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K.J. Ramsey is a trauma-informed licensed professional counselor and the author of This Too Shall Last and The Lord is My Courage. She is a recovering idealist who can’t stop offering space to see every part of our souls and stories as sacred.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. May we be the stranger’s smile that gives hope & safety to those around us! Look up indeed!

    • Amen, Ruth! If you can offer a smile to a stranger, you have a talent. And our smile may be all of “Jesus” they see that day.

  2. This morning I woke to a throbbing headache and my back in spasms due to a chronic issue. I got my coffee and went outside to walk the garden. Within minutes, I realized I needed to go inside to treat my back but as I walked towards the door I looked up. I saw God’s amazing creation of a new sunrise…Gray clouds on the horizon with a rim of yellow light…A masterpiece! Then I came in and read your words. Wow! Thank you! Look up!

  3. Thank you for this inspiring word. It made me think of how I’ve learned over the past few years, to look up and take photos of the sky. I’m not sure if I did that regularly before, and I think I was encouraged by one of my favorite bloggers who often posts similar photos. It’s not just when there’s a dramatic sunset that the sky is truly full of beauty. While I thought it was just a unique vantage point, I now wonder if it goes a little deeper.

    I’ve also often felt like praying whenever I look up at the sky, whether outside or even through a window from the security of my home. I love how God created our bodies more connected to the spiritual than we sometimes realize. I’m glad you’ve had the courage to look up in difficult times, and am thankful we can do the same.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful word. We also have to remind ourselves when things get though God is there no matter what. Even when we can’t see past our loss. We have to remember he is there to help us shine more in those difficult times. Thank you for brilliant word I say Amen to it. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. I love that you shared this real-life experience with us. I felt like I was sitting with you listening to you tell this story over good coffee. What a gift…look up!

    Christine ♥

  6. KJ,

    This post reminds me of the song “Turn your eyes upon Jesus.” God commands us to seek His face. He wants us fully focusing our eyes & attention on Him alone. Then the stuff of this world will diminish. Such wisdom in two simple words. “Look up”. Today I will look up to Jesus as I go for an interview.

    Blessings 🙂