one day with Jesus. Yes you will miss them. But remember you not lost all. You can remember all the good times you and they did together and look forward to seeing them in Glory with Jesus one day never to be apart especially if they were saved. That is something you have to look forward to. But don’t let it eat you with worry about your loved one if don’t know if they were saved or not. Just thank Jesus you prayed for them and their Salvation hopefully you will see them in Glory one day. When your time up on earth. Keep hoping and believing they said the Salvation prayer and asked Jesus into their heart to be their Saviour they are waiting in Glory for you too join them with Jesus. Then when you see them in Glory you know your prayers were answered. I say Amen to that Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx

    • Dawn, I really appreciate your perspective here. This is such an important point that you bring up . . wish there were more conversations around this very topic so that people could find peace, just as you’ve said. Finding peace in knowing that they prayed and did their best. Oh, may we always make the most of every moment. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. ♡

      • Rachel thank you for your reply to me. I had a favourite Uncle who died suddenly. Leaving his wife and family. No woring went to bed for a lie down never woke up. But in one way it a nice way to go. As Family don’t get to see him suffer with an illness. But to go quickly without expecting it. It not nice for them. It still doesn’t make them see how important it to be saved. I glad I am saved along with my Husband. As it makes me think you never know how long you got on this earth. You can be here today gone tomorrow. My Family don’t see that. I will until God take me home to be with him pray for all their Salvation. As that would be the best present they could all give me even my Dad who is 83 in February this year. He knows I pray for him and his Salvation. But you can’t tell him to get saved just live your life in front of him for Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict him to get saved as well as the rest of my Family. My sister’s and their Families and my Aunt and her Families after loosing her Husband suddenly that is my Favourite Uncle years ago. I never stop praying for them all. I glad Jesus is my Saviour. What a friend we have in My Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear. What wonderful song that is. I glad Jesus I given my sins to asked him to be my saviour I wish my Family would do the same. I believe in God’s perfect timing they will. I say Amen to that.

  8. After 3 years of of big losses; my parents, my childhood home, seemingly little losses; friends moving away and moving on, changes in the workplace, I am at a place where I need to slow and rest and grieve and try to process all of this. Please pray for me to find my way, find a therapist and lean into the One who my Almighty Comforter. Bless you Rachel for beautiful words and prayer this morning.

    • Laura, I literally wrote a chapter for each of these losses you listed. My favorite chapter right now is the one I wrote on the loss of your home (childhood home…land, moving). It’s a loss that society doesn’t recognize or make space for…but it impacts us more than we realize. Keep leaning into Him. Not simply to remove the pain, but to point you to His heart in the process. You are seen and you are loved. ♡

  9. Grief is hard. There is no timeline for it. Thank you for sharing yours with us to help others through similar experiences. All the best to you.

  10. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Grief is so hard for many of us. I have experienced the loss of my fiancé and I never had the chance to give him one last hug, kiss or smile. However, I do have the hope that I will see him in heaven when God calls me home.

    • Oh Kim, that is so hard. Wishing you much grace for that ♡ of yours. tread gently, dear friend — and let that grief speak to the greatness of the love you had and still have for your fiancé. Much love…

  11. I lost my dad 4 days before Christmas which seems like forever ago and yet just yesterday. I’m still working through my grief. Somedays it finds words. Other days creation gives it words. I have found that our Creator speaks to me heart through His Creation. I’m so grateful the sun is starting to shine and the subzero weather is breaking here in Kansas City.

    • It’s not forever ago . . . it was just yesterday. Still a young and tender loss. I hope you keep letting the grief be what it needs to be each day. Love how you’re seeing that creation gives it words sometimes. Celebrating, with you, that sun peeking out. May it bring Creator’s warmth with it. ♡

  12. Such beautiful words! You captured some of what grief has felt like to me. My mom, one of my dearest friends in this life, succumbed to Alzheimer’s and went to Heaven the weekend of Mother’s Day 2022.

    She always sang songs and told me stories about the moon. As I think of her waning days, I grieve.

    The moon always reminds me of her. I want to wax full of light & love in Jesus to carry on her legacy of joy.

    • Oh Anna, your words here are beautiful and even honor your mom’s legacy. Would love to know which songs she sang about the moon, if you care to share.

