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Jennifer Wier is a writer, counselor, mom of four, and military spouse whose transient lifestyle helps keep her eyes on what lasts forever. She is passionate about heralding both the sweet, sweet grace of God and his call to holiness. To spur people on with hope is her greatest joy.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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    • Oh, wonderful, Michele! I hope you are refreshed by the beauty of this amazing place! And I hope we all experience it in our own places, too, because we can find it, and encounter God, wherever we are.

  1. Like a small child lying in darkness in their bed, waiting for mommy or daddy to come in and turn on the light and say that “it’s ok don’t be afraid”. Or a child told to eat their vegetables, then they can have the joy of a large cookie. Let’s be humble and realize we are those children. We too are waiting for the goodness and safety of our Savior’s arms!

  2. Those of you in Alaska must understand the dark and light so much better when than the rest of us. How much more you must relate to the Day when we live in the Light all the time! Thanks for your insight. In describing your times of darkness and light I can see the waiting and the joy of Jesus so much clearer.

  3. Thank you Jennifer for this brilliant word. We are to be light shining if saved in the dark world for Jesus. So as people especially the unsaved can see the light of Jesus shining in us and want what we have. That is Jesus as their Saviour too. “Jesus bin a shine like a pure light you in your small corner and I in mine.” How true that song is Jesus is our clear pure light that shines through us in our corner of the world where we live for him. You in you corner of the world and you in yours if saved. We can light the part of the world we live in with the light of Jesus living in us no matter were we go. So as the unsaved can see the light of Jesus shining in and through us. We can live as Children of the light. Jesus is Our Father who helps us live as Children of light for him. Especially in this world full of darkness. I say Amen to that. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little in my prayers incourage xx

  4. As a fellow Alaskan I find this reminder very encouraging. Especially since we are now in our last 3 months of winter!!

  5. I remember driving to work on a raf base in England, when I was in the US Air Force, 1977 in winter and it was dark when I left. Rarely out during the day except getting mail. 45 minutes to get there and back to our flat where my husband and I lived. It came mind when I read your story. Safe travel most of the time. First day I arrived was dark as well riding in a bus with a few other people in USAF. Two men I remember.
    Viewing places with lights in the streets are different than when it’s daylight. Being on a different lane made me think bus would hit something. I made myself be aware we were on the correct side there instead roads in USA. Always something to be thankful for in life as Jesus is always with us wherever we are.
    We enjoyed being in Alaska late Aug 2021. Beautiful. I wish we’d stayed there few days longer. A lovely world God created. God bless!

  6. Jennifer,

    Our world seems so dark these days. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of happiness out there. We must remember the truth & hope that is in Jesus.

    My world got turned upside down Nov,. 2021. My hospital unit I was working got shut down (clerical). They moved me to a Covid unit. Dec. 2021 they hired me full time. I was ecstatic. Know full well that this had come from God. All was well until last fall. The other clerical quit suddenly. My job changed to stocking 28 ICU rooms. No longer doing much clerical work. On my feet most of a 10 hr. shift. It got dark for me in Dec. 2022 when I developed a trigger finger. Cried a ton. But God in His infinite mercy saw me through that time. He has given me hope in the form of my husband & some job interviews with a different company. Yes even though it is flurrying outside today there is a light within my soul. Life seems a bit better now & I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Blessings 🙂

    • You’ve been through a lot, Beth. I’m so glad you have held onto hope and are beginning to feel lighter. It really is going to get better, completely, because of Jesus. Blessings to you.

  7. Thank you so much for this reminder and encouragement. We had a sudden and unexpected death in the family three weeks ago, and it has been a very dark time. This post has stayed with me for the past few days because I need to constantly remember the truths you shared from God’s Word.

    • Lord, please shine Your healing light of hope on Rachel and her family during this dark time. Continue to comfort her with Your Word and Your promises, which can be counted on, even when everything else is shaken.