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Anjuli grew up as a missionary kid secretly wondering, “Why does everyone else understand what a relationship with Jesus is, but me?” It wasn’t until she ran into her fears instead of from them, that Anjuli found her voice and the love of God meeting her there. She is a...

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  1. Oh I feel this. My son came out of the womb with a strong will from day 1 and WE ARE NEAR OPPOSITES. What a ride raising him. Thank you for your vulnerability here. Very few moms in my circles, could relate to moments like you describe here when he was still at home. Social media wasn’t a thing back then and hearing stories like this would have been comforting. Yes, stay in the rink-sometimes it’s tempting to step out when weariness is the norm. But then a conversation with your kid takes place like the one you’ve shared here, it’s like a shot of B12 to your spirit that you would never want to miss. God is good, and He is faithful to work when we feel worn out.

  2. I get it but it was with my daughter. She is turning 40 in a few weeks and while things have gotten better, I often feel like walking on eggs shells with her. I choose my words carefully or don’t say anything at all. Prayer certainly helps. We are now living in different states and it has actually gotten a bit better, but at what cost?

    • Madeline – – This is an almost exact description of my relationship with my Daughter. When we are blessed with time together (which is usually only a couple of times a year), I too walk on eggshells because I just want to enjoy the little time I have with my Daughter. Thanks to all of you who are so open and honest about the challenges, and rewards, of raising kids. God is certainly our strength and our wise advisor in all areas of our lives.

  3. These were words I needed today. We are going through some hard things in my family and I tend to be forceful in fearful situations too. This was a good reminder to be still and let God work. And the ice rink visual is a good one 🙂 Thanks for sharing your heart!

  4. Beautiful, relatable post. Thank you for opening up and sharing a part of your life’s circumstances and experiences with the rest of us.

  5. I love this, Anjuli!

    I had daughters, but the same thing. There were harsh words and slammed doors. Or, worse yet, silence. Now my girls are grown, and I try not to advise or interfere. I do a lot of listening and waiting. But I wrestle with urges to do otherwise.

  6. well, Lord knows i needed to read that today! the title alone slapped me in the face and admonished me (gulp)! such a good reminder that forcing things just doesn’t work. thank you!

  7. I don’t have kids. But I have to trust God with my family. Reason I don’t want kids is because to scared to give birth. Do love them as was a registered Childminder for 19 years. As I said I have to trust God with my family as there are times I let the things they do annoy me. That I take them to heart. Especially if they don’t tell me things I need to know. Especially my elderly Dad when he doesn’t tell me things so as I can help him. As I do home help for him 6 days a week. I find myself getting annoyed when I find out he didn’t tell me something to help him. I get annoy with him. I find God telling not force the issue with my Dad. Just say nicely you have to tell me things like this so as I can help you make life easier for you. If you don’t I can’t help you. God has said to like your reading today Anjuli the title don’t force it with your elderly Dad. Just say that and leave at that and pray for your Dad. As he is not saved. Is a man does his own thing thinks he knows best because he older than you. Even though at times he not. Your only telling him because you love in to help him make life easier for him. He doesn’t like to be told. That why he resists you saying anything to him. Does not want to listen to you. If does not that make you get annoyed. You have to not let get to you let go after you said it nicely to your Dad. If he listens and does what you say to help him you wone him. If not he might have to learn the hard way like a child. But you know you told him nicely in love. But don’t ever get to you if your Dad does not listen to you. Telling him something in love to help him. Just pray for him and leave him we me at the foot of cross. I done that. I don’t let it annoy me as much trying with God help to get theses things will not at all. Thank you for today’s reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little in my prayers all incourage. Xx

  8. Wonderful words of wisdom; raw, real and touching. We raised two sons, one easy, one rebellious. But like your son, he always knew he was well-loved. Despite countless “rounds in the ring” on countless occasions. I loved your description of the quiet car ride home. For when he turns to silence, you can go to silent prayer rather than warring words. Such a heartwarming ending, “I love you, mom!” This is a young man who knows truth – the truth that he is loved and loves the source of that love. Indeed, trust that the Lord is present and will always lead you to love and to be loved. Thank you for these touching words of encouragement.

  9. Anjuli,

    Raising good Godly children these days is hard. There is so much negativity in our world & social media just amplifies it. Sometimes the best thing to do is sit in silence with them & just be there for them. When they are ready to talk they will come to you. Prayers for everyone raising Godly teenagers. Times are tough for you moms.

    Blessings 🙂