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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Ephesians 3:16
    I pray that God walks in the life of a friend. She has been going through something she can’t explain and has pushed away the people who love her. I ask that God holds her heart and allows her to find comfort and peace. I ask that He also heald the brokenness of our friendship. Thank You, Lord, for the people You gift us with to love unconditionally. Amen.

    • I agree with Sammy in prayer for her friend. Will you bring deep healing and peace to the friend, may she find the courage to open up to safe people like Sammy and also the grace to cast all her cares on You. I pray that You will bring light into any darkness she may be experiencing. Please restore their friendship i and renew life and hope beautifully in both their lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Sammy,

      Abba Father Please be with Sammy’s friend. She is going through a trial & needs you desperately. Hold her heart & send your loving comfort & peace to her. Help her to see that she needs friends that love on her & help her through this ordeal. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Please pray for a job for me and wisdom as I wait on God’s plan for our family. I had burnout in August last year and was not able to work for a number of months. I have started looking for work again but have not been able to find anything. My husband works for himself and his income is intermittent. We are barely surviving on one salary and I need to find work again

    • Dear Father, I pray that Lauren will experience Your grace and peace in beautiful ways while she and her family waits. I pray for provision of the right job for her at the right time, a job where she can flourish in and enjoy as well. Would you please provide amazingly for all their needs, financially , spiritually and emotionally etc. I pray for full recovery after her burnout and that when she starts working again she would be able to do it refreshed and with new hope and trust in You. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Lauren,

      Father, Guide Lauren to the job you have planned for her. Send peace & comfort as she waits on you. Jehovah Jireh please send provisions to them physically, emotionally & financially. Love on them & shower them with grace & mercy. Take away the burnout Lauren had & help her to flourish wherever you put her. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  3. I am 26 and have been struggling with intense headaches and fatigue for the past couple of months. The doctor could not find a clear root cause thusfar. It is making it difficult for me to function normally and do my job and relationships well. Along with this I am also battling with this feeling of loneliness in the season I am in while waiting for answers and healing. I know God hears me and He is with me in the pain and He will heal me at the right time, but on some days the waiting is really difficult.

    • He hears you and is with you Barbara. I lift you up today and pray that you feel the peace and love of Christ. May you feel comforted today and full of peace that surpasses all understanding. You will be in my prayers throughout today and the upcoming weeks.

  4. My sister in law passed away yesterday. Please, prayers for peace for my brother, his family and mine. Thank you sisters in Christ. He has to hear our cries for help. So much pain in this life. It feels relentless some days.

    • Kim,

      Precious Father Be with Kim & the family as her sister-in-law passed yesterday. Send your loving care, peace & comfort to their grieving souls. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  5. My 52 yr. old son is struggling to keep all the balls in the air in his world. He has a very stressful and responsible job and his wife had a stroke 2 years ago and that has changed everything at home. She had to retire early from teaching and has had seizures since the stroke, so she can’t drive. My son is feeling the pressure of family concerns and responsibilities and his work load. I would appreciate prayer for him. I’m worried he’ll have a stroke or heart attack himself. Thank you.

    • Dear Donna,
      I am praying for your son to be strengthened by provision from our dear Lord in all ways. I’m also praying for your DIL’s recovery to move forward, so she may freed from seizures and gain skills and strength for daily family living.

  6. In Courage,

    Loaves & Fishes Food Bank is making a plea this Thursday (5/11) for a grant to help us keep going. They desperately need a new, bigger building to house the food & other supplies they give out. Need financial help also to get necessary food items. They give out food boxes & meals four nights a week.

    Friend Coco fell & broke elbow. She is doing better now. Has graduated from wheelchair to walker & cast is off. Prayers she can heal quickly & not have more falls!

    I would like a different job. Want something that will use my clerical skills. Grateful for the job I have,.

    Praying for everyone here that God will provide financially, emotionally, spiritually.

