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Kathi lives with Roger and a bunch of chickens in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. There they host writer retreats, and Kathi writes about how to do life with God a little closer today than yesterday. She’s a best-selling author and absolutely loves her Clutter Free Community on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks so much for this much-needed devotional. Being on my 3rd week of not being on the schedule at my part-time job, I’m having a really hard time staying on task and not procrastinating about accomplishing things around the house. Last week I spent 1 day cleaning out every kitchen cabinet and drawer, and yet I still haven’t tackled the piles of clutter/papers on my desk. Sometimes it is a matter of where to even get started. With God’s help, that’s the plan for today.

    • MP – forgive me for taking so long to reply to your comment.

      I get this – so deeply – we accomplish one thing but can’t help but see the things that still need to be done. I pray that you can sit in what you have accomplished, and will be able to be gentle with yourself in the things that still need to be done.

  2. Boy do I relate to that little robot! I’m working on setting time blocks for my tasks and getting more of my to do list accomplished.

    • Gail – forgive me for taking so long to reply to your comment.

      Right – I wish i could have as much self-compassion as I do for a robot!

  3. Well you described me to a T…..have used lists for years and am mostly successful, but have decided that I need to assign times and am expanding my morning and evening routines. As a retiree it is tempting to fritter away time. It was affirming to read that I am not “the only one”……My friend, a former paralegal who was often given more things to do than time to do them used to write down everything that needed to be done but that list is only used to assign tasks to the current day and then it is set aside….similar to your suggestion. You don’t need to think about the BIG list nor try to remember everything on it but have a do-able list for the day.
    Thank you for the ideas and encouragement

    • Kathy – forgive me for taking so long to reply to your comment.

      You summed this up perfectly – no one would be able to get ALL the things done. We have to be realistic with ourselves and our time. We are all works in process!

  4. Thank you for the well written article. I am currently dealing with neurological issues left over from having shingles, COVID-19, and West Nile Virus in a three month period last year. I can no longer multitask and some days I find myself just “thrashing” because my brain is trying to do things that take more processing than I can handle now. From now on, my “To Do List” will be just enough for what I can do today and I will put the rest on another page for tomorrow. I will also put the verse from the Bible at the top of every day!

    • Yvonne – forgive me for taking so long to reply to your comment.

      You have had more than a human should have to deal with. I pray as you learn strategies to cope with what you’ve been dealt, that you will have grace for yourself and for your journey.

  5. Kathi, I really enjoyed this. I am smiling ear to ear as I look at the scarf I began knitting last October. It’s about 4 inches long. I get it. I have a monthly and daily calendar and try to prioritize the ever growing to do list. That verse from Matthew is something I try to remind myself every day. Some days it works and well, others not so much.

  6. So, the technical term is “thrashing.” That’s wonderful and sounds quite scientific.

    That’s much better than confessing I get distracted a lot more easily than other people. For instance, “I just noticed something glittery on the carpet. I have to go check it out, but I’ll be back in a minute.” Of course, I’m kidding. But truthfully, when I get distracted, nothing gets completed.

    Still, this might be the primary drawback of having a creative mind, since it’s tremendous fun and fulfilling being a creative, especially if you are an introvert.

    Thanks for the suggestion to control the mind-that-likes-to-wander with a to-do list, Kathi. I used to faithfully use that trick every single day. It was incredibly beneficial to productivity and gave me a feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day.
    Somehow, this helpful habit fell by the wayside. I will have to reinstitute it. Loved this past!

  7. Kathi,

    My biggest problem is living in the past. Spending way to much time on past mistakes. There are some days when I put my mind to it & accomplish a ton of stuff. Last Saturday I got up at 6:30 am & got hubby off to work. Then I dressed & zipped of to Wal Mart & a grocery store. When I got home & had put everything away I cooked up four meals for the week. I wasn’t done till almost 3 pm cleaning dishes.

    I make a mental to do list for my 3 day weekends each week. Time isn’t assigned to any one. On Saturday & Sunday I must be done with most stuff & be getting dinner ready by 8:45 – 9;00 PM when hubby gets home from work.

    Blessings 🙂