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Victoria is a wife, mom of four, multi-passionate entrepreneur, mental health advocate and author of Daring To Fight - When Grit, Grace & Faith Take Depression Head On. She enjoys long hikes, trail running with her husband and shepherding her little flock of Katahdin Sheep.

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  1. “ I want to draw so close to Him that I know His character and trust Him without hesitation as He leads me to new places.”. Yes and amen. ‘Without hesitation’ is the part that challenges me the most. When was the last time I just followed without hesitation, without a list of clarifying questions, or wanting to make triple sure? Thank you for reminding me to lean in to what His voice already sounds like, instead of analyzing it to death.

    • You are welcome Andrea. So glad the daily things I am learning and leaning into can encourage your heart as well. Praying that his voice will bring you daily reassurance of his care and deep love for you. ~Victoria

    • Andrea, my heart needed to hear the truth you shared. Without any hesitation. I sometimes miss His Blessed Best when I don’t obey immediately. Thank you for being so authentic. ❤️

  2. Such a beautiful word picture of our Godly Shepherd in your growing shepherding of your flock! Our heavenly Shepherd lavishes us with sweet treats too but it’s His being that makes us His!

    • Ruth – How true! I love that connection between “sweet treats” and how the goodness of God comes into our lives. Indeed, it is his being that makes us His. How much that speaks to my heart! Thank you for your words.


  3. Yes, I want to be obedient without any hesitation at all. I want to trust with abandon (giving all I have to give of my inner self).

    I want to recognize my Heavenly Father’s Voice and no other voices. I want to know His Desires for my life. I want to trust and obey even when my body is not cooperating with me. I want to trust and obey even when my children are difficult to understand. I want to trust and obey even when my spouse is difficult and upset with me.

    I am never alone, my Shepherd is always with me to lead and guide me step by step. I fall sometimes but He picks me up and starts me back on the Path He has chosen for me. I have a few physical challenges and limitations. Lifestyle changes are necessary more since I am more mature and less active outside.

    I have come to a difficult path and I have placed my trust in my Heavenly Father.

    Enjoy your day.


    Your Sister in Christ

    • Brenda,
      Yes and Amen! So thankful we are never alone in Him especially during difficult seasons of life. So thankful you have found that place of trust in Him – I know that must not be easy as you encounter challenges along the way. Praying that you will continue to feel his presence ever so close to you in the day to day of life.


  4. Mininiger thank you for this excellent word. I believe if we want to hear the Saviour voice through all the world and it noise. We have to not let our lives get that busy as the Old Devil would want. That we get that we don’t have time to spend time in pray and round the word of God each day if we’ll enough to spend the time round the word of God and in prayer. As it is so important as followers of Jesus. If we read the word of God we see that Jesus took time to be along with his Heavenly Father and Rest to spend that time with him in prayer. So that teaches us that we are especially if saved are to do the same. That is how we get when things are noisey and busy to hear the word of God and hear God speak to us through his Holy Spirit. We take time out of our business to be alone with our Heavenly Father and here him speak to us through his word and our prayers to him. I say that is so important as Children who are saved. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • Dawn,
      You are so right – the busy of our lives can be the very thing that hinders us from truly hearing or coming close to him. I think that is what I have loved so much about tending sheep. You have to move slowly, speak quietly with them and allow them time to draw near. How sweet it is to sit in the midst of the sheep and spend that time of solitude also with God. Thank you so much for sharing what is on your heart. Blessings to you!


    • Teresa,
      Amen friend! Amen. You have done so much in helping me learn how to pause, to rest and to be present in my life. Blessed by you and the Jesus I see in you. Thank you!


  5. Love this. Being a visual learner your tender words & care for your sheep touched my heart. I was reminded of how our Heavenly Jehovah Rohi, the Lord our Shepherd is with each of us. It also convicted & challenged my heart.

    At bedtime after reading a Proverb, I would ask the Holy Spirit to go over my day. I would be quiet & wait to hear His Tender voice checking me for wounds & anyone I need to ask for forgiveness & wrong choices.

    I imagined Him taking His Staff to go over my body. Just like you check over each of those precious sheep, Jehovah Rohi wants us to unpack our day & allow His Tender Care to bring more healing & growth. I slept so well when I did this. I also write down all the blessings from others & how Adonai had used others or circumstances to bless me.

    Thank you for spurring me on the pick up this habit again. I will start doing this before I get out of bed asking for more of Holy Spirit & less of me. ❤️

    • Tanya,
      I love this! Thank you for sharing some wonderful application to sitting with the Lord – our great Shepherd. Indeed, it is beautiful to draw near to the heart of God in our everyday, ordinary lives. Praying as you pick up this habit again that it will minister to your heart just where it is needed most.


    • Gosh, I love your bedtime habit! “At bedtime after reading a Proverb, I would ask the Holy Spirit to go over my day. I would be quiet & wait to hear His Tender voice checking me for wounds & anyone I need to ask for forgiveness & wrong choices… Jehovah Rohi wants us to unpack our day & allow His Tender Care to bring more healing & growth.” Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  6. Brilliant! Jesus came to earth to “sit” among us and lead us to greener pastures. Thank you for sharing this real life experience to illustrate this beautiful truth! I’ve been told to spend time with God, but how precious that He is sitting with us until we recognize His voice.

    • Jenny,
      You are so right – God is so patient with us in the sitting and waiting until we turn to his voice. I am so very thankful for that because sometimes I can be really stubborn in my listening and my responding, yet He is still patient and ever loving. Blessings to you!


  7. This one brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful description of knowing the Fathers voice and Him knowing me. Congratulations on being an (in)courage writer!! God is using you in such beautiful ways

    • Thank you Mom 🙂 You bless me so! You have seen so much of my journey up close and personal. So value your continued thoughts and prayers on our families behalf.


      • From Marian’s comment you are bringing honor to your Heavenly Dad & your earthly family! Way to go Victoria!

  8. Hi Victoria, So great to read your thoughts here! Thanks for the beautiful picture of how God sits with us until we trust Him and know His voice. I also want to be a woman who hears God’s voice and knows it among all the rest of the noise. Your imagery has me considering what it’s like when God, my shepherd “calls me from the truck and opens the gate with sweet treats in His hand”…and who is the “older ewe” in my life that would signal me to run to the shepherd? 🙂

    • Heidi,
      I love this perspective! Yes. Who are the older women mentors in our lives that have lead the way or continue to lead the way in our lives? A wonderful thing to ponder and consider. Beautifully said friend!


  9. Victoria,

    We are all like sheep who go astray. We must stay in contact with the Father so we will recognize His voice. He has guided me through some tough trials so I readily trust Him. When my world gets noisy I tune it out. Simply turn on Pastor Steven Furtick or some Christian music. The more I good Godly stuff I pour into myself turns me away from this world. Trying hard to hear His voice today.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth,
      Absolutely! Daily contact to the Father is so essential. Thank you for sharing a part of your journey and how Christ continues to be present through tough trails and the day to day. Praying that his voice comes clearly to you each day as you continue to seek him.