    Blessings 🙂

  7. God tell us what to pray for if we don’t know what to pray for. Especially if saved and living for him. I thank God for everyday I am alive and that he wakes me up to enjoy another day in his beautiful world. No matter what man might try to do to it especially if not saved. I am very thankful to God when I take a seizure as get not warning. That I never brake any bones. Even though most times bite my tongue and have a sore back and very fuzzy head and am tired for few hours after them. They are not nice. Then after few hours I am able to say my prayers and do my Bible readings. Which I am glad as if I didn’t do that. I feel I let God down. Especially when God is always there for me and never lets me down. It not nice the seizures for my Husband too see me have. I don’t like them or taking them. I love reading the reading you at incourage write and praying for you all. Thank you for them all who write in them and what I get out of them. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

  8. Pray for my husband. He does not have a relationsship with the Lord. He is very depressed and has no desire to live.

    • Praying your husbands heart is flooded with the light of Christ. May he come to know and love Jesus and be filled with love, joy, peace and hope. In Jesus’ Name, amen. Don’t stop praying, God is listening. God bless you! Sending love and hugs, sister ❤️

    • Debbie,

      Abba Father Please please change Debbie’s husband’s heart. Show up in big ways & allow him to see you & your greatness. May he come to a saving relationship with you. Help him with his depression. Give him the will to live. Shower him with your great love! AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

  9. My sister and I are looking for a house in a nice neighborhood and in our price range. Please pray the Lord Jesus leads us to the right house at the right time and that His Hands of peace and comfort our over us now and always. Thank you so much! ❤️

    Favorite verse: Jeremiah 29:11. Praying that over you all today.

  10. John 1: 4-5
    God is the Light! I rest in His power! Thank you God for being the Light in our lives in this world of darkness.

  11. Lord, Father God, I pray for Dawn. Please be with her as she experiences these seizures. I pray you would give her peace and healing, strength for the days that are difficult and the peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for Dawn, an inspiration to me and the love she has for you Lord. Keep her in your tender care and shine over her and protect her. Keep walking with her. In Jesus Name.

    • Dawn is an inspiration to me too and I agree with you in prayer that God heal her from the seizures. In Jesus’ Name!

  12. “To know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge.” This resonates with me today.

  13. I love Psalm 27:13-14 I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living….be strong and wait for the Lord. Thank you for sharing a word daily. I read them and am thankful for your love of God. You help to encourage me on His path. God bless you all at incourage.

  14. 1 Corinthians 10:13
    No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

    Hang in there-God’s got you1

  15. Please pray that I am able to be more confident in the LORD and that THE LORD would set me free from the trap of people pleasing and wanting man’s approval . That I would want GOD’s approval more than man’s.

  16. I have swept away your transgressions like a cloud, your sins like the mist. Return to Me for I redeemed you. (Isaiah 44:22)
    I was guilty of idolatry living as though a friend was the source of my needs in my career. When I realized that challenges I was experiencing was the consequences of my sin I turned to God, confessed and repented of my sin. I’m still in the woods with my challenges but I know I’ve been forgiven. I’m now trusting God in His grace to deliver me from the storm I’m facing as He gently removes the dross refining me. I’m praying for a legacy of integrity and uprightness and to be saved from shame, disgrace and humiliation. Please pray with me. Thank you.

  17. B4 I open the Word each morning, I pray these verses to my Father:
    “I will show you great & hidden things which you have not known” Jer.33:3
    “open my eyes to see wondrous things from Your law”
    Psalm 119:18 and “ Lord, open my mind to understand the Scriptures.” ( As He did for the disciples)
    “ Satisfy me in the morning w/ Your unfailing love that I may sing for joy & be glad all my days.” Psalm 90:14

    • Luke 24:45 goes with the verse where Jesus opened the disciples minds to understand the Scriptures. Forgot to put it

  18. Heavenly Father, I need You now more than ever. To be free of the heavy burden of debt I carry, for healing for my husband, and healing for my body. Lord, in Your Son’s Precious Name, I Pray, Amen.

  19. Please for healing the brokenness in our family. Pray that Nick & Ally forgive & trust my husband Joe.Recapture Nicks heart & bring him back to the Lord & find the truth he’s looking for

  20. Pray that Nick & Ally forgive & trust my husband Joe.Recapture Nicks heart & bring him back to the Lord & find the truth he’s looking for

  21. Yes, dear Lord, your “child” is experiencing seizures and need your help! Please give her the peace that passes all understanding and keep her pain at bay ! Dawn, keep on praying and believing. THIS too shall end. God may be coming soon to rescue ALL of us from our pain! Until that time, Dawn, be strong and “STAY in the Lord!!..