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  1. Mary thank you for what you wrote. Excellent so it is. It yes we are all God’s Children. What we will be has not been revealed. It good to know we are God’s Children. As it good to know God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us so much. That much he sent his one and only son Jesus to die on the cross of Calvary for us. It takes me back to a few songs I learnt at Sunday School as child. That I am thankful for my unsaved parents for sending me to when small. My late Mum I don’t know if she gave her life to Jesus or not. But my elderly Dad still is not saved. I Pray for his salvation and I prayed for late Mums. You couldn’t tell my Mum she need to get saved and you can’t tell my Dad. As they say keep all your beliefs to yourself. Good you believe all that. So I just lived my life in front of my Dad now he the only one alive out of my parents. But I am thankful that they sent me to Sunday School. That is where I learnt theses songs. One is “Jesus Love Me This I know For The Bible Tells Me So.” The other one is “Jesus Loves All The Children Of The World Red And Yellow Black And White” theses to songs tell me that our Heavenly Father loves us. So what more do we need to know. What amazing love that is. Another song is “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” We look around at the beautiful world our Lord has given us to enjoy. All it beautiful colours and all the pretty awesome things we can see each day he wakes us up to enjoy it. It is amazing. We are blessed. Thank you Mary for what you shared. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little in my prayers incourage. Xx

  2. Very thought provoking. Not only for our own “messy-ness,” but to be patient with the messiness of others …….not expecting perfection or instant growth or not accepting where they are at the moment

  3. So Beautifully Written! Thanks for the reminder to press on in God’s restoration project that is my life. Especially when it is so scary to face the mess!

  4. Truth! We do tend to turn away or avoud from ugliness. Satan likes to shame us with our ugliness. But Jesus begs us to bring our ugliness to Him to be transformed.

  5. Mary,

    Last fall my job changed suddenly to something I don’t like or want. There have been some trials along the way also. For a while I kept most of it to myself & hubby. Frustration, anxiety & depression hit hard. Then I decided to pray & tell others. It was like a well springing up. God was telling me that He was doing transformative work in & through me. I quit looking inside & started looking up towards heaven & thanking God for His great love & care for me. Now when the trial is over I will see the magnitude of my recreation.

    Blessings 🙂

  6. An excellent analogy. (I can imagine myself making a similar comparison in my head but not writing it out so nicely!) I also care too much about physical appearance. I’m grateful God was willing to come into our mess for and with us, and that He was patient through the everyday of it. What I consider gross is also not entirely what He does; that is humbling too. Like the verse about it not being what goes into the man but what comes out of him that makes him unclean. I don’t want to get messy like dirty and be bumbling and old and ugly and awkward (I know, too late), but the real filth is moral — doubt, fear, judgment, bitterness, impatience, pride, envy…. I would love to be able to more quickly see the beauty under the mess, which He must see because He is beauty.

    My other thought was that people don’t always seem that patient with my ongoing SLOW transformative mess either, and they seem to want to point me to some other solution to get it taken care of more quickly (self-help, counseling, etc). But the truth is that it can be quite slow. For our human eyes, maybe too slow to detect until that finished product you refer to, but for humans it won’t be completely finished this side of heaven, or at least some of it. People seem less patient, and I appreciate when they’re willing to share their own struggles, because it’s a way of making time for me too and I can make time for them. (This is coming from someone who’s single, so that surely influences my view on this too.) A way to slow down and practice patience and long-suffering toward one another. But anyway, the truth is, I am guilty of the same things and we all need grace and prayer. It’s not easy being vulnerable, especially after you have before and it didn’t go well.

  7. I want you know that this post this morning has just fallen in line with my journey to GOD’S assignment for me and other hurting WOMAN. This gives me another aspect of GOD’S work in my MIRACULOUS HEALING coming forth. Thank you.