      Thanks for sharing here. Keep on waxing with the light and love of Jesus ♡

  13. Let me get this out in the open first thing. I am a male reader. Why would he? I have found that if I want to understand God’s heart for His people that I need to look at it from both sides, from the male and female side. I believe God’s heart encompasses both genders because He created both male and female to be together to create “one” heart just like His through marriage union. What you have wrote here is everything my heart and mind missed since the death of my mother on September 10th of 2023 and the death of my grandfather in January 22 of 2013. I now have a more complete understanding of the process of loss and grief. I now have the missing pieces of the puzzle to my recent losses of those I dearly love and still miss to this day. Getting the book!

    • Tony, I am truly honored by your words here. Thank you for sharing them and introducing yourself a little. It means so much to know where you’re coming from…and to know how my words spoke to your heart. As I write in my book, I hope you never lose the lament of your little (and large) losses. They point you to so much…to love, to God’s heart. Wishing you grace as you remember and honor your mother. Keep in touch if/when you read The Matter of Little Losses. ♡

  14. I’m looking forward to reading this book as I feel that the many losses we face in our lives, big & small, are generally overlooked by the world, even our closest friends and family members.

  15. I’m looking forward to reading this book. So many or our losses, big and small, are passed over by the world, and even our closest friends, and family members. In my loss I would love to for someone to slow down and draw close. I’d like to do the same for someone too.

    • Oh Tonya, I do hope you read The Matter of Little Losses. I write on this very thing…and write in such a way, I think, that the book feels sort of like a companion. You are so, so seen. Wishing you grace for this road of grief ♡

  16. Same as so many, I have been dealing with many small griefs. I am trying to prepare for a big one, the loss of my dear mom. A book that could help me and my sisters prepare for when she goes and after is probably something I need. Thank you. God bless.

    • I write just about this, Jane. Hope you do read The Matter of Little Losses . . . it will speak to your season…such a tender moment you have in this time of being with your mom and preparing with her. Wishing you grace and courage to be fully present with her…and to feel all you need to feel. Keep in touch if you read the book ♡

  17. I often tell people that I never seem to be able to grieve one thing at a time, losses seem to come in pairs…or waves. Then suddenly, the grief washes over you and buckles your knees, and you realize it’s been waiting all along.

  18. While inboxes are inundated with daily promotional emails, parenting advice, tips to be a better [wife, mom, colleague, friend], keeping up with all the things can be downright exhausting. Something nudged me this morning to pay close attention, though.. and to pay close attention to these words. Not only did they lead me to tears, but pressed me to share with a friend who is experiencing her own grief. Thank you. I needed these words. I pray she needed these words. And thousands others to benefit from them as well. Thank you for sharing your gift and encouragement with us.

    • I’m so humbled and honored to know that you gave pause enough to open up this post … and pause again to let these words speak to you. Thank you for sharing them…trusting they could soothe another. Wishing you grace in this season, Kristina <333

  19. For lent this year, I am giving a short talk about grief and how I felt God in those moments. I would love to win this book. Every loss, big and small, makes us into who we are as individuals and helps tell each of our stories. ♥

  20. I am stronger than I think !

    I will hold myself to it and thank the Lord for His Tender Mercies.

    Sometimes I do think of things I no longer get to do. My Grandmother, Ms. Willie Bell, was a great cook and a good seamstress. I can’t eat her candied yams and drink her sweet tea from Sunday’s dinner. I can’t get her pancakes on the weekends. Well the truth is that she went to Heaven in January of 2000. I do miss her a lot. She was a lovely person who was kind to so many people.

    My children remember her fondly. Just think about that, my children got to know my Grandmother. Wow that is so wonderful.

    Enjoy your day.


    • Thank you for sharing about Ms. Willie Bell with us. What beautiful memories she has left you with . . I hope you continue to cherish them as them come…and maybe make a sweet Sunday dinner for your children in her memory and honor. How special that they got to know their great-grandmother <3333

  21. Rachel’s words are woven with such precision and depth and compassion. This is the week that my husband, my daughter’s Daddy, died two years ago. The timing of this message is a gift. Our God has been so faithful, but that does not remove the grief. It is good to have the struggles of this life acknowledged even as we wait in hope for our reunion with our Lord.

