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Ellen Wildman is the associate product manager for Bible publishing at DaySpring, and author of Single and Not Sorry. She worked on the NLT Inspire Illustrating Bible, which features more than 300 ready-to-color designs throughout the Bible that are all centered around faith, hope, or love. Ellen lives in Nashville,...

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  1. God is! God is the joy and strength of my life. God is my hope. God is my provider, my protector, my everything! I thank God for being “I AM!” I appreciate you sharing your words of reflection and encouragement. I so needed that. I overthink and worry. I need to let go and let God! God is!!!

  2. Thank you for this! I know I am one that tends to be a bit of a perfectionist, so I definitely relate to what you’re saying!

    • How hard it is some days to give it all over to him. It’s easier on us if we do but it’s hard nonetheless.

  3. I look forward every day to your emails with the hope and faith they present in the daily devotions. Thank you for each and every one of them. I became disabled last year and life has been tough, financially, physically, and emotionally. Again, thank you for these devotions of hope and faith and the message of God’s grace and love for me. God bless

  4. What a beautiful idea to enhance reading of the Word! I’d love to gift this to two close friends in my triad. Maybe I’ll win one! Thanks for the offer! ❤️

  5. I feel as if you were reading my mind. I am not alone in these feelings. I always appreciate hearing how others struggle. Thank you for your honesty.

  6. This Bible looks lovely. I love that it is spiral-bound! Thank you for your always-encouraging emails.

  7. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement and a chance to win this bible! I love to color, and now that I am retired actually have time to do so. I have also been thinking that I wanted to get a NLT bible, so this is the perfect combination. Praying we all walk in faith, hope, and love today.

  8. This Illustrating Bible is what I’ve always wanted! In my journaling I add pictures to keep the verses etched in my mind. I would love to have one of these Inspire Illustrated Bibles!

  9. Faith, Hope and Love.

    Love is so difficult to live up to in a covenant of marriage. Love means more than mere words. Love speaks actions for the object of one’s affection (short term and long term). God sent His One And Only Son, Jesus, to Seek And Save The Lost (and that would be everyone). God did this Act of Love by His Own Decision. Did He have to send Jesus? The answer is “No” but in my opinion (with my limited experience and Biblical understanding), He wanted to set the Ultimate Example of True Love to His Believers. Who could set a higher standard? The answer is “No one” and I am so thankful for my Redeemer who has set me free from the bonds of sin.

    Thank You Lord.

    A Beloved Daughter of God

  10. “ He asks us instead to believe that we are His, to accept His love, and to go throughout our days leaning on Him” – yes to this!

  11. Thank you for the inspiring words this morning. I need to worry less, pray more, and learn to believe that He loves me despite my faults.

  12. love your so vulnerable honest beautiful message…. oh the taunts and thoughts the enemy can put into my mind… UGH… capture, capture, capture. Lord FILL me with YOUR Word, thoughts and love. We are ready for battle to ward off the enemy by the blood of Jesus and in His name! Holy Spirit come, move in and through us to share the love of Jesus!

  13. I would like a copy of Illustrating Bible but 85.00 dollars that is a lot when senior citizen and live on fixed income. I am wondering if you send me a copy of the Bible, i can’t purchase it. Gail Mattox, 2200 Kerwin Rd. #411, University Heights, OH 44118.

  14. Thank you for this article. I really needed it today. And, thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful Bible.

  15. I needed this reminder today. Thank you for starting my morning with encouragement! I would love to gift this Bible to my daughter ❤️

  16. It’s no accident that these daily messages come at just the right times in my life. No matter my circumstances, the daily message ‘fits’. I often share the emails with my adult children as they navigate life. Thank you for this! God is good!

  17. Such a lovely devotion! I am a perfectionist myself…I know I need to pray more, release everything to Him and remember that He is always with me. I would love to have the opportunity to win the illustrated Bible.

  18. Thank you Ellen for these words today. Stressed out is my middle name right now, waiting for a diagnosis and fretting about a third time with cancer. I do know that God already knows, and that He loves me with His, Agape Love. However I just can’t seem to turn off my mind and let Him fill me. Please pray…..

  19. Thank you for this devotion today, it was something I need to hear right now. I saw the Bible the other day and it is so beautiful. I’ve wanted an illustration bible and I love this one because it already pictures plus space to write notes.

  20. I’m an enneagram 6, a worst-case-scenario thinker too! I love what you said about life getting in the way. I experienced a lot of loss last year; relationship, job, friendship. When people ask me what happened, I always say, “life got in the way.”

  21. What a beautiful Bible; I’ve always wanted to use illustrations but I don’t draw well on my own.

  22. I so enjoy every in courage devotional & pass them on to family & friends to encourage them on their walk with the Lord. Last year I read through a Bible leaving encouraging remarks to my daughter as a suggestion from one of the in courage writers & on her birthday in December I want to gift this to her. I think with my notes inside it’ll be such a wonderful gift. I decided to do the same thing for my two sons as well.
    I would love a chance to win this new Bible & to create pages for myself to meditate & worship our Lord.
    Right now, with the war in Israel & being a Hebrew Christian I lean heavily on the word of God for comfort as I navigate this new world around me. I tremble here in the US of being harassed as well as the antisemitic hatred from the war has overflown to our country. I fear for my children as they have never experienced hatred against the Jews as I did growing up in LA. They are all strong Christians but are 3/4 Jewish so resemble our race.
    Lord bless each one of the in courage writers & thank you for daily sending these wonderful devotionals out to help our walk with the Lord become stronger & more personal.

