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  1. Dear Becky
    Thank you SO much for sharing this ! Having done a course on Biblical peacemaking….this story seems like an everyday thing but yet brings us the profound truth of God’s amazing mercy and grace! He does not treat us as our sins deserve as the Psalmist says . I believe God saw your sincere heart and that seemingly small act of writing a note resulted in more kindness !!

    Blessed hearing it and reminds me to extend grace and kindness each day.
    Sarla Williams, Sri Lanka

  2. Becky, what a wonderful example of underserved kindness! Praying we all can be Mary to each other because she was shining Christ! Blessings!

  3. Becky thank you for today’s reading. Yes we can get when we think someone has wronged us. We just want them to make it right. I find that with my Dad when he does something wrong. Does not tell me. I find with myself I get all annoyed he didn’t tell me he did the thing wrong. Like I asked him to always tell me if he brakes a glass. As he has dog. I be afraid for the dog. As he doesn’t clean it up probably with his age. The dog he has could get glass it in her paws. I do home help for my Dad 6 days a week as he elderly as I do it on to Lord and for the Love of my Dad. When you tell him nicely to always tell you he broke a glass and he doesn’t. Then says no big deal I didn’t tell you. I say Dad yes there is as there is still pieces of glass about that you not cleaned up probably. My Dad will say no there is not. Your just saying that. You then have to show him even though he doesn’t want to look. You say your showing him for the dog safety and cleaning it up for that reason. I do get annoyed he doesn’t tell me. What you wrote in today reading has really spoke to me. I should do just cleaned it up out of kindness. Not expect my Dad to have remembered to tell me broke a glass any time he doesn’t and remember he might not remember to tell me all the time because he elderly. God showed me in through today’s reading you wrote Backey. Sometimes I do wrong in God eyes like my Dad maybe forget to say sorry to God or think like my Dad would I done no wrong. So no need to say anything to God. God said to me still shows me undeserveding kindness. I have to do the same for my Dad. How true that is. Thank you again for this reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little ❤️

  4. What a beautiful testimony. Thanks for being so authentic. I have done the same, but never received a call back. You are truly blessed. I am convicted of the times I have not done that when my car door has hit another car door, just shot up a quick prayer for forgiveness. It matters to Christ that we live lives of integrity.

  5. Becky,

    Last fall I did a couple stupid things. Like you, I felt so stupid. So sorry. So ashamed. Feelings of worthlessness arose in me. But God in His loving kindness has been doing a mighty work in & through me. Sermons come that are spot on for my situation. In Courage messages that hit home. Plus a superb, caring husband that is willing to love me in spite of the mistakes & pain I have caused myself (trigger finger). Hubby is cheering me on to newer & better things. I couldn’t ask for more. Reminding myself of the great undeserved love Jesus has for me. So much so that He left the splendor of Heaven to come to broken Earth & die a horrible death. I plan on giving undeserved love & grace to others.

    Blessings 🙂

  6. Hi, Praise unto HIM for using you as HIS instrument to show the true path of love to me in a personal crisis. I am sure like me through HIS grace many would have initiated re-thinking and acting.