    • Keri, I’m humbled that these words met you on time. You’re so right…God has been and is faithful…but that doesn’t remove the grief. It means the world when we find spaces that acknowledge that. Honored you found that here <33

  22. Dear Rachel: I say “Thank You” to Our Lord for Rachel Marie Kang! Your words of comfort go beyond the angst and sadness I feel at our loss. Your words helped me reach out for that Faith and Trust that I always hold onto in Our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord ~ ~ ~ but I fumble for now through my tears. As Kristina wrote above, I too, plan to share your words with a dear friend who is experiencing her own grief, having lost her husband to a cancer death at the holidays. He was the best man in our wedding 1n 1969. I have a difficult time grasping that he is gone from this worldly earth but has instead Everlasting Life as I know I do Believe. I cherish moments when God directs me to words to read, contemplate and pray about as your gift of words offer all of that to me. So often the best part of finding comforting, inspiring words like yours is to s h a r e them with others. When God shares His Divine Inspiration and Guidance with us, I think we are directed to s h a r e that with others. That’s what I plan to do with Rachel’s book. May it bring the same consolation and reassurance I received from Rachel to those with whom I intend to share. Again, Thank You, Lord, for Rachel Marie Kang!

    • Karen, wish I could give you the biggest hug. Thank you for sharing all of this with me…even as you fumble through your tears. Honored that you let these words into this deep part of you heart. Trusting that this book will continue to do the same. Much love to you <333

  23. Your writing is beautiful Rachel. You express what others may not be able to put into words giving them a voice. I miss my Father, I miss my good friend Susan, I miss so many who have gone before me. Blessings! Susan

  24. This is so beautiful. I have lost both of parents years apart but both in September. That month is so hard. Holidays are hard. As I near the age of 50 in 2 years- the age my daddy died I think about his life and impact on mine more and more. He talked about Jesus every day to me and for that I am thankful and hopeful that I will indeed see them again one day.

  25. Rachel, thank you for your beautiful words! We all have experienced loss of some kind in our lives on this earth. It is inevitable. I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the promise of eternal life knowing that we will be reunited with our loved ones again. The grief process is so unpredictable. Just when I think that I have passed through it something comes out of nowhere to remind me of my dear son David who went home on Mother’s Day 5 years ago. So I let the memory linger and I cry. And then I move on. I miss him every single day, however, I am so grateful to Holy Spirit for His comfort. I know that I will be reunited with David one day. God bless you for sharing your heart with us.

    • Keep letting that memory linger . . . and the tears come when they do. Such honor to David…and also to the One whose heart breaks when ours do. Until that one day. Much love, Claudia <333

  26. This is so beautiful. Sitting with grief can feel so uncomfortable in the moment, but the discomfort only grows and comes out in other ways when we deny it. Thanks, Rachel.

  27. These beautiful words start off describing my own experiences and pains, then leave me with great hope. Such a small glimpse has me wanting to read more.

  28. My grief is like waves, varying in size and intensity. No use denying its presence, trusting God to bring me through it. Your book is so timely. Looking forward to your discussion and reading your book.

  29. My dad died in 1980, but all it takes is a thought of him and the loving memory slides down my cheek in a tear. Thank you for your book…it is a blessing.

  30. Rachel,

    Everyone deals with grief differently. Look at Job. He was saddened by all the losses. Yet He said the Lord giveth & the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Right now I’m grieving the loss of a more simpler life. The way it used to be in the US in the 60s-80s. People, for the most part, got along. There wasn’t a lot of hatred & negativity. Praying for more peace 7 caom in our world.

    Blessings 🙂

  31. Grief is such a powerful emotion that seems to creep up in me at all the wrong times. So thankful that God is faithful and He can use our grief to help others. Lord I look forward to seeing you write on our hearts.

  32. I got pulled into this book after following your work for years Rachel. Thank you for writing it because the grief for invisible losses in a fertility journey can be something difficult to wrap our minds around. However, it accompanies us everywhere, sometimes showing up unexpectedly. I am learning to make space for it and believe your book will be a friend in nudging and giving me courage to do so.

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