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Kayla Craig is the author of “To Light Their Way" and "Every Season Sacred" and creator of Liturgies for Parents. A former journalist, she’s adamant about paying attention and staying curious. She writes the popular "Year of Breath" devotional newsletter and lives in Iowa with her husband and four wild,...

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  1. Good morning and thank you for a chance to win this book. I love Fall, when the temperatures start to cool down and life seems to slow just a tiny bit. Whether it is the leaves changing colors or the desire to bake all of the fall goodies, it is a reflective, enjoyable season without a lot of the hustle and bustle of other seasons.

  2. Autumn 🙂 It is so beautiful …and a season of giving Thanks.
    Thank You for today’s amazing & encouraging devotional!!
    Learning to trust Him ..,in every season

  3. The pleasure of know God has us for every season, triumph and heartache is such a blessing. He knows exactly what we need at tge right time, always!

  4. Spring when everything is fresh and new and green again is my favorite time of the year.

    This book sounds like it would be a refreshing read.

  5. I really needed this today, my husband and I have so many things coming against us and I get impatient and want answers immediately and that puts a lot of stress on both of us.

  6. Fall with the anticipation of family gatherings, laughter and making memories. The celebration of Thanksgiving and the birth of our Savior.

  7. Fall is my favorite season. I also enjoy the cooler weather and fall foliage, but the thing I love best is watching my two sons do two of the things they do best… play soccer and play in the high school marching band. It is a very busy season for us, but one I get much enjoyment from seeing my kids do what they love. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win a free copy of Every Season Sacred!

    • I agree with you, Meghan! It’s so special to see our kids delight in their fall endeavors. (I’ll be heading to a soccer game tomorrow myself!) I hope a copy of Every Season Sacred makes its way to you. 🙂

  8. My favorite rhythm IS the changing of the seasons. After loving close to the equator for several years I learned to appreciate the shifting of weather and foliage and temperatures of my passport country. My tendency is to want to stay in the comfortable and familiar, but in temperate climates when every three months brings a new beauty I can’t help but delight in it. The seasons are making me learn to love change and to find the good in it.

  9. I love God’s rythms. Every season teaches me something. I don’t know which to choose between summer and fall…Spring use to be my favorite, but in cities the snow melting makes it too stinky.

  10. Thank you Kayla – this sounds like a beautiful book. How wonderful if we ALL would humble ourselves to be vulnerable enough to say “we don’t know the mysteries of God’. Sounds like a helpful, encouraging and hopeful book! God bless you! thanks for the CARDS!!! grateful!

    • Thank you, Tamara! I pray that Every Season Sacred will help us breathe in God’s mysterious, loving presence in our messy, wonderful lives. I’m grateful you like the cards – I hope you cultivate some thoughtful conversations with them! 🙂

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. I enjoy the season of summer. The warmer weather, the longer days and the extra time to do whatever.

  12. Fall is my favorite season of rhythm with it’s cool mornings, glorious sunrises and equally beautiful sunsets. Preparing meals slowly and with intention and seeing God’s fingerprints as the season changes.

  13. Despite summer being a place that can fill up with events and plans, that season actually provides me with more space to slow down. The warm weather demands me to be in it and my yard demands work and time. So with those things, I tend to be outside with the opportunity to meditate while weeding and raking and digging. I desire to cultivate more quiet space in other seasons too.

    • Yes! I relate to this, Stacie. There is just something about breathing in the fresh air of summer and feeling the sun on my face that helps me stay rooted and not get caught up in the never-ending pressures of our culture. There is something about just BEing, ya know?

  14. Thank you Kayla. These prayers were just perfect for me today. Your words pulled me into a calmness. Slowed my reading down. Placed my mind, body and spirit right where I was and filled me. Thank you x0x0
    Blessings \0/

    • Oh, Janet! I’m so honored to hear that – this is why I write and feel so passionately about creating Every Season Sacred. We all need those moments to exhale and reflect, even in the chaos of life. Grateful to hear something in these words invited you into a space where you could be still. Thank you for reading and sharing! 🙂

  15. My favorite season is fall but I like all that happens in the winter- just not the weather ❤️

  16. I love Fall! The cooler weather, the activities, the warm drinks, the leaves. Excited to check out this resource.

    • Yes! The brilliance of trees as they morph from gold to orange to red. It feels so sacred! I hope “Every Season Sacred” might be a resource to you throughout the changing seasons!

