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Barb Roose is a speaker and author who is passionate about teaching women to live beautifully strong and courageous so that they experience God’s great adventure of faith and purpose for their lives. She’s the proud empty-nest mom of three and whenever possible, Barb prefers to eat dessert first.

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  1. Your words speak to my soul. I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing your Grandmother’s example of living out Jesus’ words.- showing us how we can have strength walking the journey of forgiveness because Jesus is leading the way, is with us as we take our steps and when we backtrack and understands where we are right now, and that he waits for us in heaven. Thank you also for sharing your faith and heart. Wishing you a Blessed Easter season

    • Oh Kathleen, I’m thanking God right now that He knew exactly what you needed to read today. Forgiveness is a hard-fought journey, but as you’ve shared, Jesus truly is with us each step of the journey, both in the forward and backward. Amen.

  2. Great episode. Yea a book I read said not forgiving someone is like drinking poison hoping it will kill the other person. We learn from the hurt and build trust again but forgiveness is so bitterness doesn’t build up in our hearts and corrupt us. Thank you again.

  3. I learned over the years that forgiveness is a journey, an intentional choice I need to make.

    Years ago a Bible study teacher asked, “Why does God ask you to forgive?” Its for our sake – He doesn’t want us holding onto anger and bitterness.

  4. This was not only engaging to read but also written so well. Thank you for sharing such a life-giving story rich with insight.

  5. Thank You!!
    I am so thankful to have read your story. By sharing this truth, my prayer is that many lives will bend towards healing. Including members of my family and in myself. May this be so, Father. Amen.

  6. Barb,
    Like you and your dear grandma, I have been the wounded wife. I know how easy it is to hold onto unforgiveness and bitterness, but when we harbor unforgiveness we are trapped in a prison cell of our own making. I’ve learned I am not the judge and jury — God is. I agree, forgiveness is a process or journey. Memories will push our buttons, but that’s a cue to turn it all back over to the Lord. We may never forget, but forgiveness is the only path to freedom and eventual peace.

    • Bev, thank you for sharing those powerful words of truth and wisdom from your own difficult and painful experience. I’m so glad that you chose the forgiveness journey as well. Praying God’s continued peace and healing for you.

  7. Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s story, Barb. We ALL have struggles with forgiving someone who have violated our trust, hurt us deeply. We are left with the long, arduous journey of rebuilding our brokenness. I envy those who seemingly go through a short season of healing. Most of us endure a much longer season of pain, until we finally heed Christ’s urging of forgiveness before we can truly enter the season of restorative healing. Your grandmother left you a living legacy of forgiveness in action.

  8. Barb, that was just what I needed to read today! My family is being torn apart by bitterness and unforgiveness! Thank you so much for writing this.

    • Oh Terry, my heart breaks for you and your family. It’s so hard when everyone is hurting. I’m glad that God knew what you needed to see today to encourage you.

  9. Thanks, Barb. Years ago a pastor advised me to forgive my dad. He said that my unforgiveness was hurting me much more than it was hurting my dad. It took a long time, but I was able to forgive him. And it made his last days much easier for us both.

    • Hi Irene! Thank you for sharing your forgiveness journey. It isn’t easy, but I’m glad that your decision made life easier in your dad’s final days.

  10. Thank you for this article! The grandmother in this message could be me. Up until a year ago, I was in the deep hurt, pain, anger, and bitterness of what my ex-husband had done to me for a period of twenty seven years. And the pain is still there forty years after first finding out what he was doing. I have been in the process of forgiveness of what my ex-husband did to me. It is a daily journey that I take and I am so thankful for your message, the good Christian friends, and the information that God has put in my path. It is a journey that has drawn me closer to God. I want to be the example of God’s forgiveness and the joy that knowing Him and living that life of following Him has brought to me.

    • Precious Deb, I’m so very sorry for the pain that you’ve experienced. Those wounds are deep and painful. Thank you for sharing your story today, especially since there will be so many that can relate to your pain and heartache. I commend your courage for taking your forgiveness journey and I love that it’s brought you close to God. Your story will inspire others today!

  11. What a beautiful and inspiring story of forgiveness and love and healing! I would have loved to have known your grandmother!
    She is still blessing others today! What a wonderful legacy she has left through your memories as you have shared them with us! God is always providing what our wounded hearts need to hear! Thank you, Ms. Magnolia!

  12. Thank you, Barb. Needed to hear this – so many hurts these days – yet, our Lord calls us to forgive as we ask Him to forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. I need God’s forgiveness so I need to forgive as well. Daily. So I pray for God’s Grace to do just that…

  13. Thank you for sharing – Such a great and impressive testimony! No better way to make clear why we live if we decide to forgive than your’s and your Grandma’s example

  14. This short read was very fulfilling. I always cut off! I also repeat the event taking others on my hurt journey! I even was everyone to be on my side to validate my actions. Forgiveness is so hard for me and this article makes me want work on this part of my personality! Thank you ☺️. Yolanda.

  15. Barb,

    When Jesus taught the disciples to pray He said “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. He won’t forgive us if we harbor unforgiveness in our hearts. Being bitter about situations doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself. I can attest to that. Last fall my new job changed drastically. I was bitter about the work I was given to do. So much so that depression set in for a while. Then through prayer, hubby & friends I learned to accept it & ask God to forgive me for how I acted. I believe He forgives me because I am quick to forgive others when I feel they need it.

    Blessings 🙂