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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. Gosh Mary, if ever I needed to hear something, this was it! Last night a dear friend tried to point this out how I do not have to rush trying to get the painting done, the garden mowed, etc. Patience is not something I have been successful at developing. Maybe now?

  2. Thank you, Mary! I have just finished a period of intense “doing” after a lot of “waiting”. I prayed for a new attitude about the whole process. And it arrived. I felt peace, even when things were crazy. Thank you, Lord, for that!

  3. Thank you for this much-needed & timely devotional. Patience definitely does not come naturally for me. Praying that I can “grow closer to God in those seasons of waiting and see [my] faith deepen as [I] rely on Him and His good plans.” Whether it’s waiting for my spouse to get over COVID & praying that I don’t get it too OR the long-term waiting for a restored relationship with our estranged son – may I grow closer to God while waiting.

    • MP God has given me Psalm 103 v 3 for your spouse and I pray you don’t catch COVID. I said a prayer for your spouse and that you don’t take it Love Dawn Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. xx

  4. Mary well said. If we are honest Patients probably doesn’t come to most of easily. Like some giving up Smoking. I never done it. I hate the habit full stop if was good for you made you live 10 or 100 years longer I still couldn’t do it. But I know people that have got saved that smoked that have found it so hard to give the habit up. But I praise God I never took it up. I never judge any one needing patience to give up a habit no matter what it is. Like you Mary and loosing the weight. Some find it easier to have patience to give up something easier than others. For what other reason they are giving it up or wanting to give it up. Some struggle to give the habit up. But we as fallowers of Jesus are not to judge them that struggle to give their habit up and can’t give up as easy as some people. But we are to encourage them and pray for them let them know especially if saved with Jesus help they can do it and our prayers. They can have the patience to give up their habit. We are not to look down on them we are to keep loving them. As God would not want to look now on them or judge them for getting into the habit they have that they got into. That they now find hard to break. We are to do what Jesus would want us to do is keep loving them and encouraging them and praying for them. God will bless us for doing that. Some times we find in our own lives patients hard to deal with in different sustations in our lives. Especially if it with Family we don’t get get on with at times. Especially if they are not saved and they don’t see things from our point of view. They think they are always right. We know we are right doing things right in God’s eyes. This where things can clash. I had this at times with my unsaved Family especially my Dad. As he thinks because he is older and he thinks he right he is always right. I have at times like this say what would Jesus Do. I heard God say Dawn say to your Dad I saying nothing more to you as you will believe what you what and you will think you are right. I not getting into a row over it. This where I have to have real Patients with my Dad who is not saved. I pray for his salvation. At the moment he my Dad has no notion of getting saved. Only God through his Holy Spirit can convict him that he needs Jesus as his Saviour. Sometimes it hard to have real Patients in times like this as my Dad believes he is always right no matter what. I have to remember to have patience and say nothing and watch my words. Ask God to give me patience. Thanks Mary for today’s reading. I do my 82 year old Dad home help. It can be hard at times. I do on to the Love of the Lord and the Love of my Dad. My prayer is to see my Dad saved before he leaves this world. Love Dawn xx

  5. I love your reading of Anna’s story! She seems like a side-character but she does have lessons for us in waiting and enjoying plain old everyday until “the big day”.
    I want to enjoy the fresh manna, not yearn for tomorrow’s; rejoice at today’s new mercies, and not despise them by trying to get a glimpse of the next ones.
    I find that time takes a whole different dimension in the presence of Jesus, and it’s up to us to decide if we surrender to Him or tug against God’s timing -really like an impatient child, at her mom’s skirt!
    Job 38:2 (ESV) is a constant eye-opener, sobering reference for me. God expects us to be available to do our part in His plan, to be “willing to be interrupted and keep a good attitude” -as Joyce Meyer would put it- while we wait for our breakthroughs, ups delivery, traffic light, coffee…
    Glory to Him who stretches us wait after wait.

  6. Mary,

    Impatience is my middle name. Like most people I want what I want & now. Over time God has shown me the virtue of waiting on His perfect timing. It took 4 years of prayers for God to send me a great spouse. That was 19 years ago. Don’t rush ahead of God. He has plans for each of us & it will happen in His time. I, too, want to be like Anna. Content to wait & enjoying the ride of life God has me on.

    Blessings 🙂