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Anna works full-time for DaySpring from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and four kids. Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul, and she shares the good stuff of the regular, encouraging you to see the ordinary glory in your everyday.

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  1. It sounds like a lovely planner. The thought of daily planners makes me anxious though. It reminds me of when I was a homeschool mom and had at times too much on my plate. A recent interaction with a mom who was overwhelmed with anxiety that was spilling over onto others in negative ways took me back to that. I can look back and realize that I should have prioritized my own mental health but always felt I had too much to do and couldn’t spare the time. My anxiety and overwhelm spilled over onto my kids in ways that were much more damaging than I realized at the time. Looking back I can see that none of the things that seemed so important at the time were worth allowing myself to get in such a state. Titus 2 tells older women to teach the younger so I felt I should share this and with the Lord’s blessing someone can benefit from my experience. While you are planning, make sure to keep your own peace and joy a priority because it has a huge impact on those around you.

    • Good morning and blessings to incourage!

      My history with planners started in college and with being a teacher. I love planners, but over the years my love of them resulted in my bedroom drawers, or hall closets lined with some old planners here and there..

      I like writing lists and writing in general so I inadvertently started keeping my planners, for no good reason.

      Since starting college in 1985 and having need to write things down, I have gotten rid of most of the planners, but know that the planner you are selling will be exactly what I need- putting God in the center of my daily order.

      Thank you incourage for blessing your listeners with this podcast.

  2. Nothing beats a paper planner! I have tried switching to apps but they just aren’t the same. I think writing down my plans, intentions, and goals is a mental exercise,.good for my brain. And having inspirational quotes and scripture sets my mind with the right focus for the week.

  3. I believe this would help me so much especially for appointments going into the next year and I love that it has Bible verses! Thanks for this opportunity!

  4. I didn’t know DaySpring had such an inspirational journal. I would have bought one. I am a teacher and I just bought one to get me started this year. I will definitely buy one next year. Not only will the journal (in)courage me but it will also allow me to share encouraging words to other colleagues and friends. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I too am a physical planner type of gal. I also cannot bear to throw away planners from years gone by, and enjoy looking through them and the different chapters of life we have gone through. As I get older (maybe wiser but more forgetful), the trusty paper planner is my life line.

  6. As a teacher, I purchase a new planner for each school year to help me to keep track of “all the things”. I would love to have this planner which seems to be both functional and inspirational! It’s often difficult to find a planner that has both characteristics.

  7. I have used planners for most of my life and this one sounds amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  8. I think my favorite part of the planner will be the lined pages with the check boxes! When I saw that, my heart…it speaks to my brain…I need that!

  9. Not sure how to use a planner. I have had them before. I got started, but quickly felt overwhelmed . I’m not a planner.

  10. Good morning!
    I also have a love for paper planners. I love seeing everything out on a written book and being able to not forget something or overlook some thing because sometimes when I put in my Google Calendar, I miss something. I would love to win one of these planners because at this time I can’t afford to buy one or I would, thank you for this opportunity. God bless.

  11. Oh Anna, I just LOVE the sight and feel of planners! Many years of them are stacked in a basket on my desk for looking back. The past few years, however, I haven’t been able to get out to purchase one. A good spiral-bound planner would be wonderful!

  12. I’m back to teaching this year and would LOVE this as a tool to help me be organized and focus on The Word! God bless you

  13. I drive people for a living. So I keep a physical planner and use different colored pens for each event in the day to keep them all separated. I track appointments for my son and I, special events, my work runs and how much I make for each one. I would be lost without it!

  14. Thanks for the offer! I have kept a calendar open on my desk for years, and then tucked it away at the end of the year to make room for a new one-anticipating the new seasons with God and His daily grace. Mine do not have scripture, which would really be lovely. I am not a “techy” person, so always enjoy real paper and pen to keep “history” of days lived with Jesus. Whoever God chooses to receive this, will be blessed in remembering the priorities in life. Thanks for the daily uplift from all the writers.

  15. Love the organization and the ability to cross things off or look at a list and feel accomplished. But then I slack off (technology). I’d love to try again and be energized with this one and a way to share Jesus with colleagues.

  16. Before planners were even around, I have been a list maker and started journaling when I was in my teens. Long, long before a gratitude journal or a prayer journal became cool. It was a deep seated need for me to write! And I do to this day! Nothing will ever replace my peace writing with pen and paper! Be it a notepad or day timer, or journal,
    it is my private time in prayer, praise and worship! Blessings to all at incourage and for all the great products available! And most of all, sending blessings to all those list makers and writers out there! Writing and reading God’s Word, praying and praising! That is my “happy place!”

