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  1. Growing up as the daughter of a white man and a Hispanic mother and living in an almost all white rural small town, I do know and understand how people of color are treated. But I also know that how and what we think of ourselves sometimes allows people to treat us unkindly.
    I do not profess to feel everyone’s pain but we must see ourselves the way Jesus sees us – worthy of His love and mercy. Because NONE of us are really worthy. But He died to set us free from that notion – the satanic notion that we are not and never will be worthy.
    If we truly believe that we are washed clean by His blood then we must live that truth and not allow the enemy to continue to lie and manipulate us by using our pain to diminish us.
    I’m not making light of the struggles of many people of color. I am trying to encourage us all to stand firm in the truth that in Christ we are made free and that one day, as the song goes, it will be worth it all – when we see Jesus.

  2. My Sisters in Christ, I am tearing up as I think about how many times someone has been judged by how their parents and grandparents look or don’t look. I am an only child of my mother’s birthing years. Yes, I am very blessed to have been raised by my Grandmother and taught the Love of Christ by example.

    I have three daughters and I am very pleased with their demeanors now that they have experienced a few young adults situations. Smile. My desire was to train them to be a friend to all their classmates from Kindergarten to Senior Graduation. But it didn’t always happen that way. Maybe they had challenges because of our neighborhood, our vehicles, and our checking account. Life is such a Precious Gift from God. We all have limited our relationships due to not being educated in cultural dynamics. And guess what, I don’t have rhythm but I can play a flute. I can’t sing but I like listening to Country Music and Gospel Music and even Jazz sometimes. We can’t look at a person who is from a different culture and say what type heart and character they have. We have to do life with one another and we have to break bread together. Yes, some husbands are not ready to embrace this challenge but there will be a few husbands who are up for the challenge. Wives and Mothers are more concerned about our children and families than our own comfort zones. God knew we would usually be of this mindset. We are not a surprise to God. He Has Created Us For His Purposes.

    We are on a Christian Journey. We need the Holy Spirit and God’s Holy Word to lead us into His kind of Love and Respect for one another.

    Thank you for listening.

    With Gratitude,

    Your Sister in Christ

  3. This could me my daughter with her 3 friends from church who have been by each others side since kids camp.
    Asian black and two white girls.
    I know they have had some of these conversations. The males have an even harder time.
    I have learned from some of the second hand stories.
    This is so right on.

  4. Mary,

    I grew up outside Tampa, FL in the70s & 80s. There was still some racism going on. For instance “black students were bused from Tampa to Brandon from 1-5th grade. Then white students were bused into Tampa for 6-7th grade. Never quite understood why they still did this. Admittedly I have plenty of empathy for those of other races, yet no understanding or knowledge of their personal struggles. Would love to sit & listen to their stories. Want to show them I love & care for them no matter what!

    Blessings 🙂

  5. It isn’t just “color” that can feel racism. I am a mother of an adult son with Down syndrome. Over the years I have had my share of heart wrenching comments, stares and avoidance. I can hear my mom in my heart telling me “hold your head high, don’t let their ignorance destroy you”…..I am a white female who was a single mom raising my two boys, I KNOW this injustice…stay strong!