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  1. My request this morning is not for me, but for all of us. We know time is short, I pray for salvation for all of our unsaved friends and loved ones. Also, healing for all of those sick and hurting, and that God would fill us to full and overflowing with His Holy Spirit and we might be so filled with joy and gladness that it just oozes out! Bless you all today, have a wonderful Lord’s Day.

    • JudyC,

      Right there with you. I pray often for my ICU patients & their families. May God send His healing touch & blessings on us all.

      Blessings 🙂

  2. I would like my husband and son to step it up and do their part. Also I would like them both to put Jesus first and realize how he has been there for us.

  3. Some back abnormalities cause me discomfort. And yet our (my husband’s & my) desire is to continue to be active gardeners, to use this land he has blessed us with to grow vegetables as well as flowers that we can share with those who are unable to do so.

  4. Please pray that my adult daughters Lauren and Lindsey and my husband will see their need for Jesus and that He will remove their addiction to alcohol. Our whole family could use prayer. Thank you so much!

  5. Please Father, Your blessings on my daughter delivering our granddaughter— arriving in a few days…healthy baby and delivery. Also, to have my daughter drawn back to You. Amen.

  6. Father God in the Name of Jesus, Thank You for today. Thank You for your fresh breath of life that you have given to me and my family today. Father God, my family and I do not want to struggle anymore. It has been over 12 years and we are still struggling financially. It has been 4 years that we have been asking you to move us out of this home into something better. Father God in JESUS NAME where are the blessings that you have bestowed upon our family. I have been praying and waiting with expectancy. Father God in Jesus Name I am calling out to you for help. Father God in JESUS Name I am calling out to you to hear your voice. Father God in JESUS Name I am calling out to you for your direction of which path I should take. Father God in JESUS NAME I am calling out to you for your ways and your direction and not my own. Father God in JESUS NAME I need you. Father God in JESUS NAME I do not want to struggle anymore financially. Father God in JESUS NAME I do not want me and my family to be hungry anymore. Holy Spirit I Thank You for protecting and covering me and my family each and everyday of our lives that you give to us. Father God in JESUS NAME, I Thank You for being an Able God, a Merciful God, a Healing God, a Loving God, a Forgiving God, a Just God, a Sovereign God in JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN AMEN AMEN.

  7. I would love discernment about whether or not to apply for a leadership role in our church. I currently teach, voluntarily, a women’s Bible class, and now the church has opened up a new Associate Leader role. There are many factors involved (both practical and spiritual): kids, busy schedules, work-travelling husband, need of money/provision, faithfulness to our calling, etc. I want so badly to serve Jesus where he wants me.

    • Cindy,

      Father God Cindy is in need of you all encompassing wisdom. Tell her if she is to take on the Associate Leader role or just teach voluntarily. Give her a discerning heart & mind to know your will in this situation. AMEN

    • Cindy,

      Father God Cindy is in need of you all encompassing wisdom. Tell her if she is to take on the Associate Leader role or just teach voluntarily. Give her a discerning heart & mind to know your will in this situation. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  8. Please pray for my daughter Glennon who is being tormented by the enemy. Pray that her heart and mind open just enough to let God’s Holy Word enter. Pray that their plans to destroy this beautiful woman are squashed. Pray that she comes to know God’s love and returns to her self. Thank you, may God bless you. Amen.

  9. I have been going through the longest season of depression and anxiety of my life. I will be 77 in November and I am weary, tired and discouraged. I love the Lord and pray every day. I want so much for this to end that I may live again. God bless you all that your prayers be answered.

  10. My husband has a neuro-degenerative disease. His body and mind are being impacted. I’m strongly with the loss of my once so strong and active husband. I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to trust God and live a day at a time. I’m just really discouraged this morning. Thank you for praying for us.

