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Rachel Marie Kang is the author of Let There Be Art and the Social Media & Guest Post Manager for (in)courage. She is founder of The Fallow House and she lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children — connect with her at rachelmariekang.com.

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  1. Thank you Rachel for this reminder. Even though I grew up with a much slower pace, I have to guard against being in such a hurry (to do what??) that I forget that God’s plan for me is to love His children, and that I can’t do that well unless I intentionally take time to connect with others.

  2. Yes! I’m going to confess the racing pace of my brain while I read your lovely post this morning. Grocery list added to mentally, hummed The Eagles’ NY Minute but struggled to give them credit until I googled it, figured out what suits the weather & is clean to wear today all while reading your post. Yes I need to slow down!!! My overly distracted brain is magnifying that for God all that & so much more is not too much for Him. He can handle the fast pace whirling dervish we make our lives AND He set the example of rest. He knew we’d need it so He showed us how even though He doesn’t get tired or over busy. Thank You, God! Thank you, Rachel for this great reminder. (((0)))

    • Words can’t adequately express how immensely these words resonated in my heart today. I needed to be reminded to rest in God. Health issues and aging keep me from being able to perform or fulfill my own or the expectations of others at the level or urgent pace I once could. Sometimes, this causes me to be disappointed with myself, when I should be grateful to God for all I can do and not lamenting all that I cannot. By the way, the New York City❤️ analogy really hit home, too. Thank you for this inspiring post, Rachel!

      • Christina, I understand. I am 34, but my health changed (not for the better) two years ago. I’m learning that the pace I once kept to is no longer good for me. And, of course, that impacts so much. What I say yes to…how much I say yes to. Where I go. What I do. Let’s keep lifting our chins to see all God is up to—this will also lift our hearts. So glad the NYC story hit home. Grace to you!

    • I felt so hugged when I read your comment. That is sometimes how my brain operates! So glad we are not alone — we walk this out together. Here’s to slowing down and allowing ourselves moments to savor the day. I’ve done some slowing down since this article came out … hope the same for you!

  3. I didn’t pick a word for this year like so many do. I’ve done it in the past a couple of times, but haven’t for a while and specifically didn’t this year. But still as the months have rolled through The Lord has been laying on my heart the word Wait. I’ve been struggling with it to, I’m not gonna lie. But The Holy Spirit is revealing to me and bringing the verses that tell us to wait on The Lord more and more and I’m struck by how I didn’t truly “see” how many before. Just this morning another of my daily devotionals had Isaiah 40:31 KJV But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
    I have read this verse SO MANY TIMES. It is one of my favorites and yet this morning the words “they that wait upon the Lord” leaped out at me as if I had been reading them for the first time (I just LOVE how God does this)! <3 God NEVER ceases to amaze me! And the way he blends my messages in devotionals is another way he blows my mind! I just felt your post here followed along the same lines and wanted to share. Maranatha! AmaTHa

    • Oh, AmaTHa! How cool — God sees you and knows just what you need : ) I love this for you, and I am so glad you have a truth to set your heart and mind to as this year continues to unfold. Grace to you, as you slow down and enjoy your days : )

  4. Dear Rachel,
    I’ve visited NYC many times and also lived/worked in Boston so I can also relate to the fast pace of do and go. Your words spoke to my heart and was exactly what my soul needed to feel. I just walked by a pkg that I also need to mail and remind myself of the Easter cards that never went out. Even though I’m physically forced to slow down(relearning to walk due to complications after spinal surgery). My walker can only go so fast and my wheelchair speed isnt much better. I still get that feeling and then feel more guilt. Because I tell myself you should be doing more…Thank you for reminding me that having Jesus by my side I can rely on Him to show me the pace of the day and I don’t need to be frantic with guilt for all undone. I can take my time by keeping His word on my heart. Once I start doing that more, I find I can as you said so well, “do things that take time and require intention and attention.” I can leave guilt behind. God bless you.

  5. Dear Rachel,
    I loved this devotional so much & being from Los Angeles I can relate to the hurry, hurry schedule. My husband & I live in the Central Coast of California now & live a much slower, retired lifestyle. I was raised Jewish & can also relate to the beloved bagel! The ultimate for me was the egg bagel with cream cheese & lox! Also my mom & I loved Noah’s Bagels! Where I live we don’t have Jewish deli’s or real bagels. I have to get mine from the grocery store or Costco, imagine that! I’ve even made my own before & taught my granddaughter how to make them!

    I’ve also learned to slow down & relax more. I love the Lord so much & read his word first thing in the morning which I treasure that alone time with God. One of the InCourage writers shared how she reads a Bible with journal notes on the side in one year & gifts those with special notes for that one child at the end of the year. I loved that idea & am reading 6 chapters a day to get thru in 6 months then will do it again two more times. I’ve already purchased 2 more Bibles with my son’s names engraved on them. I’m planning on giving that to each child on their next birthday.

    I love your devotions Rachel & am so sorry you can’t enjoy those NY Bagels anymore but thankful that you have a close relationship with our heavenly Father who is always available to us!

    Lord bless you,

    • Barbara…I almost teared up reading your comment. I know you get it! I miss Jewish deli’s too. When I moved to North Carolina, that was one of the first things I noticed I missed. There’s nothing like them. And a true bagel. I’ve never been to LA (hope to, someday!), but I can only imagine how the “city” is still in you. Some parts of that lifestyle are so beautiful unique. And some…are tough to grow and change through. Let’s keep working on slowing down in the quiet moments. It matters so much…for our souls. <333

  6. Great post today. Although I have never lived in a big city, I am always rushing from here to there. Always have something to do from my long list of things to get done. Trying to slow down and let the Holy Spirit guide me. Wishing you blessings and peace ️.

  7. Rachel,

    I was born in Toledo, OH but raised in Tampa, FL. Most of my life I have been a fast person. Always driving fast to get somewhere-even when driving home from work. Rushing people to get things done so we can move on to the next thing. As I age (58) I’m learning to slow down & enjoy life more. Take time to think about others & have some fun. Rushing around all the time isn’t fun for me. Needing some me//down time after working hard for 4 long days. Loved this: “All we need now is His presence, His word in our hearts & His praise on our lips” AMEN

    Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Beth! So glad this spoke to you. You’re right — rushing isn’t fun…let’s keep slowing down, little by little. Grace to you, this week!