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Maghon Taylor (founder of is on a mission to spread happiness through her handwriting. Maghon is the author of Happy Hand Lettering, Betty Confetti, and 100 Days of Praise & Positivity. Her life motto is "Work Hard, Stay Sweet, Trust God, Love Deep." She's taught thousands of people through...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I love the idea of spreading kindness like confetti. I remember being the new kid at school and church or working in a new department its never easy. Even as an adult if you ask questions it can be a problem. Thanks for the encouragment.

  2. My past sounds a lot like yours. I was always in the outside, looking in. I spent my teenage years as a ‘wanna-be’. I wanted desperately to fit in with those cool kids, but was never quite good enough. Now at 67, and a believer in Jesus, I see in retrospect how He protects us in those formative years and actually KEPT me from those people. Now, I can be thankful! I’d love to get a copy of this for my granddaughter, who’s 10 and feeling those feelings and emotions as I did. Thank you for writing this book!

  3. This just arrived on my phone today, Oct. 3, 2023. It reminds me of the 96 year old (mother of a friend in my widow support group who rejects the Lord at this very late time of her life). This mother has hurts . . . . In her deep hurts, she needs confetti of kindness just to speak with her for opportunity that she will soften her heart to hear and accept the Lord’s love for her. This support group listens for God’s leadership to spread kindness to her mother. I pray that this book could be a tool to spread confetti of love for the 96 year old mother.

  4. I never felt like of the “cool kids”, but they always accepted me anyway. I was blessed to grow up in a very rural area where we were expected to get along and be kind to each other. I realize now that didn’t just happen. I’m sure our parents, teachers, and church friends directly taught us, and also modeled kindness in their lives. My friend is a 3rd grade teacher— I would like to give her this book series for her classroom.

  5. Thank you Maghon and Becky.

    When the Lord wakes me up, I am ready to give and receive kindness. I was reared by my Grandmother, Mrs. Willie Bell Perkins. She was kind to everyone. All our neighbors loved my Grandmother. She was the best seamstress in our community. Whenever I was doing errands with her, she would smile and greet everyone on the sidewalks. She said, “Brenda, you are supposed to be kind and say hello to everyone, even if they don’t understand how to return your kindness.”

    From my childhood until now, I love to be kind. I’m a Believer and I represent my Lord and Savior. God is so loving kind to me and the Holy Spirit teaches me how to be kind every day in every situation.

    Enjoy your day everyone.

    Your Sister in Christ

  6. Thank you Maghon for this wonderful devotional & reminder to reach out to everyone with God’s love.

    I was always on the outside growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles. I was born Jewish & there weren’t very many Jewish kids in my class. I was harassed for my belief along with a weird last name. I always hated starting a new year at school & going through the attendance for when they came to my name & the kids would make fun of me. When I got into Jr. High I became best friends with a Japanese girl, Sandy & she invited me to her church camp down in San Diego area. There I met real Christian kids who loved me with the love of Christ & at 16 years old I gave my life to Christ because of the love these girls gave me.

    Since then God has blessed me with an amazing Christian husband of 49 years along with 3 children, their spouses & 4 precious granddaughters. I have always tried to reach out in my adulthood to those who are hurting & encourage them.

    I would love a copy of your book to pass on to two of my granddaughters who have returned back to Christian school after being homeschooled for 3 years due to Covid. They are the new kids in 7th & 8th grade & extremely shy.

    Lord bless you & thank you for your special words today!

  7. Maghon,
    What a wonderful message you are sharing through your book. It sounds like it would be a great read for all ages! Since my children were little I have told them that everyone has a story and how important it is to be kind, because we don’t know what someone else may be going through. My children are now grown and out of the home and I help take care of others peoples children. I would love to be able to share Betty Confetti with the precious little ones I now have the privilege of caring for. Everyone truly needs kindness and Jesus. Thank you for writing this book and for what look to be incredible illustrations! Have an amazing day!

