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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Unfortunately I have Church hurt from the church I was raised in. I am reluctant to join another congregation and pour myself again. I live in another state now and I’ve visited many but can’t seem to find my place. Pray for me please.

    • We all have experienced church hurt in some form or fashion. Please don’t let this hurt steal your joy of finding a church home. Forgive and let it go, I know it is easier said than done…I’ve done it countless times. Pray and ask the Lord to open up a door for you and lead you to where you need to be so you can heal.

      Heavenly Father, I pray for Cathy, she’s experienced some church hurt. We know You know and see everything she’s battling within her soul. Gracious Father, I pray that You would open up a door for her to find a church home that will welcome her, love her, help her to heal. We pray this church loves You and is a follower of all things You have in Your Word of what a church is to be.

      Thank you Lord for this devotional you put in Karina’s heart to express this morning. We give you all the Glory and the Praise!

      In Jesus’ Mighty Name I pray….Amen

    • Cathy, thank you for sharing.

      Father, You are close to the broken hearted. I pray that you would overwhelm Cathy with Your love and healing. You’ve created her for community. Holy Spirit lead her to the right space at the right time.

      In Jesus Name,

    • Cathy,

      Father God you alone know the hurt Cathy has felt. Revive her heart & guide her to a new church with loving people. Give her peace & contentment as she searches for community. I know you have a great plan for her. AMEN

  2. Amen! In these last days may we truly let God be God, to accomplish His will in our personal lives and through His church. Thank you for waking us from our complacency and helping to stir that hunger to have more of God.

  3. We can all feel hurt from a Church. I been in Churches in the past not fitted in. I felt like dropping wall flower as the saying goes. Waiting for a drink of water so as I can raise my head in some Churches. No one comes to talk to me or want to know me. I wonder why sitting here. But you know what. I found my spiritual home now. Both me and my Husband we are very happy we are so welcome. You will ask God Holy Spirit speak and guide you. Mine is the Salvation Army. We are all different where God leads us to worship him. I am so at home here. I don’t feel like wall flower looking for a drink of water anymore. We all treat all people the same. No matter what backgrounds they have or skin colour. We just love them they love you back. We one big happy family. Not like the other Churches I went to no one hardly spoke to me or wanted to know me. I felt so lonely it was offal. That not the move of God to make people no matter who they are rich or poor. To feel like that we are to love people of all walks of life. Like the kids songs I learnt at Sunday School when small. It is. “Jesus hands where kinds Hands doing good to all” how true that is. Another one I learnt at Sunday School when small was. “Jesus Loves All The Children Of The World Red and Yellow Black and White” another very good on too. We that are saved are to do the same as both songs. No matter what it does not matter if they are kids songs. The words are true for us as Adults too. Not just for kid’s today. That how Jesus treats people and kids we are to do the same especially if saved. Live as Jesus lives and love as he loves. As Jesus loves all people of the world. You gets theses songs on YouTube. If we read his word the Bible it tell us that too. Jesus love is very wonderful oh wonderful love. We can also sing that song too. So we all that are saved have a role to play in showing the love of God in everything we do and say. I say Amen to that. No better way to live. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx praying for you all incourage

  4. Baby Lainey is having seizures and she is being moved to the Dallas hospital. She is such a happy baby, but they are saying she needs a miracle. Please pray for her, and also her parents Faith and Rustin Mills.

    • Praying for God to intervene. God grant peace to Faith and Rustin and bring His people alongside to support and encourage them

    • Praying for God to intervene. May God grant peace to Faith and Rustin and bring His people alongside to support and encourage them. Asking God to guide the medical team for appropriate treatment.

    • Jesus, by Your stripes Lainey is healed! Your blood paid for a complete healing. We stand on the faithfulness of Your Word and the faithfulness of Your character. We thank you even before we see the miracle! You are good!!?

    • Amada,

      Jesus please send your peace & comfort to Faith & Rustin Mills. You alone know the plans for Baby Lainey. I’m asking in the mighty name of God to please send a miracle. Give her parents a testimony of your faithfulness. Send people to stand alongside them during this trial. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  5. ohhhhh Amen \0/

    Karina thank you. Beautiful. Strong and true words I want to never forget!
    Yes please pray for me. We’ve moved far from our church. Sunday is an easy drive. We enjoy a podcast from Greg Laurie. We hear our favorite Christian music. We pray. We give thanks.
    What I miss is my Thurs night women’s study. It’s at 7pm and doesn’t end until 9:30ish. That’s a long night-time drive. I’ve watched online, but I miss the sisterhood. The hugs. The laughter the tears. The food. I’m a people person. I love the gathering. I love to greet each sister at the door. My prayer is to find a women’s study close to home. Where I can gather. Meet new women. Learn. Thrive. Greet. Share, hug…. and listen! Be filled so I can pass it on!
    Pray I push myself and not just “talk about it” or “wish I knew a place closer”
    “That I fill my hunger. That I’m filled with faith followed by obedience.”

    Thank you \0/

    Thank you

    • Janet, thank you for reading and sharing!

      Yes Lord! Place Janet in the right space at the right time so that she may be filled and able to pour. We thank you for divine relationships and appointments. You are faithful!

  6. The granddaughter of a minister, I was raised going to church every Sunday. As an adult, I fell away from attending church on a regular basis. Last summer my whole world flipped upside down and sideways. I did the most logical thing. I returned to church. First, attending online, then back in the spring I finally decided it was time to start attending in person. There’s a small church near my home that I’ve attended occasionally over the last 8 years at Christmas and Easter, you know how it goes. It’s a sweet little church and reminds me of the one I grew up in. It’s been my home now for the past 6 months. Right before I started going I had a tearful meeting with the Pastor about my ongoing situation. Soon after, he suggested to the music minister that the church needed a ladies group. It was divine intervention. Our first meeting in May was proof of that. Many of them were looking for “somewhere” to belong too. Those ladies have blessed my life beyond measure! I recently had emergency surgery and let me tell you, they showed up in force! I’m an empty-nester and my children are all on the opposite coast. I needed a ride home from the hospital, help getting my car home, help getting groceries, and these ladies were there! Without hesitation. It’s so hard to ask for help sometimes. Okay, all the time. I didn’t have to. They knew what I needed. Calls, cards, text messages, emails! Prayer! I am in absolute awe at how God worked all of this out. He knew when he nudged me gently to get back in church that I was going to need them. I didn’t know. But God did. I’m so thankful for my church family, for the amazing group of ladies that I get to call friends, and for the good work God is doing in my life.

  7. Karina,

    For years I attended church & did a few activities. But I never really understood God, Bible or having a relationship with Jesus. It took going to a small church for 18 years, attending women’s Bible studies, volunteering, etc. Also having a pastor who would often repeat things over & over till they finally sunk in. He has retired but I still see him often around town. I now attend the church my husband grew up in. It is different, but in good ways. They believe in praising God any way you want. Most will raise their hands during our song time. We have had people spontaneously talk about the goodness of God in their lives. Last Sunday a few people spoke up & asked for prayer. The whole church went up front & prayed for everyone. This was not planned. It had to come from Holy Spirit.

    Now when I listen to Christian music I learn the words & sing them back to God as part of worship while driving or at home. I feel that I have a deeper relationship with Christ than ever before. Due to that I volunteer with Loaves & Fishes Food Bank & help Recovery Soldiers. My way of giving back to Jesus for ALL He’s did for me!

    Blessings 🙂