  17. I have used planners such as this one for any years. I usually buy ones with Bible verses to give me inspiration for each day. This one is beautiful.

  18. I use my planner as the main way I keep track of our appointments and special occasions such as spending time with our children and grandchildren! I do like paper! I like reading books I can hold in my hands and I also have a wall calendar and a desk calendar. Even though I am retired, there is still a lot going on in my life and I need all the help I can get so I can remember everything!

  19. I love my paper planner! My brain remembers things better when I write them down and there’s nothing like the feel of them. I love my “One Heart for Jesus” planner!

  20. I’m a teacher and I love paper planners! I seem to do better with having a paper copy of my schedule!

  21. I LOVE PAPER PLANNERS. I use my google calendar for reminders but I am still a hardcopy gal and need to be able to write things down with my favorite blue ink pen.

  22. I love a good planner. One with lots of space on each day to write down what is going on and reflect at the end of each day, too.
    This one looks like a great candidate for my yearly planner, with lots of space for reflection and guidance from the Lord.

  23. I’d be lost without a planner at work! I’m a teacher and have lots of meetings and events to keep up with at work but also personal appointments as well. I’ve never had an incourage planner but this one sounds amazing! Thank you for the chance to win one! Fingers crossed!

  24. I love paper planners. Seeing my day, weeks, and months built out and time managed is entirely satisfying. It’s also a great way to see who you haven’t spent much time with. I love looking back at the end of the year to see all I’ve accomplished and what I hope for in the new year.

  25. I also use a paper planner and have it on my desk at work at all times. It helps me know what’s coming up in my professional/personal life and keeps me organized! Thank you for an opportunity to win!

  26. I love using it for my work desk it helps me keep track of meetings, or deadlines for things that need to be completed for work also love how is faith based

  27. I love the (in)courage planner. I use the calendar part to write in the things going on and then I use the “lined daily section” to write a prayer everyday. Then I use the note section for my prayer list.

  28. This sounds pretty wonderful, Anna! As are you! Whenever I see your byline, I know I’m in for something special!

  29. I love a physical planner. While I have electronic calendars for various commitments, having a physical calendar and writing things down helps me process all I have to do in one space.

  30. I have bought the Daily Planner for years from Day Spring as well as for my entire family for Christmas presents. I love your planners but have a problem that they are all made in China. We’re trying to honor America & purchase as much as possible made in America products. I found one made by a veteran that is really nice and made in the USA. We really believe everyone needs to be faithful to our country & give jobs to Americans. My husband is also a veteran & served our country.

  31. Paper planners are my go to. I just can’t seem to get behind the digital versions. It’s so nice to see one that also incorporates the word of God.

  32. I switched to these planners 2 years ago and I love them! The size gives me room for more notes, they look beautiful sitting on my desk and I love the nugget of scripture for me each week. Well done!

  33. What a PLANNER…. WOW… I love this…it has EVERYTHING I need to get my weeks started!!!…Looking forward to using this!!

  34. I have been an administrative assistant for 21 years, and still use a paper desk planner because I like to be able to see the whole month at once for the big picture view without having to do any “clicking.” I also still carry a personal paper calendar in my purse. I love getting calendars with an artistic touch (my desk planner this year is bordered with flowers and my personal calendar with art by Thomas Kinkade.) The planner you mentioned above looks like it would be encouraging to use. Thanks for the contest.

  35. I do not have a “planner” like the one you are selling but I do use calendars. Just regular old fashioned calendars that I use to list all the daily appointments and special occasions.

  36. To me pen and paper are more personal and it is the method I use for writing. I also prefer
    hand held cards.

  37. As a teacher for the last 35 years, my life has revolved around a big spiral calendar. I retired in May and would love to begin my new adventure with a new planner!

  38. I love the Bible studies from(in)courage I bought the planner last year for my daughter so excited for next years planner

  39. Love paper planners. It’s something tangible about holding it and physically writing in the activities and notes. Hubby tried to get me to go Digital and paper planners are the way for me. I also like to save them to refer back on the years.

  40. I ordered this planner last year and I absolutely love it. I love the prayer cards and the pockets in the back. Also, since I use my planner a lot they usually get pretty worn out but this one has held up and still looks good after all these months. Thank you!