  8. Growing up as an “Army Brat” and changing schools every 2-3 years, I was always the “new girl”. By the time I made friends and was somewhat accepted it was time to move again! Fast forward to age 69, I strive to always include people and engage with them. After all these years you never forget what it feels like to be left out!
    Your book sounds awesome, would love to share it with my grands. ❤️

  9. A new job as a first time principal; several teachers and the counselor took me right in to show the ropes of school operations. Which I watched and participated in my first year before making any changes. They were awesome

  10. Kindness is so needed in this world. I am so thankful for the kindness of my Bible study ladies who supported me through health issues, and also threw a surprise birthday get together for me. God bless them.

  11. My new sweet neighbor friend has shown kindness in her prayers for my family and always being there for me. I know what it’s like to be on the outside of a group. I was a preachers kid so we moved more often than most and it was always hard to fit in. I’d love to read this to my grandson and help him develop a kindness trait that lasts his whole life.

  12. Maghon, I’m always thankful for those who are obedient and use their talents to further the Good News of the Gospel and minister through word, music, art and so many other creative ways! The kindness I remember most from elementary school was one that our teacher allowed her students to be a part of. I lived in a small “mill” town and often, money was tight. One of our fellow students had a bad case of lice and even though her mother treated her hair, it persisted. So her mother shaved her head, and she was terribly embarrassed to come to school. Our kind teacher allowed us to donate whatever we could to buy this student a wig, and she delivered it to the student who wore it proudly and felt so loved by the kindness. No one in class mentioned that we knew it was a wig. Love and kindness won, thanks to a kind role model. Mrs. Sevic is one teacher that I won’t forget and that lesson remains in my heart at 65 years old. I would love to have your book to share with our children’s church class.

  13. I remember being bullied in school and even beat up because I looked different and didn’t fit the mold of the rest of the kids. Growing up was hard as I was a very sensitive introvert. I had a hard to making and keeping friends. Now that I am older, I have my best friend Jesus who walks with me and talks with me. I have very few close friends, yet they are very special to me. God has been there my entire life even when I didn’t know it. I still struggle today with rejection and abandonment, yet I know God will use that for good, as I can encourage others to be kind and gentle and loving.

  14. I was the newbie in a Bible study group and Lynn went out of her way to welcome & include me. That was over 5 yrs ago and we are each other’s friends & prayer warriors to this day. Would love to win this for my lil’ granddaughter.

  15. I was not the mean girl, but I just didn’t bother and it took me to age 40 with a broken marriage to understand about kind caring relationships! My husband was the one daily bullied, picked last and laughed at in school but he never shared that with anyone until just a few years ago at age 62. I wonder if he would read this
    Thank you for writing with your heart a book that I pray will teach children how to be kind.

  16. A good friend of mine had cancer. We spent a lot of time sitting on a curb. I would just let her talk and get everything she needed to share out. Two years ago I lost her. I know she is with God but I miss her. Be happy my friend and I will see you again.

  17. Maghon, this post today just made me smile and remember soooo many great memories from school. Yes, the bad and ugly too, but luckily only for second. I went to a small elementary school with the same kids into Jr High. Eight of us are still friends today and have slumber parties! We sometimes look back at our cute little year books and just laugh. We wish we still had the “cool 70” attire…hahaha.
    Maghon my granddaughter Lodis would love this book! She has such a heart for God and people. She would share this book with her sister Klover Joy..who by the way is her best friend, and her older sister Allysia who is a “way too grouchy” teenager and of course her Mom who would hug and remind how sweet she is!! She’d probably put little messages in her Dad’s lunchbox and try and share with her brothers, but ??? they too are little moody…..hahaha
    Thank you for such a beautiful message. I think I have a few phone calls to make today \0/

  18. Maghon,

    This is a much needed book for many young people. Growing up I didn’t have many friends as I was shy. Fast forward to 58 & I have a number of friends & a few close ones. Usually I am the one who will write, call or text people to see how they are doing. Letting them know that I care about them & our friendship. Spreading kindness is something I try to do everywhere I go.

    Blessings 🙂