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A three-time tongue cancer survivor and mama of children from “hard places," Michele Cushatt is a (reluctant) expert on pain, trauma and the deep human need for connection. Her most recent book, "Relentless: The Unshakeable Presence of a God Who Never Leaves", wrestles with the dogged presence and affection of...

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  1. Such wise words, Michele! My hubby’s job is quite stressful especially now. Encouraging him to listen to God’s voice over the boss’s is exactly the words I need to encourage him. Thank you for your timely message to make me a better helpmate! Blessings! (((0)))

  2. This was very timely and spoke to me especially since I was awake during the night with self-condemnation of how I’d handled things at work yesterday afternoon. I need to listen to God’s voice!

    • Isn’t it interesting how shame always attacks in the middle of the night? A great time to keep Psalm 34:5 handy as a reminder.

      “Those who look to him are radiant;
      their faces are never covered with shame.”

  3. I’m printing this out and tucking it in my prayer journal as a reminder to praise God for his grace.

  4. Not that I wish others felt this way, but it helps knowing I am not the only one. This is so timely for me. I pray we all have a blessed day filled with God’s love and compassion.

  5. So I went back to the bible and elevated Gods voice! Wise words sister! Letting this sit with me and marinate. I always love seeing your name appear Michele because you have wisdom from years of heartache. Blessings on your ministry friend.

  6. Oh sister. I need to print this and save it. Mistakes I have made keep creeping up in my memory to taunt me, and I can never find the right words to even coherently write or speak against shames’s darkness. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone.

  7. Michele,

    Life has been challenging for me since last September. Big shift in my job at work & not liking it at all. Have often awaken in middle of night crying & hearing “Stupid, dumb, not good enough, don’t even try”. Oh the shame I put on myself. Like you I turn to God’s word to combat those lies. Today I watched Steven Furtick, TV preacher. It was “You are not trash”. Telling us not to believe the lies we hear but believe & hold onto God’s word. Doing that plus reading Bible, devotionals & listening to Christian music helps me defeat the shame lies I hear.

    blessings 🙂