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  1. When I put my feet on the floor in the morning, I think God I’m alone every day at least within myself and at home I have a part-time job around great people I continuously make others happy from the kids. They come in to the parents, but I have nobody here at my mom passed my best friend and a woman who was like a sister to me all three of taking it like a soldier fighting for the country. It bothers me though, and my daughter is around family how are deeply about my grandson? He’s in college I don’t want a dog so I rely on God I got my first house and I pray every morning I made an altar just pray for my mental health and confidence of staying alive and strong. I give my smile in my Ford ability to others. I need to learn how to keep some of it and keep me build up, but I never stop praying in the past 36 years something just inside of it just keeps my strength the parade of prayed for something late before one day and the next day it was answered you can’t tell me there’s no God as I asked you to pray for my health and mental strength to keep going I know I’m so alone but I do have God I’ve never read your emails before and this morning Sunday morning March 5 I took stride and read it. Thank you and the Lord is my shepherd.

    • Hi Patricia!
      I admire your long-lasting relationship with God. Don’t let your earthly loneliness defeat you, you are a member of a big family, God’s family! I’m praying for you ❤️❤️

  2. I realized as I prayed for a lady in my Bible study group… God doesn’t need my prayers, He’s all powerful and all-knowing… but He invites me to be apart of that miracle. Then? She told me the prayer was answered. God always listens. To my celebrations, my requests, my complaints. And He never grows tired of me. God you are so good!!!

  3. In Courage,

    I’m not one to easily ask for prayers for myself. Friday (3/3) I had a phone interview for a job I really want. It sounded positive. Waiting to hear if they want to do an in person interview. Also have slight trigger finger on right hand. Seeing orthopedic doctor on 03/26/23. Prayers they can fix it. All this came about as my current job changed drastically last fall. I fell into depression a bit. Thankfully my hubby & God kept me going.

    My MIL could use prayers. She is not steady on her feet & has many health issues. Prayers for her family to make wise decisions concerning her health & well being.

    Abba Father,
    There will be many people here asking for prayers. Give them a discerning mind to know your will for their finances, health, aging parents, children, etc. Guide & direct their steps. Help them realize Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you & not for harm. To give you a hope & a future.”

    Have a blessed Sunday everyone.
    P.S. today (3/5) is mine & hubby’s birthday (he 57 me 58).

    Blessings 🙂

    • A very happy birthday dear & pray your present will be that new job! I enjoy reading everything you write. God bless you & your loved ones!

  4. Becky I don’t know our remember when I gave my life to the Lord. But I do remember in school asking a re teacher who took our Scripture Union alone with other Teachers. We had it once a week when I was at Secondary School. When 13 years old and onwards. Now 52. I went to that one teacher who I had the bravery along with another girl who since left school not really kept InTouch with since left school. We went to see this pictular teacher who helped run the Scripture Union in school which we loved. We asked her in her class room. She might not this teacher remember it. How do get saved or give your love to Jesus she told us. I might not have kept it as well as should because my Family and still not are not saved any of them. Including my Sister’s and their Families. My Dad as Mum as past away. I can’t tell them just live my life for Jesus in front of them and pray for them. As if I did they say you believe that don’t put at me. Then row go up. So I thankful along with my saved Husband to pray and live my life for Jesus in front of them. My biggest prayer of all is now he 82. Is to see my elderly Dad saved for Jesus before he leaves thos earth. I want nothing else from him when he leaves this earth. Just to know he saved. I wanted the same for my late Mum. But I not know if she gave her life to Jesus until I go to glory to be with Jesus one day. I am thankful to be saved along with my Husband. Not living as my Family live. My late Mum did say to me Dawn where did I get you from. You read your Bible say your prayers and go to Church. I just said God has me here for a reason. But one thing I greatful for my Mum and Dad sent us all me and my two sisters to Sunday School. There I learnt alot of Sunday School songs and Bible stories and Prayers that stay with me today. One kids songs that really stays with me as a prayer it is.
    “He’s Got The Whole In His Hands” So that song and it words so true even for us as adults today. God has us in his hands and our prayers in his hands. Thank you for today reading. Love Dawn xx on my prayers incourage.

    • Dawn, what a blessing that you
      had the boldness to ask your teacher how to be saved as a teen! And now you bless others as you live your life to let them see Christ in you. I don’t know when my father accepted Christ but I asked him once not long before he passed if he knew where he was going and he confidently answered yes! Keep loving your dad as I know you do and praying for him to be saved. You are planting seeds and they may be sprouting in your dad. . Blessings!

  5. I am asking for prayers as I navigate a difficult financial situation. I pray humbly every day that God will guide through this devastating situation.

    • Robyn, we could be in that same boat at any minute so I am asking God to make me wise in all decisions whether we land in that boat or not. May God demonstrate His great love for you in showing you His provisions great & small. May you have His peace & presence each morning and may you go to bed each night praising Him for the things He showed & taught you that day! You are not alone & He can work beyond our imaginations!
      God surround you, heavenly sis! (((0)))

    • Robyn,

      Father give Robyn a discerning mind to know your will in her finances. Walk with her through this troublesome trial. Shower her with your love & grace.


      Blessings 🙂

  6. I want to get closer to God. To hear his voice/leading in everything I do. I’m not very good at reading the Bible but I want to be because I know that’s where I’ll find Him. Pray with me please.

    • Hey Yoli. Congrats for your humble step.

      I pray that the angel of the Lord accompany you as you go through learning from him with the holy scriptures.

      Personally, following The Bible Recap reading/listening plan has been very helpful for reading the entire Bible. Every Woman’s a Theologian is also an excellent ressource to explore in this field.

      If you love signing praises, I have learned a lot through proclaiming worship songs (often inspired from what is written in the Bible.)

