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  1. God give us the Mercy to love thoses we thought we could never love. God Mercy shows us lots of forgiveness. God Mercy shows us if we are saved how to be the people God wants to be and how to live as his words says. I love all thoses things about God’s Mercy. With God help we can put it into practice his Mercy into our lives and live it in our lives the way God would want us to live it. Especially if saved. So as the unsaved will see the Mercy of God in us. See us living our lives the way God would want us too and everything we do and say is about God and living for him. That they will want what we have that is to know Jesus for themselves. Where would we be without God Mercy in our lives especially if saved and we mess up. Have to ask God to forgive us help not do the wrong again. God Mercy helps when we need help and to know we can go to God in prayer give our problems to him. God help us through them. I say Amen to that. Love today reading. Keep you all in prayer incourage. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • Saying amen to all that you shared here, Dawn. So thankful for God’s mercy, which changed my life and my love for others. May we continue to spread the truth of His mercy far and wide. So thankful He allows us to do so. Grace to you, as you go into your weekend!

      • Thank you for Marie for you lovely reply to what I wrote and what you wrote on God’s Mercy. I loved it. I glad to be saved along with my Husband. The rest of my Family my Dad Sisters and their Families not saved. I pray for their salvation. If I was to tell them they needed to get saved. They tell me to my thoughts to myself and not preach it at them. They say good you believe all that stuff. Especially my elderly Dad. He has questioned me on my beliefs in the past. I get no where as he always has answer for me. Saying if this so call God you believe in. Why would he let all the sadness happen in world. Or why would he let all sickness happen. Why would he not do something to stop it. When he can. He meant ti do anything. I just don’t have the answers to his questions. I say I just don’t have the answers you want. I just believe all the Bible says and live it as best I can. Why should I when I don’t see much of happing what it say in the Bible. With those things my Dad says in away you can’t blame my Dad for not getting saved. You just keep praying for him that one day he will believe before his time up on earth and not questions why theses things not happing. So I just live my life in front of him for Jesus and the rest of my family keep trusting God they and him will see God Mercy in me and want what I have that is to know Jesus for themselves. That is my prayer. That would be the best present my elderly Dad of 82 could give me before his time up on earth. I have prayed that so often. I will keep praying that for my Dad and praying for my family salvation too. Glad to be saved. I am glad Iive in the world but am not of the world. I thank God for you all incourage and the way you gays give up your time to write the reading. I love them and pray for you all. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xxxx

  2. So uplifting and encouraging and what a goal we should all strive for! To extend mercy like God does…such a beautiful post! So heart warming and sincere!! Thank you so much!!

  3. Rachel,

    Mercy is defined as compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm. It is derived from the medieval Latin merced or merces, which means “price paid.” It has the connotation of forgiveness, benevolence and kindness. It is what Jesus gave us while on the cross. We all need mercy & should dole it out frequently also. Great story!

    Blessings 🙂