  17. I like fall as it is cooler than summer and seeing trees turn different colors. Another season in life with God that he helps me walk through. Oct is our anniversary of being married for 46 years with my husband who still loves and supports me. I like the story you wrote, Karen. I remember being in fog when I had to fly from another airport in Eugene instead of Portland, Oregon so I could be somewhere soon in USAF.

  18. Even though it isn’t really a popular opinion, I love winter the most. I love the slower pace, the relaxing at home, the time for rest.

  19. I love all session of the year fall as it known as Autumn where I live in Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. Yes it is a beautiful time of year. You see the difference colours of all the leaves as they are on the tree and as they fall to the ground. Hear the sound of the leaves as you walk through them. So pretty they all are. God made them all. Like God made all the other seasons too. Summer and Winter as well. We see the lovely Summer Sun and flowers with all their pretty colours so many to thank God for. Yes the Summer can be hot with the sun in the Summer to. The winter time the snow so crips and clean and so white it so beautiful. Yes it can be cold time of year as well. But all are beautiful all these sessions in their own ways. That God has given us to enjoy and their beauty to. As we look our of windows at each of them each time they come round in there part of the year. We have so much to thank God for them. As in them we get different birds too as well. Even the rain that sometimes bring something after it which lovely to look at with it’s beautiful colours. When the sun shines and that is the beautiful rainbow. It always reminds me of Noah and the Ark with God promise to us that he wouldn’t flood the world again. Noah story is a beautiful one. How God saved Noah and his family plus the animals he did in the ark. Because Noah was righteous man who lived for God and did what was right in God eyes. Noah obeyed God and build an Ark for him his family Loved today reading Dawn Ferguson-Little xx keeping you all in prayer incourage

    • Thank you, Dawn, for these seasonal reflections. So much to reflect on and think about as we reflect not only on nature’s seasons but the seasons of our lives, too. God is with us in all of it!

  20. Kayla,
    A praise song says it this way. ‘You’ve got to welcome the wonder, wait for the answer, worship with your hands in the air….’. Embracing the mystery of faith is an ongoing process in my life. It doesn’t get any easier as I’m 68.
    I believe that’s the way we’re supposed to live as believers. It’s harder some days than others.
    Thank you for your vulnerability. It’s most refreshing Kayla.
    Of course I would like to throw my hat in the ring for the book too.

  21. ‘In the haze of the unknown, we trust that Christ will light our path just enough to keep moving forward.’ I live in the haze filled with doubt and fear of the unknown. This present season will pass and lead me into a new better season. Every day I am blessed.

  22. Definitely autumn! The beginning of the school year feels like a fresh start, and fall is also full of so many of our family’s favorite activities: the state fair, all our kids’ birthdays, bonfires, hiking…it just our very favorite!

  23. I love spring! After a long and cold winter, spring brings the hope of warmth, more sunlight, new growth, and Easter!

  24. Autumn holds a special place and is my favorite season. I met my late husband in high school in this season and we became fast friends and an even faster couple. There are so many things in this life that I find myself questioning. But then I have to realize I’m not the Creator but rather the created.

    Reading this excerpt from your book Mrs. Craig, made me feel like I was walking beside you and riding with you on this journey. Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture with your writings and providing some much needed encouragement for my weary soul.

  25. Kayla,

    Why is there peace in knowing we can’t fathom the mysteries of God? Because God gave us a peace that transcends all understanding. We know that no matter what life throws at us God will be there to help us through. We can have joy in knowing that in the end we win!! We will eventually get to Heaven, be with Jesus & see our loved ones again.

    Why do you think people (especially adults) have such a hard time saying, “I don’t know”? Most feel like they have to have all the answers. If we don’t have them then we must be stupid.

    Have you ever shared your doubts and wonderings with God or with someone you trust? What happened? Yes. My hubby prayed for me.

    What can the fall season teach us about God’s mysteries? Just wait & see what He can & will do for you. He splashes color all over & makes leaves to fall. He cares for ALL animals as it gets cooler. Birds know to fly south where it is warm.

    Blessings 🙂

  26. I love the season of Advent with littles. There is so much joy and anticipation. They remember the traditions from years past and we get to make our own. Lighting the candles in the darkest of nights is such a reminder of the brighter days ahead as we are in a season of darkness and that we are never fully left alone in the darkness.

  27. Spring is my favorite season, it symbolizes new beginnings rebirth. I love seeing the flowers bloom and the smell in the air. I have endured a difficult time in the beginning of this past Spring and it gave my hope that one door was closing and another was opening and to trust in God’s plan. Easter is also now my favorite holiday.