  41. I absolutely cannot live without my paper planners to tell me how far I have come in the plans God has for me. In 2021, an oncologist (educated, intelligent) told me (before he even met me face-to-face and based only on a CT scan and MRI) that he believed I had stage 4 colon cancer, and that even if I did the 3 months of chemo and invasive surgeries to remove part of my liver and colon … I would still likely die by Christmas.

    But God …

    God had bigger and better plans, which did not include any cancer, chemo, or surgery. Now apparently His plans include me becoming a “House Auntie” to nine interns from the Philippines and India who are training in culinary and hospitality skills at a nearby resort. I am moving this month to a larger rental home where I will be the “Auntie” away from home for them, to encourage and lift them up in prayer as they grow during this year away from their families.

    I would be lost without my paper and pen planners to look back on this year of growth and new experiences (and foods!), even when using Google Calendar to remind me of tomorrow’s plans.

  42. I’ve tried to use the planner on my computer and phone, but I always go back to my hand held write on calendar. A large one on my desk and a 3×5 calendar that I carry everywhere I go.

  43. My friend Gayle and I use our planners for recording all the things, just as you do. She and I affectionately call each other “Sissy”. Neither of us has a biological sister but we are sisters of the heart, and have shared our life journey together since our children were small. We usually gift each other the DaySpring planner every year because that is a gift we know will get lots of use! We have both retired and are widowed so many of our empty blocks get filled with medical appointments and church activities, but we still enjoy time for a cup of coffee and fellowship. Both of us try to navigate technology but it’s not as easy when we get older and there’s just something special about looking back in our planners and reminiscing on the joys and celebrations, and the times when God carried us through the sorrow and difficulties. My son Ricky passed away in August 2020 at the age of 43 due to complications from MS. Her son is 54 and in the transitional stage with Hospice as I write this due to Stage 4 cancer. But this we know is certain….God is faithful and keeps His promises!! And even though I can’t write the appointment in my dayplanner, I look forward to the day I meet Jesus face to face!

  44. I am a paper planner only kind of person too! I’d be lost without it. I use dry erase calendar board as well for all members of my household to see.
    This looks lovely!

  45. I always use a paper planner. I keep my life in it. I do not throw them away because I like to look back at them.

  46. There is just something about having an actual paper planner. The task of writing things by hand in it to fill the pages, seeing what’s happened and what is to come gives me a sense of contentment. Seeing the actual planner also can motivate me to think about and do tasks etc. To have the encouragement and wisdom of others and God sprinkled throughout the pages would be a blessing

  47. I am not great at planners but pretty good at calendars. I desperately need to try one though as I just turned 40, have 4 boys (3 of which are teenagers) I homeschool, just got married to my other half of 9 years! Also we are (praying) we will be closing on our first house in August. I can’t keep up from down or left to right at the moment and sometimes finding time with God is hard with so much going on around me. I love the idea of not only being organized but also getting some incouragement at the same time!!

  48. It’s gorgeous! I’ve lived with daily planners since I was in middle school!

  49. I love paper planners to check off and see my progress ✅
    Reflecting on a Bible verse and visualizing with stickers sounds beautiful!

    This is perfect timing, too, as I’m moving and calling this season of life my “fresh start”! ❤️❤️

  50. I love having a physical planner. But in recent years have struggled to find one that works for me. Looking forward to trying this one!

  51. If there is something I truly LOVE is writing my heart away on a journal. Writing comforts my heart because it gets all my thoughts onto paper and it is how I am able to process things. Especially if I am in a storm or a difficult time. LOVE this journal!

    Liz Avilés

  52. I have never had a planner before but I think this is just what I need as I recently became an office manager. I appreciate everything your team does! Blessings from Northern Ontario Canada.

  53. I use paper planner as well, one daily planner where I can make a list of things to complete for work, home, and church. I would love to have a planner (like incourage planner ) that has daily Bible verse which helps me remember all I do is ultimately for the One True King and for His glory.

  54. This planner looks great! I’ve always struggled with planners but this one having the Word of God and devotionals would help me focus everyday with the Lord.

  55. Ah, paper planners! I sometimes feel the need to write with paper and pen. There is just something to it that makes things stick in my mind better than Outlook, Google calendar and all the digital world offers. It’s a settling or grounding experience to have paper and pen planning.

  56. A true blue paper only girl – always on the lookout for a new and fabulous planner & this one certainly looks to be a winner! Absolutely love that it is filled with inspiration and scripture. So.much goodness wrapped up in this paper cutie!

