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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

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  1. Grace, this was so helpful. I am trying to love my new surroundings but… I keep thinking if only I can fix it up to look the way I want it, if only it was closer to the town where most of my friends live, if only, if only. This last move has been so hard but it was for the best. At least I think so. Too late to change my mind now. You write “one thing at a time – build, plant settle in. Be rooted where you are.” My word for this year is rooted! Hmm.

    • Oh I love that that’s your word for the year! And yes, one thing at a time. Look for the small things… look low to the ground… to the ordinary. I hope you find one thing that reminds you of God’s presence so that you can build, plant, and settle in to where you’re at.

  2. I am praying this principle for my hubs & myself that we might flourish where we are, not longing for the next stage of retirement that is looming yet oh so far away! Thanks for this wonderful encouragement! Blessings!

  3. This s exactly how I feel every single day! Thankful, grateful, joyful and content!

  4. Grace so well spoken. It makes me so thankful to be blessed to live in the part of world God has me live in with my Husband. God has me rooted here for a reason. That is to shine in everything I do and say for him. So the unsaved see God light shinning out from me in this part of the world I live in. Plus my unsaved family. As I am along with my Husband the only ones saved. The rest have and seem no notion of getting saved. They think everyone get to Heaven when you die. They can live as they like. So I know God has me rooted in this part of the world I live in. In Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. To shine as I all ready said for my family and people in it to see Jesus in me if not saved. Want what I have that is to know Jesus for themselves. As they will be seeing Jesus shinning out of me as I am living my life the way he want me to. I say Anem to that. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little in my prayers all incourage xx

  5. You’re speaking to me with this message. We relocated from my home state to my husband’s 7 years ago. The culture, weather, and landscape are completely different. It’s like we moved to a different world and traveled back in time. I hate it here. I don’t fit in and haven’t made any friendships with any depth. We’ve recently changed churches because the other one had no other kids in youth group other than our son – teenagers need community. Several kids from his school attend this church. But my husband isn’t enjoying the radically different choir structure and there’s almost no activity in the women’s ministries. I feel lost and homesick all the time. I put a “bloom where you’re planted” sticker on my laptop to try to help me re-focus. I don’t know what God wants me to do or be in this place. I’ve never heard someone share about similar feelings. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Oh, Tiffani, my heart broke reading your comment. Thank you for sharing. I’m praying that for each of you will find something to hold on to that reminds you of God’s presence where you’re at. For me, when I first moved here, I felt so suffocated, so I looked to the skies everyday to remind me that God is vast, not bound, and His presence is with me. He is there. He is with you. He will provide.

  6. wow! Thank you for this reminder! My word for 2023 is rooted. Back in 2019 I felt God calling me to “put down roots and build community.” He reminded me, “we’re not meant to do life alone.” This came at a time I was trying to decide, what comes next? I was in a career that had me moving a lot! Five times in 10 years. It was exhausting. I welcomed the idea of putting down roots and building community! And of not doing life alone. I finally found that extraordinary, “ordinary” life you talk about. Then, I lost it all. And now I’m wondering if I heard God wrong? I don’t think I did. I’m counting on God to help me get that wonderful, ordinary life back. Right here, where I decided to put down roots and build community, back in the beautiful spring of 2019.

    • I’ve wondered if I heard God wrong too in my life, but I most times, I’ve heard correctly but jumped to conclusions about why He was leading to those places/things/people. I hope you can set your roots down and build community this year. And give yourself grace and time to do it.

  7. I love the peace, joy and contentment in ordinary days! I am finally learning to embrace my life, my home, my husband, our families and friends! Every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from my Father of Light and in Him no darkness at all! He has us at just the right place He needs and wants us to be! To everything there is a reason and a time for every purpose under the sun! AMEN!

  8. Meant to say…to everything there is a season!! Big oops typing on my phone!

  9. I appreciate your post Grace. Thank you so much.
    I am at a stage of life where the LORD has shown me that HE gives and takes away according to HIS Purpose and Plan.
    My heart is filled with gladness, joy and peace as I continue to be grateful and thankful to the LORD.
    Trusting HIM brings me contentment that HE is still using me, as HIS servant to serve, love and support others, so that they too will know our awesome GOD.

  10. This is just what I needed to hear. Focusing on where I am rooted and planted and finding joy in what is mine and where God has placed me is so important. I appreciate your putting into words what rings true in my own heart.

  11. Love this very foundational and appreciative perspective. Some one once said we should bloom where we’re planted. I think you said it more fully. Thanks

  12. In our Korean church in Korea called Wooridle it is so called ” Living an repeatedly sometimes boring ordinary life is an extraordinary life such as eating meals everyday and doing chores at home”

  13. Grace,

    Being rooted in life can sometimes be hard. Our biggest obstacle is our difficult hospital jobs. They are difficult hospital jobs. Covid changed the landscape of our work. Earlier this year I changed churches. 1) the drive to other church was long 30 minutes one way. 2) Our pastor & his wife retired. Now I attend church where hubby went as a youth. I have rooted myself by getting involved at the church & volunteering at Loaves & Fishes Food bank in town. I still dream of a different life. One with fewer stressors & more time together.

    Blessings 🙂