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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Please pray for me that my financial circumstances will improve and also help me guide my son in his pursuits. Thank you!

    • Robyn,

      Abba Father please send a discerning heart & mind to Robyn. Guide her in her financial situations. show the son know the path you have for him. Assist Robyn in helping her son go the right direction in his pursuits. In Jesus Name AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Please pray for my 4 grown children and spouses who are not following Christ and making very poor life choices.
    Thank you!

  3. Please pray that my heart softens towards a friend. That I am able to be brave and be honest with my feelings. That God can show me my own faults in the ways I have spoken and acted. That God is able to heal this broken friendship.

    • Dearest Trinity, relationships are Your idea. You created us for connection with You & each other. Sin sure messed that up BUT You are the God of redemption. I pray that You minister to Sammy’s heart that she will be obedient in confessing her faults but also lean into You to not sin again in this relationship. No beating herself up. No gossiping to others. No obsessing over what she has no control over. Give her sister(s) that will encourage her to walk blamelessly going forward & ok eave the results to You. Enable her to be long-suffering in the process. Use this experience to be all the more tangible to her & hone her to be an encourager to others with similar struggles. Be magnified & glorified by her & those aware of the circumstances. In the powerful & precious name of Jesus, Amen. ((0))

  4. I would like to ask prayer for a season of depression and fear I am going through currently. Thanks for always giving opportunities for prayer ❤️

    • Barbara,

      Precious father, Take the devil of depression & fear away from Barbara. Depression & fear I say you’ve held Barbara long enough. No more!! The light will shine in & through her. Give her a sense of peace & calm. Bless her with your love & grace. AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

  5. I have been one of your faithful reader for many years. I receive your emails and do not do social media. I am battling a disease called Myasthenia Gravis and have been for 25 years. I have only survived all the weakness and illness that come with this because of the Lord’s great love for me.
    He has blessed me in many ways and I give Him all the glory. He has blessed me with strength to make cards of encouragement to send out every month. Now I am on a new journey with a new clinical trial drug that we hope will be the answer to all my needs. I would sure appreciate all your loving prayers. I have read and seen the things you have done and I thank God for blessing Incourage to be able to continue your service for Him. God Bless you all!

    • Carol,

      Raphael-God heals. You are the mighty healer! You alone know the pain Carol has been through these many years. Today I am proclaiming healing of her myasthenia gravis. Asking you to make the new drug work wonders in her life. Give Carol more reason to praise, worship & love you. In Jesus Name AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

  6. Please pray for my granddaughter and daughter. My husband and I took care of our granddaughter most of the time until the pandemic. At that time, my daughter quit working and stayed home with her daughter. They barely came out of the house and my granddaughter was left to spend most of her time alone on her phone. We barely saw them for a year. My granddaughter believed in Jesus prior to this, now she is very much against any form Christianity. She is dealing with anxiety and depression and cutting herself. Her mother (our daughter) is agnostic and the babysitter is lesbian. Needless to say, our granddaughter has many conflicting voices in her life. She made a profession of faith when she was about 8 but has turned her back on it. Help her come back to Jesus. Help our daughter to as well. They desperately need Jesus in their lives. It breaks my heart seeing them live so far from God.

    • Diane,

      Precious loving God, Please come near to the granddaughter. Help her with the confusing voices. Bring truth to her life. Show yourself to her in a way that makes her believe. Soften the hearts of those around her. Give peace & comfort to the grandparents as they watch this unfold. Take the evil one away from this family! AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  7. Estrangement within families has become an epidemic. Please pray for the healing of both of my sons’ hearts. I have missed them so for over ten years.
    Thanks so much for your commitment to lifting up the prayer requests of your readers.

  8. Dear Diane,

    Please know that I placed my hand over your prayer request and I am praying in agreement with you. I’m reminded of the scripture veres where two or three are gathered He is in our midst! Lord bless you my sister in the Lord! There’s nothing that our God can’t do! Heartfelt continued prayers and blessings, diana

  9. For my son in law, daughter and grandsons to know Jesus and to commit to following Him and having a real relationship with Him. Also, for my son in law to close a deal at work so they don’t get in financial trouble. For my step granddaughter to find God and make better choices.

  10. Hi sisters, Im from India, I’m waiting for an answer from the lord regarding my wedding. My family is all hindus and I’m in my mid thirties ,so the pressure to get married is a lot at home besides my own feelings of loneliness
    , pls pray for me. Im determined to marry a godly man . Kindly pray for me.

  11. Please pray for me. I was saved many years ago and have not lived the way I should. Pray God will speak to me again. Invite me back into his arms. Pray for my husband, He also has backslid. Pray for my two children both are living without God and doing things they shouldn’t.