  57. I use my dayspring planner as a journal. I keep the planners to read how God as worked and as a keepsake for my daughters.

  58. I love seeing that I’m not the only one who’s old school and lives and dies by a paper planner! Getting a new one each year is a highlight for me, I love to imagine all the life in a year of our family that I’ll document on the pages. I’m obsessed with planners and will always be-low tech is fine for me!

  59. Oh my goodness I am SO excited about your new planner! I was just thinking the other day it is almost time to get one for next year. And here comes yours full of encouragement and scripture . I cannot WAIT to see this in person and use it for my schedule. My husband is a pastor and I will be leading a ladies leadership cohort and so I definitely have lots to put on the calendar to keep up with. This is such good stuff and I can’t wait to share it with friends who also use planners. Thank you for designing this!

  60. With the various hats I wear, a paper planner is a centralized place to keep track of all the things! I always look for planners that have lots of space for extra notes & some scripture gems and encouragement tucked within its pages.

  61. I have been a paper planner girl forever! It became a solid habit back in the days of attending a Franklin planner class (yes, pre-Covey). I’ve used most systems at some point or another as the seasons of my own life change. But I adore a nice paper planner – Google can never replace that.

  62. I have LIVED off paper planners for the last year or so. I tried a wall calendar for a while but nothing beats being able to break it down into daily tasks to get done.

  63. What a lovely planner. I too love a paper planner but also keep a Google calendar. I love seeing my handwriting on the page and I can record other things besides my To Do list and dates. I will definitely have to check this out.

  64. I do not personally use a planner but my friend Jolene can’t live without hers. She just retired at the end of this school year to babysit her first Grandbaby and if i win on of these, it will be given to her.

  65. I love paper planners. This looks beautiful and a beautiful planner is always necessary! Thanks for the opportunity.

  66. I’m a planner kind of woman. I’m like the kid getting fresh new school supplies for the first day of school when I can fill in my annual planner. My annual “new” planner makes me happy happy!!!!! I log in all the important dates, bdays, anniversaries, deaths, moves to new homes, start of new job, day of graduations, date of wedding engagements, surgery dates, trip dates. I start my morning with texts to whom these dates might apply to, especially my children. I send a morning text with today is 18 years since you and hubbie or wife became engaged, or today you graduated from college, or today you are celebrating 5 years in your new house or today was your foot surgery, or today we began or travels together to Colorado.

    I tease my children that they will miss this texts of ‘important moments’ one day when I am not here to remind them.

    Love love love planners. I know your spiritual planner would be a great addition to a planning girl’s day/year ❤️

  67. I’m a paper planner through and through!! I very rarely use my phone calendar unless I’m putting in an appt reminder when I’m leaving a doctors office—and then when I get home it immediately gets transferred to my paper planner!

    I’m always on the hunt for the best one and would love to try the incourage planner this year!

  68. Ooh my goodness, thank you for the opportunity to win one. I am a paper planner all the way. I use it for everything, cleaning routines, hubby’s volunteer work, the usual appointments and such. I love it for Bible study, listing the study and Scripture that day. I even purchase a smaller planner to fit into my purse to coordinate with my desk planner when we are at the doctor etc. At the end of the previous month, I list all the birthdays, anniversaries etc. for the next month so I can write out all the cards and envelopes, so they are ready to mail. I keep all the cards with my planner and now have my husband used to using it too, he will look at my list of to-dos and will check them off when he does something for me. It would be wonderful to give your planner a try.
    Kind regards,

  69. I love putting pen to paper, especially when trying to organize my life! Seeing it all i front of me and writing it down, helps turn choas into organisation. I have learned as well, when I write things in an organizer, I hear God clearly when it comes to letting Him have control of my schedule and life. It’s all much more peaceful.

  70. I love a paper planner. I can have it in front of me to help stay organized. Also helps with remembering daily prayer requests.

  71. Hello All!
    I have a love of physical planners and I am so excited to hear about one from Incourage!

  72. Anna,

    I love the idea of writing things down. Not keeping them on some computerized machine that you have to log into to find information. Carrying a planner would help me organize my life. I get busy with work, volunteering, church & the usual housework. Would also make a great gift for friends.

    Blessings 🙂

  73. I adore paper planners and especially the paper in yours and the chance to have God’s word in front of my eyes at all times.

  74. This planner is great! I have been using a planner for a couple years now. It’s helpful to have everything in one place and stay on track.