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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thank you Michele. My husband and I both have “celebrated” holidays during breast cancer and Leukemia treatments…. And yet the “thankfulness” took on a whole new meaning. I am currently reading more about your cancer story and life with Jesus. You inspire us!!

  2. A young lady had decided to not pay her cell phone bill because she had a landline. She “knew” her car & just where the empty line was on the dial. Only thing was, headed to a friend’s she ran out of gas in front of our house & had no way to let her friend know what had happened. Yet in God’s protection she was able to walk to her mom’s not too far away & use the phone. She was not on the side of a busy road or interstate & no one hit her car although stopped on a curved downslope the neighbors love to speed around blindly. With a broken capped gas canister, a sacrificed kitchen funnel & a sputter then a take her car was headed to the gas station. Her list of things to be grateful for growing rather than the woe is me of all she didn’t accomplish stuck in front of our house. Could’ve happened any day but she noted the timing of Thanksgiving & it became a verb not a Holiday for her. May we too experience Thanksgiving as a verb & a holiday not just in November. Blessings! (((0)))

  3. Thank you once again for reminding me that no matter the circumstances, God is there for me and will get me through whatever it is I need to face. I am blessed but need these reminders.

  4. You know what we should give thanks no matter what we go through. Especially if we woke up to enjoy another day in this world as it was God who woke us up to enjoy another day in his beautiful world. We are alive to enjoy it. As that lovely Christian song says. It goes like this “Give thanks with a greatfull heart because he given Jesus Christ his son. Now let the week say I am strong” how true those words are. I might not have them in the right order to do with that lovely song. But the words are so true. We have so much to thank God for. Each day our heart still beats. Even if we are not well. We are alive and that something to thank God for. So we can’t ever say we don’t have any thing to not thank God for. We have the best thing of all to thank God for he sent Jesus his song to die for us so our Sins could be forgiven. I say lots more. Love today’s reading. Love you all incourage. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  5. “When we see the love in His eyes and remember His promise to bring gardens from graves, we find a different kind of Thanksgiving, one not tied to our circumstances but wrapped up in a Savior for whom we can sing even while we weep.”

    I am sooo grateful \0/
    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Michele,

    I have had my share of “unhappy” Thanksgivings. One year both my in laws were in the hospital. MIL in ICU due to UTI & almost septic. Then she had to have a heart cath that Saturday. Their preacher & his wife spent their holiday with them separately at the hospital. A year or two later my FIL died the Monday before Thanksgiving. The next year that preacher died Thanksgiving week. My hubby’s ex-MIL’s mom died Thanksgiving day. Yet in all that God was with them & us. He held us close. I attempt to make every day Thanksgiving. Telling Jesus what I’m thankful for.

    Blessings 🙂