  12. Please pray my son Nick & his wife Ally will come back to the Lord & our family. Help them to find forgiveness & trust again.
    Also pray for my grandson Kyle who suffers from anxiety.

    • Please pray for my son Keith to know our Lord and his wife Liz. Also pray for my grandchildren to know that God is there for them no matter what is going on in their lives. Thank you

  13. I would love prayers for my husband who does not share my belief in Jesus. It saddens me to think he will not experience true life and is missing out on the greatest relationship. Thank you.

  14. Angela White, has stage 4 lung cancer. Please pray for her healing, allow her to be surrounded with love during this time.

  15. Blessed Palm Sunday,
    My daughter Jasmine is in need of prayer. She is leaving her current job due to stress and work overload. Praying that God will bless her with a new job where his purpose for her life can be activated. Also, for her safety, good health, and her continuing close walk with our Lord and Savior.

  16. I love the (in)courage posts! I love Jesus! Please pray for my healing of glaucoma. My right eye has a damaged cornea so I am dependent on my left eye for vision. I believe that Jesus healed all our diseases on the cross. Standing in faith!

  17. Oh Lord, as I read these requests, I see how for many of us the spiritual state of our loved ones is of greatest concern. Thank you for these family members that You have placed in our lives and I ask that You would draw each of them to Yourself. Lord, please heal bodies, minds, and spirits. We love You and thank You for giving Your life that we might have life. Amen

  18. Please pray for all my children to come closer to God again, some of whom have walked away: Ping-Hwei, Caleb, Rebecca, Sarah, Benjamin, and for my husband and I to come closer too. Thank you.

  19. this is one of the most beautiful writings I have ever read///
    in my 80 years of life/////grateful for my sisters in Christ!

  20. Please pray for my son and his family. They have faced many problems because of drugs. My son is clean, his wife not really. I have been raising their son, my grandson who is 8. My son knows the Lord. Please pray that this family will come back together as one unit living and understanding the sacrifices Jesus made for them. Thank you.

  21. My husband and I own a restaurant. We can’t find anybody who wants to work. If we hire someone, put them through the training, they leave within a week. We have been having to put our retirement savings into the restaurant now. Please pray for us to get good, loyal, hardworking people. Please, Lord, please!

    • Dearest Lord send Jill & her husband the employees they need to sustain their business & not sacrifice their retirement. Finding employees seems to be an epidemic. Father You put value on working in Your instructions that we should work 6 days & take a Sabbath rest each 7th. You designed us & know this pattern is for our good. Let us as a culture return to Your work ethic. Heal our laziness & rebellion from serving You by serving others. Give Jill & her hubs endurance & wisdom. Keep them from discouragement. Give them confidence in Your provisions. Use them to draw non-believers to Yourself & deepen their faith roots through this season. Be magnified in each of us. In the precious & powerful name of Jesus, Amen. (((0)))

  22. I have a drop foot from 4 spinal surgeries. Please pray for complete healing !

  23. Please join me in prayer for my husband, Mike and our two adult sons Jacob and David and his wife to turn their hearts to the Lord and follow Him. Please also pray for strength and diligence for me while I homeschool our younger three sons. That I can guide and direct them to the Lord and the right path, gently.
    Thank you for lifting us up and agreeing with me in prayer for the salvation of our family. May all praise and honor and glory be to the Lord God almighty. Blessings

  24. In Courage,

    Happy Palm Sunday. Praising God for His wonderous love to us all! May He hear the cries of His children & come near to them. Asking Jesus to answer these prayers & more in His way & timing. May we have a revival of prayer & hope in this sin darkened world.

    An ex-co worker & friend lost her dad March 23 to cancer. She is doing fair now. Asking for prayers of peace & comfort to her weary soul.

    A co-worker is going to take her NP exam again soon. Prayers she can pass this exam & move on with her career. She is a good Christian & good step mom to their son.

    Prayers for RNs-especially those who work in ICU. So many have been hurt by patients (usually unintentional). Keep them safe from harm as they care for the critically ill. Give discerning minds & hearts to each one as they plan our their career paths. Help them decide/know the path you would have them take.

    Prayers for friends. Husband fell a few weeks ago & bruised his hip. He also has plantar fasciitis. Their daughter-in-law has ruptured ear drum. She is in pain. Has gotten meds & it is healing some. Sees ENT tomorrow.

    Prayers for hubby as he works a stressful job (Weekend CT tech mid sized hospital with 2 Techs). There are soo many patients entering ER most get a CT scan. They do their own transport, move patients (most heavy) over to CT table. Prayers they can stay strong & not get hurt. Asking for an outpatient position to come open.