    • Donna,

      Father God Donna needs relief from discouragement. Give her a discerning mind to know what steps to take. Guide her to the right people who can help her with her husband. AMEN

      May I suggest that you check with a local hospice office. Hear me out. Hospice isn’t just for end of life anymore. They can come in & give you relief. RNs can come in, check on hubby & relay the information to his PCP. I know it’s a lot to handle. I’ve been there & put both my parents on hospice. It helped my aging dad with mom. Just a loving suggestion.

      Blessings 🙂

  11. My husband has a neuro-degenerative disease. His body and mind are being impacted. I’m struggling with the loss of my once so strong and active husband. I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to trust God and live a day at a time. I’m just really discouraged this morning. Thank you for praying for us.

  12. Our Father, I know you hear the prayers of all these women and trust that you will answer. As they wait for your answer, I know you continue to give them your comfort and strength to sustain them. Amen.

  13. In Courage,

    Asking for prayers for some friends. Becky has been having migraine headaches a lot lately. She is awaiting a neurology appointment.

    Lyndsay had back surgery last Wednesday. Asking for relief for him & his wife.

    Marvella, MIL, has bad back issues. She is to see an orthopedic tomorrow. Prayers that the shots he will give will help relieve the pain.

    Abba Father,

    There are many people out there in need of your healing touch. Send it quickly to alleviate their pain & suffering. Others need financial blessings. Give them wisdom to know how to handle their finances. Some have family that have gone astray from the faith. Please change the many hearts of people down here. Help them to know you & want to be saved. Give peace & comfort to all who ask for any prayers.

    Blessings 🙂

  14. Am I too old at 44?

    I am praying whether I should make a career transition from working in business to becoming a nurse.

    It would require turning my life upside down: school, new schedules, energy, change, etc….

    Plenty of fear, but my heart is wanting to help, and I know I would in nursing.

  15. I am believing God for a miraculous move by Him. My son was unfairly accused of molesting a little girl. He was assigned to a public defender (Maricopa County, Arizona), but he has never met him, and despite several requests for a meeting or at least a phone call back, nothing. The public defender did not even show up at any of the court dates. We know that Jesus is our Advocate at the right hand of the Father, but we are subject also to the legal system here on earth. We need a criminal defense attorney who can represent my son in this matter. He has been incarcerated since 9/7/23. Please, please pray for God to move on my son’s behalf!

    • Dearest Lord, surround Donna & her family as her son faces this unwarranted accusation & incarceration. Use this scary time to draw Your Children closer to You and non-believers to Yourself. Be magnified in the process. Give endurance for the waiting through the slow wheels of justice. Bring to light the evidence to clear her son. Convict the hearts of his false accuser(s) that truth is essential. Give the public defender’s office the time, money & most of all caring to do their job well to assist this young man and others like him. May this young man be a light in the midst of the dark legal system & be assured You are with him in every detail. Be with the little girl & her family as well. Help them minister to her that she might not be traumatized by this event in her life with any long-term ill effects. May she & they also know You the Healer of all things. May all involved know You to be the overcomer, redeemer & Savior on all levels. May the outcome of this tragedy bring You praise and addtions to Your Kingdom. Thank You for a praying mama. Guard her heart from growing faint in the waiting. Surround her with encouragers & fellow prayer warriors. In Your Almighty authority & power, Jesus, Amen.

      • God bless you, Ruth, for your prayer support. This is the hardest trial I have ever been through. My son’s faith is strong, as is mine. But we need the correct legal help. I pray that this situation will be resolved, that my son will be protected and be safe in jail, that good will be triumphant over evil, and that God will enable the victory. To God be the glory — in Jesus’s name! Amen!

