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  1. Perfectly timed encouragement as our church struggles with the balance of welcoming children & the distraction of the child that cries louder than the speakers & is not taken to the nursery. May we choose to be like Jesus & not let Satan use the littles to distract us from whom we’re there to worship! Blessings! (((0)))

  2. Ruth, piggy backing on your comment. My husband grew up in a very legalistic church environment. The children who spoke out or made any sort of sounds, aka, acting like kiddos, were told by the minister to leave immediately! Some were disciplined unfortunately. It pains me terribly as he still has triggers during worship when a little one acts out. It’s indeed a fine balance Anna. Your candor is refreshing to say the least!
    Come unto me little children….the kingdom belongs to such as these!

    • Oh Dee, I’m sorry for your husband’s experience. Our pastor loves the sound of children in service so there is no judgement or punishment. The challenge is when the little one cries so loudly it overrides the volume of the message or music. I pray we will have the attitude that Jesus calls the little ones & calls us before AND during our misbehaviors and will be more tolerant of the cries!

  3. I so needed to read this today. We also have 4 kids and pour youngest has down syndrome. We have had some very interesting church adventures. Some days it stresses me out to no end and others its like hey this is who we are. I really appreciated reading this and to know I am not alone.

    • It is so HARD. Hang in there, leaning on the ‘hey this is who we are’-ness of it all! Nichole – really glad you dropped by today, and so glad we could connect.

  4. I admire all families who even make it to church and get the little kids into the nursery and preschool cos I know just getting out the front door is a major hurdle! It’s been a long, long time since ours were young, and now I see my grown daughters learning to manage all of it with their little ones. I think most people are kind and understanding of the little ones in the church service, at least that is what I see in my church.

    Thank you for reminding us of the beautiful example we see in Jesus and his attitude with the children.

  5. How i love reading your words today!!!!! i was smiling as i read, remembering our own kiddos seated beside us in the pew……….I was sweating then too.

    Wished i had read your perspective way back then, so as to have made those morning services fit better into my reality. Loved your examples of Jesus always welcoming the children. And your confirmation that he welcomes us in just the same way in all our noise and messes. Thank YOU!

  6. I grew up attending a small country church. There was no nursery and there was six of us! We were taught to sit quietly and pay attention and no talking allowed. My baby sister was born and as a baby, she usually slept the whole time. When she began walking, there was times she would walk around, even up to the pulpit. The preacher would just pick her up and keep right on speaking. When she was ready to be put down, he would gently set her down, still speaking, and she would usually come on back to the pew. But it was a sweet thing, to see and it was never really disruptive. Of course as she aged along, she was taught to be still and quiet…and she was. I think its good for little ones to know there is a play time and a time to be quiet. Kids catch on fast and when we got into church, she loved the singing and then she knew to be quiet. I think its wonderful for kids to learn and be guided that church is a place for reverence. But so understand and enjoyed your post sooo much! Brought back so many memories! Blessings to your sweet children! I think children should be welcomed in any church with open arms by everyone!

  7. Anna,

    Kids can be a bit loud & rambunctious in church. Sure most parents try their best to wrangle their children & keep them quiet. It isn’t always easy. The church needs to make space for children. In doing so we are inviting the parents to hear the gospel & be with others. Jesus said children are the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.

    Blessings 🙂