    Prayers for myself to get a different job. Dec. 2021 God changed my job from part-time to full-time. Last fall the job itself changed drastically & I don’t like it. Do not care for my attitude at work either. Trying to stay positive. Have interviewed for some positions I would like to have. Asking god to show me where to go.

    Thanks everyone!

    Blessings 🙂

  25. Please pray for my niece, Dena. She has been battling Stage 4 breast cancer for over 6 years. She’s 42 and is single mom to a 13 year old daughter. She is having brain surgery on April 12th to remove a tumor that’s pressing on her speech center. Please pray for her smooth recovery and peace and comfort for her and her family. Thank you.

  26. Prayer for wisdom, patience and knowledge in caring for my precious mother. Always let her feel love and joy as I care for her.
    Keep her safe and well. Let her feel Jesus through the Holy Spirit comfort and love. She is 88 yrs young. Blessings to all

  27. Please for me and my siblings. Since my mothers death last year there has been tension, anxiety and negativity among us. It has never been like this before. We were always a close and loving family. I want that back not just for me but for my children and their children too. Thank you.

  28. Thank you sisters in Christ!

    My apologies in advance, I’m quite long winded….

    Please lift me and my family in prayer. I have 4 adult and 1 almost out the door, children. Both my sons are in the Army and my baby girl wants to join after she graduates. Talking about stress on a mama! They all are going through some sort of life struggles. Please pray for their safety and pray that they know what they need to do to rid themselves of so much stress causing health problems.
    Pray for my grand babies, they are my happiness!
    And then there’s me… I am just now trying to get my health back on track and there’s just so many obstacles and decisions. I’m struggling to know what to do in everything I’m trying to do. Once my youngest leaves the home, pray for the financial aid to leave a 27 year marriage that has been bad for 26. I will be leaving with out any finances, he’s made that very clear. My dream is to find a location that’s safe, lots of nature, and quiet. I want to find the peace I haven’t had in so long. Get back to nature and enjoy how ever much life God allows.
    God has put a vision in my heart and that’s what keeps me going forward.
    Bless you Incourage and all the ladies out there.

    Ladies, let’s pray for all the youth, the world needs everyone praying and guiding them, and teaching them sensitivity. Teaching them to love all, embrace differences, and show compassion. Our youth needs repetitive sensitivity training( which should be taught at home growing up) as well as more help in the schools and community. My child was bullied for years, and what they told me appalled me…. She didn’t matter! She didn’t matter because she had a support system at home. And that their focus was on the ones that were troubled, as I was told.
    That’s the message so many children get. It’s sad and needs to be stopped.
    Sorry….. I am passionate about every child deserves love, compassion and to be heard and believed. Maybe the world would be a little better if we all worked together to help the bully find their way, show the child being bullied that they matter. After all isn’t that what everyone wants is to matter and know they are enough.

  29. Thank you for this, JDL. It’s the reason we write – to glorify the incomparable, incomprehensible, irresistable One! Hosanna!

    I would request prayer for diligence and discipline as I seek to self-publish my devotional by Summer 2024.

  30. I would like prayers for myself and my family.
    I feel I am under attack, and need strength in my belief. Many in my family are lost or backslid and need to be approached by the spirit to return or get on their knees. I thank you for your time and prayers, May God almighty bless you, Amen

  31. I would love the gift of prayer- thank you
    My husband was diagnosed with stage IV cancer a year and a half ago. He has fought valiantly and survived a harrowing surgery.
    Against all human odds, but Gods amazing Grace, he is in full remission.!
    Fear is a powerful emotion and loves to intimidate us and waste otherwise, beautiful days! We are so beyond grateful but I am also very fearful of its return. There are unsaved family that are watching our miracle and our lives. More than anything it is my desire to be a “yes Lord” woman! So it is with humility I ask you to pray that what I feel inside, and with many prayers on my behalf, total belief in Gods sovereignty, that FEAR will be defeated and my testimony, salt and light!
    God bless you all.

  32. Please pray for me that my financial situation can change. Also pray for Max and daughter relationship and to grant him financial support to come to completion of hotel building, also Prophet Sayon and the prayer warriors, Prophet Harris and Team, Beatrice and family and all my other siblings including extended families and love ones. In Jesus Christ Name, Amen

  33. Please pray for my healing and guidance. We’ve moved and I’m not finding the healthcare that I need. I’ve been denied by providers, extremely discouraged. I only work PT so I do not qualify for health insurance and we cannot afford it independently. We need prayers for healing, guidance and provision. I have one doctor that will still see me from where we moved and she’s suggested consulting a disability attorney. I don’t necessarily sense the Spirit’s prompting here so my situation leaves me baffled and don’t have the bandwidth of physical or mental strength to cope well. Thank you.