  16. Please pray that our vulnerable son of 37 can find a safe place yo live so that we can sell our house to move somewhere quieter.
    We have supported him for 30 years through mental health issues.At 66 and 69 we are tired Lord.
    Please pray that the Lord meets our needs soon.
    God bless

  17. My 26 year old recently moved to Los Angeles for work. Less than 2 weeks later, the company they worked for lost their funding due to the writers/actors strike. Now they are unemployed, across the country (Miami originally) and their depression/anxiety is really kicking in. I’m praying that a job, the perfect job for them – will come soon. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them” – Matthew 18:20

  18. I have been in treatment for metastatic breast cancer. I have a nuclear bone scan tomorrow. Praying that it will go well and that no new bone lesians will be found. I would so grateful if God would completely heal me of this cancer ( to my bones). Also, we travel about 3 hours each way to the cancer center so praying for safe travels tomorrow. And I am starting some new integrative treatments and trying to sell things to pay for those treatments. Thank you and God bless!

  19. My 18 year old daughter just started dating a 26 year old guy. They met through friends. Please pray with me that she will remain sexually pure. My heart is troubled but I know that saying she can’t date him will not help.

  20. I pray my brother, cousin and uncle will be delivered from drugs and alcohol to so they can live the time God has in store for them.

    For me, I pray for a home (purchase), financial freedom, a career that I love, and a companion to share my life with.

    No matter a person’s political affiliation, I pray for acceptance of one another and PEACE!!!

  21. I would appreciate prayers that I find a new apartment next year and I that I get a couple of bookkeeping clients soon!

  22. Praying for a spouse. It’s been many years of waiting and i feel overlooked and forgotten. I know God hears, I know the miracles but I just haven’t seen it in this area of my life. Please keep this in prayers.

  23. Thank you for the joy of prayer. My daughter, Vanessa, has been promoted by God to a new job.

    My prayer is for God’s Favor on this new position. Each month we look forward to having the rent without struggle.

    We stand on God’s Word and His Promises. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

    We walk by Faith and not by Sight.

    Thank you all for standing in the Gap with us.

    Brenda and Vanessa

  24. My sister and I recently bought a home together and are in the process of moving in, praise God! Please pray for God’s blessing over us and our home. Please pray that we feel peace as we move out of our current home and into our new home.

    Please also pray that God blesses us with godly friends and relationships. In Jesus’ Name, amen

    Thank you so much for your prayers. May God bless you always.

  25. I lost my job in early August and am struggling to find work. I don’t know why it’s so difficult this time around. At the same time, I’m trying to understand what God’s purpose is for me. I can’t see next steps, and for someone who is a planner, this has been scary. I just want to do what’s right, and I also need to help provide for my family. I’m afraid we’re going to lose everything. Feeling very scared, discouraged, confused, and inadequate right now.

  26. Please pray for my son and wife, both 40, going through fertility treatments. They have lost one early pregnancy. Wednesday is their second and last attempt. We have had much grief and tragedy in our family. This new life would bring great joy and glory to God.,

    • Thank you Father that you are a miracle working God. You gave Sarah, Hannah, and other women in the Bible children. So… I am asking for divine intervention upon this young lady desiring to be a mommy. You can do the impossible, move in a way that brings You all the Glory in this situation. You gave me the desire of my heart to be a mother and against all medical odds I had a son. He is 33 years old. This child was a miracle from conception through birth. You Lord are no respecter of persons. We are asking for this for this young couple. Let laughter fill their homes as they anticipate Your desired favor upon them. You are GOOD and Your mercy endureth forever. We celebrate by faith ahead of time the Victory!!! AMEN

  27. I am asking for prayers for my son who is struggling with alcohol addiction, and for all those young and old, male and female people who struggle with addictions of any kind. It may be their personal struggle to overcome, but it affects the whole family. He is a believer in the power of God, but I think He is hoping God will wave His magic wand and take it away from him. Let us all pray for the mighty power of God to come over the weaknesses that the evil one brought into their lives.

  28. At times I wonder if He is really listening. I pray continually & there seems to be No answer or hope in my family’s brokenness. I need to hold on to this promise when my doubts want to take over & send me spiraling to hopelessness. Thank you for sending this ❤️