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Barb Roose is a speaker and author who is passionate about teaching women to live beautifully strong and courageous so that they experience God’s great adventure of faith and purpose for their lives. She’s the proud empty-nest mom of three and whenever possible, Barb prefers to eat dessert first.

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  1. Yes I been grumpy at times with my elderly Dad. I often said why am doing this for him. Does he not appreciate all I do for him. I do what I do for my Dad in Love on to Lord and the Love of my Dad. See I do my eldest Dad’s Home help for him Monday to Friday. I do enjoy doing it. But at times he can annoy me. By the things he does. To make his home worse and blame me for things I didn’t do in his house especially if things get lost. I have to say Dad I only here to do your house because I love you. I wouldn’t touch anything or move anything put it somewhere else. God showed me my elderly not saved. At 82 he just thinks you are his daughter and that it. Nothing going to change your Dad until he gets saved. All you can do is pray for him. Just go every day you do in the Love of Jesus and keep on doing his house each day for him. In the Love of the Lord and the Love of your Dad. If he says something that going to make you grumpy and get to you. Just walk away say Dad you know I didn’t do it. I away to do your house not listing. Go get on with doing your Dad’s house. Then there are no longer an way for you get grumpy and tired with your Dad. That you could end saying something you shouldn’t have. Then end up wishing you didn’t. If feel grumpy when get home. Go to God and pray about it. Take time to rest. Say God thank you I did what you told me to do. As if I didn’t a row could have happened. That wouldn’t have been nice. I would have been going to my Dad and asking for forgiveness. So I glad that I can take the rest and start tomorrow fresh doing my Dad’s house again. Love today’s reading. Thank you Barb. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co Fermanagh. N.Ireland xx

    • Bless your heart. You are doing a wonderful thing to honor your father, and God, by being the care giver to your dad. I understand it is a thankless job at times, but it will give you great peace someday, that you did your very best to be there for him and care for him. Bless You and God sees you and loves You for following His commandment to “honor thy father and mother.”

    • Sweet Dawn, it’s so hard when our love and sacrifice isn’t appreciated. I’m so sorry for the long, hard road that you’re traveling right now as a caregiver. Our (in)courage community cares about you. Thank you for sharing your story with us and I know that many will be praying for you today.

    • Dawn,

      I’ve been in your shoes for a long time. It is soo hard to care for elderly parents. Sometimes they don’t fully understand the amount of effort it takes. Try to be kind to him. When I was feeding my dad someone at the table said “you will get stars in your crown for this.” I know it came from God. So I am telling you… “You will get stars in your crown for helping your dad”. God sees you & will reward you.

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Hi Barb,

    Do you ever have those moments where you look up at God and chuckle because he sent you a “nudge”? That was your article for me this morning. Once I read the subject line in my email, I began laughing. This is me to a tee! I allow the world around me and my daily routine to make me grumpy, and I need to remember those three things that God provides me on a daily basis: Sleep, sustenance, and stillness. Thank you for the reminder!

    • Ha! Sandra, yes, God sent me a big nudge and that’s how this devotional happened. God is good, isn’t He?! I’m glad that today’s post was an encouragement to you. Thanks for stopping by (in)courage today!

  3. Excellent Barb!
    Such a great perspective
    … & beautifully written
    Your “inner Eeyore” made me smile & your “Grumpy Trifecta” had me laughing out loud! Though, your message was loud & clear ~ Thanks Barb

  4. So many times, I continue to plow on making the situation so much worse. Resting and regrouping and allowing God to lead is the much wiser choice.

  5. Thank you for these beautiful words that remind us we are lovable and redeemable even when we’re grumpy. A wonderful reminder that our God loves us all the time and does not judge us as we judge ourselves.

  6. I love this example you used. So very relatable! Yes! I do have an inner grumpy gal, and she surfaces when I feel tried, hungry and sick. And yes, we do need to do all the things that God provided for Elijah! God is so good and gracious to us, He wants us ladies to know it is ok to do these things!!

  7. Yep guilty of inner grumpy girl, cranky girl and angry girl. Lord give us strength and reminders to take care of ourselves and times of rest! Otherwise we get short fuses and are not ourselves. Bless you for this lovely reminder

  8. I know God’s Grace and Mercy is so life giving to His children. Even those who don’t know the love of Christ benefit from God’s Grace and Mercy globally.

    We cannot live and function without God’s Help day and night. When people think that they have arrived in any facet of life, they are simply not spiritually educated.

    I’m so thankful for my Grandmother, who taught me the Love of Christ by example. She lived to love and help her family and her neighbors.

    Let’s keep receiving what Jesus gave His Life for us to receive so God’s Glory can work in us and through us.

    Enjoy your day.


  9. I can so relate to this! I have used all 3 many times in my life! As a rule it fixes the grumpy problem! Thank you for the reminder!

  10. Barb,

    My inner grumpy has come out a lot over the past year. The best thing I do to combat grumpies is resting on Sundays. I try not to schedule anything special for the afternoon but resting. Then I am ready for a long week of work. Praising God for the gifts of substance, rest stillness.

    Blessings 🙂

  11. I can have the”best day ever”, as one of my favorite songs says, but when I get behind the wheel of my car and pull out of the driveway, ‘Grumpy Girl’ is waiting to appear as soon as someone runs a red light, cuts me off in traffic, or construction puts me on a long detour.
    God has provided an awesome regional Christian radio station, Life 96.5, to calm me and edify me.
    Music! God’s great encouragement resource!