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Melissa Zaldivar is a social in the world of academics and an academic in the world of socials. She's an author and podcast host with a BA in Communications and an MA in Theology. She loves a good sandwich, obscure history, and wandering around New England antique shops.

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  1. hahaha about ice cream in new england! i moved to ME last july (after being in the west, CA-OR-CO, all my 40+ ys) and there are so many little ice cream shops here that are always PACKED causing me to have the thought “man, they sure love their ice cream here”. also, i sooo have struggled with believing God is good as well. but this move to ME was God showing His goodness over and over again, so i’m slowly learning to really believe it. 🙂 thank you for sharing and have an awesome day!

  2. Oh I can so relate. I live in Maine and this is the most depressing summer ever! All those plans- not gonna happen. All those perennials I planted- root rot. All those painting projects- nope, too damp for the paint to dry. Hiking, well not an option. But, it is August and there is hope. I just need to be patient. While summer may be a washout, fall colors will surely be magnificent this year because of all the rain. And in all this, I know that God is there watching over me. And regarding the ice cream, well, any road trip (to the library, supermarket, too) requires a stop at whatever ice cream stand is encountered even in the rain.

  3. I’ve lost enough vision in 1 eye that I can no longer drive at night or in the rain. I’ve stopped counting the things I’ve missed or plans cancelled or changed due to rain on Saturdays. Our yard is the worst in the neighborhood because the 1 day my husband is available to mow, it rains!!! It’s sometimes hard but counting our blessings (WAY more) over the disappointment rain brings highlights the goodness of our great God. For me the rain comes so I won’t take His goodness for granted!

  4. Your post is refreshing. I’m a fellow New England resident who has been really down by all the rain. I keep trying to be positive, but it’s just been tough. Your post is a good reminder that God is never changing!

  5. I LOVE THIS! Thank you from someone who lives on the West (Wet) Coast (Vancouver, BC) and awakened to much-needed rain after 3 months of unprecedented dry weather! It’s the contrast that keeps life interesting and our hearts in a posture of needing God and what’s proverbially considered “that greener grass” (pun intended)!

    • Our first rain today in Burnaby BC since May 2nd.. so exciting ☔️
      Heading for my umbrella and rain boots to dance in the glorious downpour.. 9our firefighters are so exhausted.. it’s a Blessing from the Lord.

  6. Good morning, a reader from Oregon who has been praying for rain as it’s so dry and fires around the state. I know God hears prayers and eventually the rain will arrive. I ate a Nestlé chocolate chip ice cream cookie Tuesday afternoon when I was at Baumans buying fruit and a plant. I enjoy Tillamook cheese and ice cream and we’ve been to that place in Tillamook, Oregon. Food and delicious ice cream that’s not in stores. Close to coast. Thanks for your story.

  7. Melissa,

    Sometimes life feels like you’re being ripped off. That feeling came to me last fall. I started a new job Dec. 2021. Last fall the other clerical in ICU suddenly quit & my job changed from clerical with some room stocking to stocking 28 ICU rooms daily. Even though I know God gave me this job as an answer to prayer — I felt gypped. Yes God took me from part time to full time benefitted. I wasn’t happy. Everyone knew it. It took some time but I saw the benefits of this position. Shoot I get 3 days off a week, can have all the overtime I need. The goodness of God is all over this. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus ‘ blood, righteousness & goodness. God is good ALL the time!

    Blessings 🙂