      Stay Blessed, sister in Christ.

  7. Thank You God for another day of life! Thank You God for this community of believers. You deserve all praise! In Jesus’ Name, amen

    Please pray for me to follow God’s lead and trust my future is in His beautiful, mighty Hands. Thank you for the prayers! He hears us ❤️

  8. I am a single mom of four. I got my teaching degree after my husband left us. Worked full time, went to school full time and have my kids except every other weekend. For which I am so thankful. He spent years cheating, lying, putting us in debt that I didn’t about and stealing. He has gone on to have a 6 figure income and is on his second long term live in relationship with a wealthy woman. The kids and I are barely above poverty level. I work 60 hours a week. He vacations all over the world.
    I am struggling with forgiveness. Or even the desire to forgive.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your circumstances. I pray you can continue to stay strong and fight for your children and your own life. There are people who can help so please don’t hesitate to ask.

  9. The Lord’s prayer is such a perfect example of how to pray. Adoration first. Then gratefulness. I need to pray that way more often, but petitions come to mind first so often.
    This has been a tough physical year. Seems like my body is complaining or causing problems all the time. I ask prayers for healing, and or acceptance . God bless.

  10. Adoration for God is the favorite part. Praise Him because He is Love and we need love more than anything. How Satan has used my own family to hurt me and make me feel inferior. Yet my grandmother stepped in when I was 5 and showed me God’s love and care.It impacted my whole life and I now know Satan is to blame and not my family…so I can forgive anything. I’m asking for prayer because my body is healing from surgery (not cancer). And my finances are in a shambles. Thank you for praying for me.

  11. Lord, I pray for all the women here. Thank you that you know each one intimately and personally. You know every detail, You know all things. Please heal those that need healing, provide and show Your Mercy and Grace. I pray for the Peace that passes all understanding. God is with you whatever you’re going through my sisters. I believe we all struggle with something. I pray you feel God’s strong arms around you today as you rest in Him.

  12. Amen! Hosanna.!!!

    God is alive, so can we 🙂

    Thank you God for your Godness!!

    If it was not from your will,
    there would be no me,
    no us.

    Thank you for creating life.

    Thank you for being my daily bread.

    Thank you for never leaving me even in my wrongs and my mistakes.

    Help me remain in you, always.
    Help me lead someone else closer to you, today.

    Thank you for extending your forgiveness to those who failed me.

    Knowing you is the ultimate goal of life.

    Thank you for always working on drawing me closer and deeper in your heart.

  13. When I was a Sunday School teacher in the 1990’s, we did a “study” of the Lord’s Prayer and personalized it – “My” Father… Give “me” this day “my” daily bread… That personalization made a world of difference in their prayer life! It’s a practice I still do.

  14. I ask for prayers for my husband (Steve)who is letting bitterness & anger rule his life. He knows of the Lord but refuses to let the Lord into his heart.
    Also for my older son who identifies as transgender. His given name is Steven but he goes by the name of Amber

  15. I am deeply in need of prayer. I am trying so hard to cling to Christ right now. In December after 18 years of abuse and infidelity my 3 young kids and I were able to escape. And I am now going through an awful divorce where he has been able to get the Judge to ignore the abuse. Our 3 children have been ordered to stay with him part of the time and they are gutted. They were so deeply wounded and harmed by their father and yet they are not given protection or a voice. I am struggling because it feels as though a public persona of perfectness outweighs honesty and integrity. I know that one day God will right every wrong but the suffering and pain seem unending and clinging to hope in the midst is so hard. I so broken. My children are so broken and up to this point our cries for help have not been heard or believed by those who are in decision making power. I weep and pray and keep walking but I am SO weak. I teach them the Word of God and then I am forced to send them into a situation where they have no voice and darkness surrounds them. To know the Truth but be unable to live it is awful. Please pray for us.

    • Andrea, my heart hurts so much for the situation you and your kids are in. I’m praying for God’s presence to be thick with them every time they have to go to their dad’s house. May God comfort and protect your hearts as only He can.

  16. There are many prayer needs here & God knows every one! I truly believe in living for God moment by moment. Many times so many things come into our lives that we do not understand; but God does not allow anything into our life unless He approves so no matter what we must depend on Him to help us get through it and ask others to pray for us. I am 85 years old and have had many days of wondering “why”. I currently have bone cancer which mestazised from breast cancer & just got out of the hospital yesterday from a stone in my salivary gland in my throat. So I would appreciate your prayers. God be with each of you in special ways.

  17. I am going through a health issue right now.., nothing serious, I am just having some digestive problems.. please pray that I am able to figure out what is causing my stomach issues. Also that I am able to fully and completely trust THE LORD. To relax and not want life to go my way . To be even more flexible.

  18. I have been praying all the time for God to help me. I wake in shock every night and no one can help me. I then lie shaking for hours trying to sleep and when daylight finally comes I’m exhausted. I have chronic fatigue and now insomnia . Sleeping tablets and anti depressants make me very sick. I feel like I’m going crazy with anxiety and tiredness, sleeplessness. I pray and ask for God’s help and Jesus to help.

  19. I love this prayer!! I have taught my son who has special needs this prayer which we pray daily. I would love for you all to pray for a young mother who is dealing with some health issues, but also whose young daughter who was diagnosed with cancer this weekend. She has to start chemo this week. Lastly, would you pray for my best friend whose husband has a substance abuse problem and some mental health issues. He is not willing to get help. Pray the Lord will give her guidance, wisdom, and strength as she has to make decisions because it’s taking a toll on her health.

  20. Yesterday I had surgery on my ankle. Last surgery I had extreme pain. Please pray with me for the pain to be manageable, fast healing, and that I won’t be fearful.
    Thank you!