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  1. I am thankful I am alive and able to give God thanks every day. As the song says “Give thinks with a great full heart give thanks to the Holy only give thanks because He given Jesus Christ His Son. Give thanks to the Holy One. Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ His Son And now let the weak say I am strong Let the poor say I am rich Because of what the Lord has done for us” how true that is even in the Storms we go through at times no matter what we go through. We can be thankful God is there for us no matter what. In those times we are give God thanks no matter what. It in those times it proves how strong our faith in God is and how much we trust him and stand on his is word and say it over our situation. Love today’s reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx keeping you all incourage in prayer.

  2. Reading these words of encouragement, brought something up inside me that is the opposite. Discouragement. I question my life, b/c I don’t have these storms in my life, does that mean that I’m not in God’s grace? I’m the upbeat positive woman that strives daily to keep everyone else seeing God’s beauty in everything, that I haven’t even noticed that the few storms I have had in the past couple of years since my momma passed, have been very short-lived and trust me I’m extremely thankful and I praise God for clearing up especially the little bumps in my day to day, but now a little voice inside me is questioning am I just luke warm and that is why there are no major catastrophic catastrophes in my life? I sit beside others and hear their stories their lives are going thru, and I encourage them and I pray over them, and then I thank God my wonderful healer and father that HE gives me the strength to be there and I pray that I’m helping in some small way and they see God’s hand even in the worst of it. I had quite a few years w/my parents aging and trying to separate selfishness of my life and giving them all they needed and deserved. My sister and I had our hands full taking care of both of them at the same time plus we were trying to keep our own lives afloat. God put people in our lives during this time that made a huge difference and I’m praying that is my time now, that God has me helping others during storms right now that I can someway help them see those storms as a blessing from God.

  3. Thank you for these words that are so true. It is reassuring that we are/our needs are in God’s hands.

  4. I enjoyed reading this article about corn and when the rain is going to arrive. I’ve been praying for rain as we’ve not had any rain lately and its going to be low 100 degrees temperatures next few days. I’m thankful for air conditioning and ability to water to water our plants. I like reading Ann Voskamp’s posts. I realized that was her writing ❤️. (in)courage stories are good to read.

  5. “There’s no harvest without a storm.”

    “Gratitude follows grace — as thunder follows lightning. And the storm is grace because whatever drives us to God, is a grace from God. It’s all grace.”

    Amen & amen! Thank you for sharing such valuable insight. I am thankful for electricity & air conditioning. I remember a time when we had none. This reminded me to never take anything for granted.

  6. In Courage,

    Just look around you. See ALL the many blessings God has given you. Don’t forget salvation & Home in Heaven. God’s grace & love is beyond measure. That’s why I’m loving Chris Tomlin’s new song “Thank you Lord”

    Thank You Lord for the small things Like me and her on the porch swing For summer nights and fireflies
    And the sound of my old six string Blessings, on blessings, on blessings, on blessings If I still got breath in these lungs
    And that’s all I need to get down on my knees And be thankful for all that He’s done

    For my mama, for my friends For Your love that never ends For the songs that make us dance On this ol’ dirt floor
    For my babies, for my girl For the way they changed my world Waking up today Yeah, I just gotta say Thank You Lord
    Yeah, I just wanna say T
    hank You Lord (oh, now)

    Thank You Lord for the hard times For lighting the way in the dark times For pulling me in, forgiving again
    The times that I took it too far, I Gotta thank You for keeping me humble For picking me up when I stumble
    And although I change, You stay the same And I don’t say thank You enough
    Praise up Eyes closed One thing I know I just wanna thank You Lord, thank You Lord (thank You Lord)
    Praise up Eyes closed One thing I know I just wanna thank You Lord, thank You Lord
    Praise Up

    Blessings 🙂