  34. My sister in law is on her second round of ovarian cancer and mom is also not well. Please pray for healing, thank you. And wisdom for us as we are considering moving back home to care care of everyone.

  35. Prayers for healing on my back. (5th surger. That I qualify for Disability.
    Where does my God need me? For my season of winter to end and my spring begin. Healing for a broken relationship. Thank you!

  36. Thank you for this beautiful Palm Sunday pray. Hallelujah ❤️.

    I ask for prayers in the name of Jesus to take away my anxiety and depression. Thank you so much. ❤️

  37. prayer request. For my husband Steve Smith he is severely depressed and will not speak help. His depression has been going on for over 30 years. And I have prayed repeatedly and encouraged him to get help but he refuses. And with each passing year his depression gets worse. He does believe in Christ but refuses to go to church.

  38. Prayer please: for my physical body, nervous system and mental health. I had a vaccine injury that led to central sensitization syndrome and have experienced a lot of physical and mental pain as a result. Pray for complete healing, and for my ongoing slow medication taper and cessation to be smooth while dealing with this all.

  39. Please pray for my sweet stepdaughter who struggles with mental illness – that she would find peace and hope in Jesus.

  40. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Please pray for Vanessa Marie Russell. She is my youngest daughter of three girls. A possible new Social Work position would help tremendously and I am praying for my daughter and standing in the Gap with her. Mothers don’t always know how to pray for their children as they mature.

    Please add our names to your Prayer List.

    Thank you very much. Austin, TX is where Vanessa Marie graduated from St. Edward’s University and has lived in Austin since 2010.

    God bless the petitions being sent by prayer. Holy Spirit thank You for reminding us to stay teachable. Jesus thank You for Redeeming our lives.


    A Mother, A Wife and Sister in Christ

  41. Please pray for me and my daughter as I go through a divorce after 25 years of marriage. This past year has been the hardest year of my life. Also please pray for my husband as he does not know the Lord.

  42. Dear people of God my prayer is that God will heal my knees from all pain and discomfort so that I may continue to do Ministry and whatever God is calling me to do. I assist Pastors and Leaders and I need my knees to work properly thank you

  43. Please pray that my daughter will grow stronger in her faith and find a community of faith to support her. Thank you.
    God bless.

  44. I’d like to ask for prayers as my husband passed away March 16th and we’d been married for 57 years. It’s been so hard and I’m so decimated by the loss of the love of my life!

    Thank you.

  45. Please I am praying for my purpose , I want to live for God and Him alone. I want to know the unique purpose He has for me.
    And as I move higher that He would lead and direct my path.

    I am praying that my dad receives Christ. And that He blesses my both parents finances to be able to provide for our needs.

  46. Please pray for healing of my torn rotator cuff and frozen shoulder and healing of chronic pain that is needed throughout my body. Also for my mother in law to accept and agree that she needs to move into a retirement community that is in our city (it is an extremely nice place). Also for my husbands work to flourish and that he can stop reacting so negatively to problems. Thank you.

  47. Please pray for release for me. I have struggled with guilt that I know is forgiven by my Savior. I just can’t seem to let it go. I know in my head I am chosen, holy, and dearly loved… I just can’t get it into my heart. Please pray that God will show me this reality, and that I can live in joy and peace because of it! Thank you

  48. Please pray for my brother, Tim, who has Parkinson’s disease and is scheduled for removal of a brain tumor on Good Friday. I ask prayers for a successful surgery and for God’s peace for Tim and his wife, Dawn.
    Thank you so much.

  49. Our youngest son needs your prayers and God’s intercession in his life (struggling with alcoholism, depression and denial.
    He blames God for his wife’s passing. His children are apart from him. Please prayer for our family to heal, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  50. I lost my husband Nov 2021 I am very lonesome pray that I will grow closer to our God every day.

  51. Please pray for me, I have had an MS for about a year and half and I found out yesterday that my white blood cell count is low and lower than it’s been since my diagnosis. I’m not sure what this means, if this is an acceptable low or if I’ll have to change to a different MS medication or if I’m too compromised and have to go back to wearing masks or not joining gatherings. I’m only 49 and I continue to live my life which includes a great job and work related travel as well as non-work related travel, time with friends, and hiking and working out. I’m trying to patiently wait for guidance from my Neurologist while wondering about a work trip next week and praying and wanting to enjoy the true meaning of Resurrection Sunday and not be distracted by all the what ifs. Thank you!