  23. Thank you for your post Ellen. It is comforting to know others feel they fall short of their goals for holiness each day. Each morning i pray i am a better person today than i was the day before but i feel that goes out the window once i get to work and have to deal with narcissistic managers, dysfunctional coworkers and all the other temptations that veer me in the wrong direction.

    Thanks for your (in) couraging words!

  24. Thank you for this reminder as I had been feeling so overwhelmed as a mom of 2 adult men, who are far from serving God but desperately need Him in their lives. Only He can bring peace in their lives with the struggles they are going through. I sometimes feel so alone in my prayer life because my husband is an unbeliever, my sister though a believer has her own struggles with her adult children plus grandchildren. Not having the partner in my prayer life, my husband, feels lonely but I know God is with me in everything when I do feel that loneliness. I felt Him with me as I was reading this perfectly timed post reminding me I am not alone in my struggles. I don’t even have to have that perfect prayer for the salvation for my family. Thank you for this.

  25. Thanks for sharing – and for that matter in all your daily emails of encouraging words. The daily notes, other info from your site as well as your products have very much assisted me in my daily time spent in Scripture. I have truly reconnected with my faith and am living a better life. I am stronger and at peace as I am deepening my relationship with our Lord. And living in faith helps!
    Thanks for an your (in) couraging posts!

  26. Thank you for the reminder that God is with us through it all.
    I love the idea of a new Bible that I can interact with, but I also think it might be a great gift for someone in my Bible study. Thank you & and God bless.

  27. I love this idea! Thanks for this post and the reminder that God loves us right where we are in our imperfections!

  28. Faith, hope, and love has brought me out of many dark places in my life due to depression and anxiety. Thank you for reminding us the importance of them all.

  29. This is so fun! Thank you for making such a beautiful bible and for giving us the chance to win one!

  30. Perfect timing with your devotional today! Thank You!! Very much. Holding to Jesus …to His Love, to His building our Faith, & to His Hope {no matter what is going on in the crazy life}. Thank You so much!

    • The new Inspire Illustrating Bible would be a wonderful addition to have or give away. May God bless you as you minister to the readers of inCourage today. ♥️

  31. Hi Ellen,
    I love to read the InCourage bits of wisdom, but today I listened to the podcast. It had a very soothing effect on me. You see, I am recovering from a knee replacement surgery. As a retired nurse it has been hard for me to let others provide for my needs. The Lord’s faithfulness and love for me has been shown to me by others who have shown me kindness during this journey. I love the Bible you describe but do not have one as the drawings are peaceful and a way to draw closer to the heart of God, and really listen to what He is telling me. If you have an extra Bible, I would appreciate having one as I navigate this new circumstance in my life. Thank you again!

  32. I get agitated a lot! But even then God is Faithful! I would love to win a new bible! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  33. I really needed this. Times are very trying right now….. I am a worried as well I worry over everything! Thank you for this God given inspiration.
    God bless

  34. I enjoy reading and listening to the NLT Bible.

    This looks beautiful and what a great reminder of how much we are loved by God.

  35. Faith, Hope, and Love are woven together by God, as a blanket of comfort and protection. Those three words wrap around me and give me strength and comfort. God is so very good.

  36. This would be a beautiful Bible for my 21-year-old artistic daughter who is struggling greatly with anxiety and giving things over to God in her senior year of college.

  37. what a beautiful way to enhance my bible reading!! I love to color as an adult and this added feature will let me linger in the word while allowing me to be creative

    thanks for your continued work to bring God’s grace to women

  38. What a blessing this Bible would be. Input the Word of God, output through creativity what it means to me. Thanks for the opportunity, and congratulations to whoever does win! ♥️

  39. Ellen,

    We find ourselves perpetually getting distracted by the inconveniences, frustrations, and stressors of everyday life. (Do you feel -me?) Oh do I ever feel you!! There were seasons when I truly felt stressed out. Only thing I could do was lean on God for His caring support. Even now I get busy with church, work & home life. Yes I feel burned out on life. Just love how the NLT paraphrases 1 Corinthians 13:13 You may be stressed out, worn out, or burnt out, and God will meet you there with faith, hope, and love for your actual real life today. That puts it into today’s perspective.

    Blessings 🙂

  40. Thank you so much for this devotion. The promise of daily hope, joy and love seems almost too good to be true in this day of constant stress, anger and drama. I needed this reminder today.

  41. This Bible would be perfect for my adult daughter who is creative and loves to draw and color. She is 47 days sober today and trying to get her life on the right track and be a better mother to her 6 year old son. She is battling some health issues as well. She has lived apart from God for many years but has lately been more open to hear me talk about His love and plans for her. Thank you for the opportunity to win this for her!

  42. Hi Ellen, thank you for sharing both “every day reality” for us perfectionists who beat ourselves up for falling short, but also giving us the lifeline of Truth we so desperately need to be reminded of.

    I’m asking intently for prayer over my adult daughter who is in the vice grip of such extreme life circumstances that it is almost too much to fathom, let alone help. It has been grueling to watch this young lady come apart at the seams and unravel to the point of desperation.

    We are sick over her. As she speaks of her situations, I am in my heart, asking Jesus to direct the Holy Spirit to present her in “groanings” before the Lord. She is not a believer, though was raised in a Christian home and received a Christian education.

    Maybe winning this Bible could somehow serve to redirect her towards physical, mental, emotional, and of course, spiritual Salvation.

    Thank you.