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Kayla Craig is the author of “To Light Their Way" and "Every Season Sacred" and creator of Liturgies for Parents. A former journalist, she’s adamant about paying attention and staying curious. She writes the popular "Year of Breath" devotional newsletter and lives in Iowa with her husband and four wild,...

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  1. So true! Countering lies with God’s truth is always an effective weapon no matter the issue. I can identify a pattern in my life that when I began feeling lonely or insignificant I’d plan a dinner party or bake a treat for someone else. Doing for others gets me out of the spiral of lies to loneliness. God has redeemed my loneliness motivated action by blessing others exactly when they needed the encouragement more often than not. Thanks for your list of truths to counteract the lies. I’ll be ticking those in my toolbox as well. Blessings!

  2. I love what you wrote in today reading Kayla. All so true. I don’t have many friends. Don’t know why. I think my Husband is biased when he says this. It is there loss what people don’t want to be friends with you. As you are the most kind caring person that I know. I do have 3 friends. Two that live 86 miles away from me. I that lives 10 miles away from me. Two sisters that live 86 miles away from I see about 3 times a year when they come down to flowers on their Mum and Dad grave. There Dad was a Minister. They all my 3 friends are saved. The other friend I see her when she is free. That not that often but the 3 friends are so good to me even if I don’t see them that often. They no I suffer seizures. They text and email me to see how I am doing keep me in prayer. But I like a friend who I see more often and who we read the Bible together and pray together go for coffee together etc. I have prayed in the past for that. But it must not be God’s will as it not happened. Theses friends are all saved. When my Friends that live 86miles away going to their Parents grave to put flowers on it. They never forget about me. That are so good they ask me if free would you like to get in touch meet up for lunch or coffee. They are that kind. I do meet them the are glad to see me. But when I don’t see them theses only friends I have that often I do get lonely. I at times say why Lord have I not got more friends. Why does no one want to be my friend. I did try to be friends with one of the two sisters friend that lives 86 miles away but her friend didn’t want to know. I don’t know why. To this day I don’t know. I find myself getting lonely when even with my sisters fot coffee they are not saved. One time God showed me. This as they are not saved they invited me to have coffee with them. I go because it’s nice to see them and some of their kids they have with them and see them. But they start talking among either. Then forget about me. I fell lonely say why did I bother meeting them. They ask are you all right for peace sake I say yes. But really no. God said Dawn your not lonely I am beside you. I know it not nice for them to invite you and talk among themselves and not you as well. But they don’t realise they are doing because they are not saved. Things will not change with them until they get saved. Your not lonely God told me I am sitting beside you. You know what you do Dawn. That is quietly pray for them. Pray for them to see they are leaving you out and there salvation that what I do. I don’t feel as lonely. Even when on my own at home or where ever I am as I know I am not alone God is with me at all times. That helps me. Thank you for today’s reading Love it. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx in my prayers incourage

  3. I prayed this morning – God help me feel not so alone – a few hours later this arrived in my inbox, thank you!

  4. Thank you, Kayla! Yes, I have certainly felt lonely at parties and retreats. Sometimes even during church services. Maybe, too, we should look for the person on the outside, and partner up with them or draw them into the group. I have had people do that for me. And I try to do that for others.

  5. Thanks for this podcast!!
    I listen every morning-
    The Focus journal sounds perfect for me to kick off my retirement-
    it is a new way of life and I want to embrace it in a positive way

  6. Thank you for your honesty! The thing I try to remember, when the loneliness lies attack me, is to identify the Absolutes in the statements. For Example: “No one understands X…” Really, there is no one else, who might understand? Look for those Absolutes (always, never, etc), because they Are Lies!

  7. Kayla,

    I have been with groups of people & still felt lonely. Maybe I didn’t have much in common with those people. When that happens I try to find others who are by themselves & try to make conversation with them. Something else I do is remember elderly people who live alone. At times I may call or text them letting them know someone cares for them. To have a friend you have to be a friend. Sometimes that means taking the first step. Always remember that God is with you. We are never ever completely alone–no matter the lies the devil tries to tell you.

    Blessings 🙂