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Joy A. Williams is amazed that her first name became her life’s mission. As a writer and speaker, her passion is helping women to live their joy stories when living by faith is a challenge. Leaning on God’s grace, she loves seeing life unfold with her husband, Brady, and their...

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  1. Thank you for sharing this experience. Being present and a bit disconnected is great for the soul and our walk with Christ.

  2. I’m sitting in jury duty now, admittedly not in a great mood and just looking for ways to fill my time productively. I’m so blessed to have opened my email and read this post! It’s such a good reminder of ways we pass these small moments in time in a meaningful way that honors God! I have also found that spending less time on social media is so good for me, and having a great life that isn’t posted on social media feels like a best kept secret!

    • Wow Meg! I couldn’t imagine someone else having the juror experience while reading this post. But God knew. I hope you are sensing His wisdom and peace as you serve. And yes, at times, our unposted life can certainly feel like the best kept secret!

  3. I totally agree with you!! I don’t post a lot on social media, because my everyday life with God is between the two of us and scripted by Him.

    • Hi Denese! Our time with the Lord is deeply personal. Thankfully, we have the freedom to share as much or as little as we like. May you continue to experience His wonder!

  4. This was needed and a gentle reminder to bask in the unposted events of our lives and engross our thoughts and attention more on God.

    Thank you

    • Hi Allene! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Amen to engrossing our thoughts and attention more on God. It certainly helps with both the posted and unposted parts of our lives. Blessings to you!

  5. Joy, your writing is so beautiful and clear for any level of understanding. I agree that spending time in God presence is an electrifying experience and a lift for my soul. In that quiet time, I have learned more about myself and God’s power and plan.

    Joy, you have the gift of meaningful speech and writing. Continue sharing those gifts. ❤️

  6. Joy, these words are filled with such perspective and power. Thanks for giving us a peek into your heart…and thanks for sharing these words here at (in)courage! Honored to hold space for your story today!

  7. Loved this today, Joy! I am not on any social media, except for a few devotions, like yours, that I may comment on…but God sees and knows all about my life without any electronic devices at all! GOD has the fastest and best internet ever…PRAYER!! May your unposted moments always be beautiful! Blessings, sweet friend!

  8. Joy,

    My only social media outlet is Facebook. That is used for small private groups & few postings of my own. My whole life is not out there for everyone to see. I would rather take a walk outside to see the mountains, enjoy crisp air & be with God. A lot of the time I am listening to Chris Tomin or other Christian artists. God never intended for us to post every detail of our lives for others to see. He expects us to be present with others. Talking face to face, giving hugs. Taking time daily to be with Him.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Beth! Thank you for sharing your social media perspective. I think it’s wonderful how we can each have a sense of what’s helpful to post (or not post). I love the idea of being present with others, but taking time daily to be with God!

  9. Joy,
    You share a much needed perspective of leaning into our unposted moments. Thank you for your heart behind this message and for the beautiful way you wrote each part!

    • Thank you Kallie! I’m glad this post spoke to you about our unposted moments. Ironically, sometimes they become the stories we eventually share online. May we be encouraged in the Lord, in all the moments of life!