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    • Oh Shakira, God is hearing all your prayers, all of my prayers. I hurt so bad and cry out for all the pain these wars are causing to the whole world. But God’s Word tells us all these things will happen…He has prophesied all that is still yet to come. We must pray, trust, and faithfully endure. It is scary and I so do not understand the depths of this kind of evil. But God is in control! HE IS COMING BACK AND ONE DAY THE WICKED WILL BE NO MORE. ONE DAY, GOD WILL MAKE ALL THINGS RIGHT. I feel your pain, concern, and longing for things to just be okay again. We just have to surrender it all to God…HIS WILL MUST BE DONE, not ours.
      Bless you and sending you a hug of comfort and understanding. God knows you are hurting and that speaks to Him of the wonderful heart of kindness and compassion that you have for others. It will not return to you void.

    • Shakira,

      God knows & sees the hurting people. He hears our prayers for Israel. If you study Bible prophesy you will see that most of this must happen before Jesus comes back. Praying for everyone to understand that God alone is in control! Evil will not prevail for much longer.

      Blessings 🙂

  1. Shakira, I too struggle with this Psalm, so I understand your questioning its truth. My encouragement to you is to remember that God is sovereign. His ways are not our ways and we’re asked to trust Him even when we don’t understand. Watching the suffering is beyond difficult.
    It causes us to wonder why?!! I will pray with you that the Lord will give you wisdom to trust Him in this broken world and to help you be a light to the suffering around you.

  2. We can say God where are you. Why are you letting wars happen in our world. People be cruel to to People. In Wars and other ways with People and Kids dying when they shouldn’t have. People and kids in our world Homeless and Starving. But we that are saved still have to believe and trust God that he is in control that he see what man does to People and kids and see that People and kids are Homeless in our world. Still trust him we that are saved. No matter even if we don’t see our God doing anything to stop of these things that go in our world today plus other things that go on in it to. We can start to God where are you that your not doing anything to stop all this. But we are not to say anything just pray and trust God that he is still in control that he see it all what they do. He will not let them away with it. They might get away with it this side of earth. But they not get away when they leave this earth. Remember that God hears all our prayers. We trust him for everything and his word. Love today reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland.

  3. Like all of you, I too struggle with this Psalm, as I see so many innocent civilians dying in the Israel- Gaza war. My heart goes out to the people who are suffering so much. While, I don’t understand, I know that our Sovereign GOD is in control. HE loves all people and wants each one to believe and commit their lives to JESUS CHRIST.
    Surely, HE sees and hears our prayers for these suffering people. In HIS time, HE will return to make all things beautiful.

  4. In Courage,

    Chris Tomlin has a new song out “God Who Listens”. It is powerful. Ours is a God who listens & hears our prayers. Unlike any other man made God!!

    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    The God who made the winters and the summers
    The One who put the stars all in their place
    The only One who stands above all others
    He knows me by name
    The angels hide their faces in His presence
    The demons run for cover when You speak
    You rule the world and reign above the heavens
    And still draw close to me
    And when I close my eyes
    I know that
    I’m not just hopin’, I’m not just wishin’
    I know I’m prayin’ to a God who listens
    I know He hears me, I know He’s livin’
    Yes, I am prayin’ to a God who listens
    He walks with me and leads me by still waters
    I lay my troubles down at His feet (lay my troubles down)
    It’s amazing that the Savior and the Father
    He is (He is) a friend (a friend) to me
    How can it be, oh?
    I’m not just hopin’, I’m not just wishin’
    I know I’m prayin’ to a God who listens
    I know He hears me, I know He’s livin’
    Yes, I am prayin’ (yes, I am prayin’) to a God who listens
    Your God who listens
    Who knows me, who loves me
    Who never will fail me
    Who tells me that I am His own
    And You surround me, remind me
    You always are for me
    So I come boldly to Your throne
    I’m not just hopin’, I’m not just wishin’
    Yes, I am prayin’ to a God who listens
    Oh, Lord a promise, that we’ve been given
    Yes, we are prayin’ to a God who listens
    Yes, You are, yes You are
    Ooh, yeah, oh, yeah-yeah
    Oh, oh-oh
    I’m not just hopin’ (I’m not just hopin’)
    I’m not just wishin’ (I’m not just wishin’)

    Blessings 🙂