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Anjuli grew up as a missionary kid secretly wondering, “Why does everyone else understand what a relationship with Jesus is, but me?” It wasn’t until she ran into her fears instead of from them, that Anjuli found her voice and the love of God meeting her there. She is a...

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  1. Amazing! I have recently experienced a similar situation. The false accusations and my fear of what others may think has been difficult, but this helps put things in perspective. Thank you, thank you, for this timely message. It speaks to my hurting heart!

  2. Thank you, Anjuli! I’ve experienced similar heartbreak a few times ~ and I’ve also had to forgive myself for things I felt were just “too much” for the Lord to forgive me for as I realized NOTHING is “too much” for Jesus’ blood to cover. A song that He has used to help me be thankful for my journey through life is Selah’s version of “God Bless the Broken Road”.

    Blessings on your ministry!!

  3. It was so helpful to read what you wrote- especially about being thankful for where you are now. And that God sometimes goes slow during the healing process.

  4. Spot on, even though there has been a 3 year rift in the family because of it. I don’t think it will ever heal honestly from either side, but we’ll just rust God in the waiting

  5. This touched my broken heart and I felt a deep and penetrating awareness that I am not alone. I too have mourned for 20 plus years for family that turned their backs and left me crumbled and crushed to absolute nothingness. I was dismissed and erased from their lives because of lies and misinformation by someone I trusted.
    The peace and love I’ve found with God is my comfort. And I’ve thought the same about what He endured with His suffering and betrayals of those he loved. I carry my cross daily and pray that someday they will open their hearts.
    Thank you for expressing the pain you feel and sharing with us.

  6. This is beautiful. Thank you for writing. Going all in with a relationship comes loaded with the possibility of all-out hurt. Except with Jesus. With Him, we might risk our “reputations” or even our lives … but He’s the only one we don’t have to risk our hearts to love.

  7. I agree with the thought that sometimes rejection is God’s protection. I learned a valuable lesson from a new friend. I changed plans I had with her when something else came up that I wanted to do. That was the end of that friendship. While I think we could have worked through things if she had wanted to, now I am careful not to treat anyone else that way.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I’ve learned through my experiences that only God can heal the hurt. Praise God for his goodness and mercy. Often, I just don’t understand. But what I do know, is that God will take care of you and me! “For I know the plans I have for you,”… plans to prosper you and not to to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

  9. Anjuli, what a beautiful sad story. I’m so sorry you had to go through this! My heart aches for you. But you got through to the other side. Yay! God led you to the joyful finish line on that event. Well done!

  10. This touched my soul today. Many years ago, after a relationship breakup, I lost his two sisters that I considered my sisters as well. I often would like to reach out, hear about their children, reminisce, tell them how gracious God has been to me. But it seems they prefer no contact whatsoever, so there is that little ache in my heart…

  11. I truly can relate to your story, mine with family, AND church family. I’m always amazed how God takes our heart pain and carries us through the pain. His love is ever faithful. ♥️
    God bless you sister on your life journey. ♥️

  12. Thank you for sharing the words I needed to hear. I too have wanted to protect my reputation and clear up misunderstandings.
    Your words helped me to see that I can let go of that and allow Jesus to heal me.

  13. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve got about 30 years. No accusations. I just don’t think she approved of my choice in husband. And yet…..I just sent her a “happy birthday” on FB messaging.

  14. That is a super hard lesson to learn and live out. (But so freeing.) Still learning how to be misunderstood and be ok with it. Thank you for sharing a piece of your story. It is encouraging.

  15. So good. I needed this. I have had many breakups with many friends over the last few years. Friends I’ve been friends with since I was 2. The more Christ emanates from you, the more people will be disgusted by you and yet still some want to be close to you for the wrong reasons. Christ is your best friend- I need a trucker hat for that.

  16. Today I finally understand how people can be in a relationship with you for a season. Then that season can abruptly end, without any true explanations. I have to allow that person to exit my life even if I don’t have an option to set things right. My inner woman is hurt and I feel misunderstood. Do I get to feel this pain forever and the other person gets off without a smudge on her name. Wow, it doesn’t seem fair.

    I’m a little more mature now and only God knows who He created me to be and He needs no explanations from anyone. I can embrace His perfect and complete love and spend all my days in His presence with no doubt that I am cherished and adored.

    If all young females could learn this life lesson before puberty, it would help tremendously with their future relationships. Hormones can add to stress and misunderstandings. Enjoy God shaping your heart and reshaping your personality from experience to experience. Only God Knows everything !

    I love how God teaches me life lessons about myself and how I need Him and no one else can change that dynamic in my life.

    Enjoy learning how to depend on God for everything you need.


  17. Thank you for sharing. For me. It was my husband whom I never expected to abandon me, but always the Lord is with me and will never leave me. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and our testimony. Blessings!

  18. To God be the glory. Keep up the good work and be successful in Jesus name.

  19. I can fully identify with this story. I’m still healing from a broken friendship myself. That friendship ended abruptly over 2 years ago, but we had been besties and confidantes and so much more for over 30 years. It still stings.

  20. This was such a timely blessing. I received the notification yesterday about this post but didn’t read it until today. On yesterday, a friendship of mine crumbled due to this very thing you mentioned—being misunderstood and falsely accused. It is so painful, but I too had to give that person the right to misunderstand who I am and remind myself of who I am in Christ. Ephesians 1: 1-14 really helped in doing that. Thank you for sharing your words of encouragement.

  21. Love your honesty because it is as honest as it is inspiring. I LOVE ALL you write Annuli. You inspire me to lee thriving no matter who leaves or is no longer in my circle. God IS faithful and He is so so good and He is ALL the time.

    Liz Avilés

  22. Anjuli,

    Friendships can be hard & painful. They don’t always last as we’d like. No matter how hard you try & give of yourself to these friends there are times when misunderstandings happen & friendships take a rift. We must surrender & give this over to God. He can heal our wounded hearts.