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  1. I would give a copy to my sister to inspire her to start a camp for my five year old!

  2. My parents used to keep the grandkids in the summer too. While they didn’t organize a “camp,” they did plan lots of fun activities, including taking photos and making scrapbooks. My mom passed away last year, and my now grown nephew brought his scrapbooks to share with the family. Such sweet memories.

  3. Every summer my daughter and son in law take a short vacation together. With three boys 9, 6 and 3 this year, there are always disputes. So the first year we instituted Team MUTBAM. An acronym for “mommy used to be a M……” (her maiden name). We had team meetings any time there was a disagreement. Next week they are mine again and this gave me new ideas for the Team!!
    I would love to read this magazine:)

  4. I would give a copy to our dear niece, a mother of a four, six, eight,& eighteen year old, who is a model of devotion to faith, family, community, social work as her profession,
    and fun!

  5. I’d love to share a copy the magazine with my daughter. She has three children ages 20, 15 and 10. Inspiration is always welcome!

  6. Hello,
    I am a grandma to 19 and great grandma to one. I love the idea of Kannecomova and my grands have come over a lot for overnights in our home. Maybe one of my children will start something with their own grands. I would love to share this magazine with one of my grandchildren who are starting out with their own new family. God has been good to me and given me 51 years overseas, (Peru), and many other “children” and “grands”.

  7. Wow…I’m so thrilled to read this story! I have fond memories of going to Church Camp!!
    Appreciate this article and
    I will cherish this idea for Summer Camp at Grandmas and plan to use it when we have some grandchildren!
    In the meantime I’m forwarding this article to a friend who’s a pastor’s wife in south Texas.
    Also to my Aunt Joyce a missionary to NorthPole Alaska who has lots of grandchildren!!
    God bless you! Thanks for the opportunity to maybe win a subscription!!! Blessings B

  8. I love these magazines, and since I recently retired I now will have time to read more! I would love to win this, thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I would probably share a copy with my mom. I very much enjoyed the summers with my grandparents and I’m so glad I did now that they are no longer with us. I would spend weeks with my grandparents in West Virginia and Ohio. I loved going to Goodwill with Grandma Smith. 🙂 Such fun memories! Grandma Wampler would let me help her pick up cans. I do not have children of my own but I teach children on the side and try to be involved in their lives as much as I can.

  10. I love this story it’s so sweet and reminds me of my grandparents growing up!! The legacy they passed on to me if what I’m trying to pass onto my family; faith love tradition. I’d love to be a contestant for the magazine and to give one to my beautiful mother who is our rock and carrying on our legacy to our kids!

  11. We recently moved to another state. I met a lady in my new church who has 3 grandchildren. She has taken each child individually for a special day and overnight with her. I would like to give her a copy of the magazine and introduce her to this story. I think she would love it.

  12. I would love to gift the magazines to my daughter-in-love and another soon to be daughter-in -love. They will be the mammas to my future grandchildren. There’s no greater calling than to pass the legacy of faith to the next generation.

  13. I would love a copy of the magazine and I would gift the other magazine to my friend, Catherine, whose family goes to my church.

    My favorite grandparent camp memory is going to to my grandparents house in NJ for a week while my parents and brother went to Europe. We didn’t do a whole lot of exciting things but it was special memories: playing cards with my grandpa, going thru the stash of mini powdered donuts Nana had, going with her to a yard sale, playing with my cousins nearby.

  14. I love this so much! Our grandchildren are grown now, but we are preparing to be snowbirds to Texas to be with our great-grands this year. I would love to use these ideas to build our relationship with them and share our faith. When I was growing up, we lived in Michigan and we spent a couple weeks every year in Tennessee with my grandmother. We had great times with all our cousins, aunts and uncles. And we have wonderful memories of spending time with Granny just doing what she did – walking to the market, breaking beans on the front porch, making biscuits and chocolate pies, cobblers, hanging out the wash …

    • I would gift a copy to my bff who does many special things for her grandchildren and blesses me to be a part of some of them.

  15. I remember summers at my grandma’s house. My sister and I and our three cousins would stay. Mind you, she lived across the street from us, but it was still great fun. Would love to win copies of the magazine for myself and my sister. Blessings to you.

  16. The camp sounds like such a fun idea that I’m going to keep in mind for if I ever have grandchildren I would give a copy of the magazine that contains to my sister probably. She would likely pass it on to her daughter or our other sister.

  17. I love this summer story! We are heading this summer to Iowa to see our 5 grandkids. We are so excited! Jordan the memories you shared about Kamp Kannecomova are so inspiring. I can’t to put your ideas into memories.

    We’ve always had a lot of fun together. Camping, fishing, sledding, museums and cooking. We had opportunities to talk about God’s creation of mountains and lakes and critters. Read Noah’s Ark and pray for kiddos that weren’t having as much fun camping or being “not so kind” at the playground. The kids are older now so your piece is perfect timing. We need a bit of inspiration…so a copy of Everyday Faith magazine will definitely…
    “help us know and share God’s love in fresh, true, and inspiring ways”

    Congrats on the release everyone. Blessings sisters \0/

  18. Aww, such sweet memories. One of my best friends sends her daughter to “Granny Camp” each year and it always sounds like such a great experience, that I want to go too. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive to be great!

  19. I would love to receive a copy of this magazine. I am a grandmother of 2 boys (8 and 2) and we are always on an adventure! The oldest who is now 8 looks forward to coming to Mimi and Papa’s house for sleepovers, spoiling and fun. I am always on the lookout for new things to do with them! I would gift this magazine to myself and cherish every page.

    Thank you for sparking my creativity with new memory making ideas with my grands!

  20. Memories of time at my grandparents are my fondest. I’d give a copy to my mom I think.

  21. Camp Kannecomova sounds like it was so much fun. I can just imagine all the special memories!

    I’d love to win a set of the new summer Everyday Faith Magazine. I’d share my copy with my mom after I read it and share the copy for a friend with my friend Jan. Thanks so much for this opportunity. 🙂

  22. The times that I, my sister, and my 8 cousins are memories that I will always treasure. My grandmother was an angel! She was just the best! She and my grandfather made faith a major priority. I still have my grandfather’s Bible with his notes and handwriting that he would use to teach a Sunday School class. My grandfather had a farm and raised cattle, pigs, and chickens. He raised cotton. He had big silos where all of us would hide while Easter eggs were hidden by our parents. They did not plan special outings for us, but we loved the daily things. I loved this article! I have two granddaughters that are 7 and 5. They come for sleep overs and we do crafts, Mail Box Club lessons (faith based), read, have tea parties, make special treats, and other various things. However, I love the memories that a camp theme would build. I would love the magazine and I would gift the second one to my dear friend who is a pastor’s wife. She fairly recently moved to an area where she can spend time with her granddaughters. Thank you so much for offering and for the joy this article gave to so many. Blessings

  23. After listening to the camp story I am so encouraged to do that this summer for my great granddaughter and great grandson Thank You

  24. I love this article !! I have two granddaughters coming in a few days, this gave me great onspiration. I love the Everday Faith magazine.

  25. Jordan,

    You had wonderful grandparents who loved on you all. Sounds like you had plenty of fun in the summer. I would love to leave a legacy of faith to others around me.

    My gift would be to a dear friend.

    Blessings 🙂