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Kathi lives with Roger and a bunch of chickens in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. There they host writer retreats, and Kathi writes about how to do life with God a little closer today than yesterday. She’s a best-selling author and absolutely loves her Clutter Free Community on Facebook.

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  1. Just what I needed to read today. I had two recent instances where the same types of situations happened to me. Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement, Kathi!

    • I hate that someone hurt you Jerilyn, you are such a sweet soul. I’m glad you were encouraged.

  2. So true! Great words of wisdom for both the listener & speaker in any setting! Thank you, Kathi for this encouragement! I texted the last sentence in the body of this post to my circle of influence to be their thought for the day. The text responses are coming fast & furious of Amens & saving to share with their kids! God is using your writing to strengthen more than you know! Blessings! (((0)))

  3. I love this post! I think most people probably have been on both ends of these situations. Thank you for the examples. Beautiful post. Truly one we could revisit again.

  4. Thank you for your message today! It is just what I need as I spend time with a variety of acquaintances and friends in the next several days. One of my gifts is being an encourager. Your thoughts once again remind me of how simple, yet important, words of encouragement are.
    My mantra is listen more and speak less. Ask questions to learn more about those I am with.
    I became a little teary eyed with your thoughts on teasing. It hurts especially when told “I am too sensitive”
    Thank you for your timely message!

  5. Thanks, Kathi! I need this reminder. Sometimes I’ve been on the receiving end and sometimes on the “giving” end. Either way, you’ve given me tools for my toolbox.

  6. Sometimes I’m on the receiving and sadly, I must admit sometimes I’m on the giving end. I don’t always know how my lighthearted teasing will land with someone I don’t know, but it comes out nonetheless. This is a beautiful reminder to check my motives and to train my tongue to choose kind words.

    • You are such an encourager Lori. But I love that you care so much about the person on the other end of your words.

  7. Love this so much. I opened my big mouth and hurt my daughter in law the other day. Lost my temper and boy have I ever gotten a spiritual wakening that I need to do better. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Kathi,

    That man was just plain rude to you. Has he never misspoken a word? If someone misspeaks I usually chuckle to myself & let it go knowing I could make the same mistake. God has made me an encourager. I use my words to build people up. Try never to say anything bad about a person no matter the situation. Always try to say uplifting words to anyone who comes my way. Often times at work I thank EVS (cleaning) people. They do a hard job for little pay & don’t work for the hospital. I even thank the supervisors for their hard work in keeping everything clean & working. Means a lot I know.

    Blessings 🙂