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Barb Roose is a speaker and author who is passionate about teaching women to live beautifully strong and courageous so that they experience God’s great adventure of faith and purpose for their lives. She’s the proud empty-nest mom of three and whenever possible, Barb prefers to eat dessert first.

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  1. I love your message today! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m the proud Nana of a precious biracial granddaughter; an innocent child; who I never want judged by her skin color.

    • Hi Rita, I’m so glad that you enjoyed today’s article. As a Nana to a precious granddaughter, you’re showing her the love and grace of God by loving her and seeing her soul, spirit and her skin color. That’s so good!

  2. We are all one race mankind in Christ. There’s a fascinating video showing genealogy through dna thanks to the human genome project showing we all have a common ancestor in span of thousands of years only instead of millions years. Very fascinating proving Bible is real. No red yellow black white. We are all one race.

    • Hi Ariel! Thank you for stopping by and joining today’s conversation. Yes, we are one human race, yet in His sovereignty God created many skin colors from one race.

  3. Thank you, Barb, for always being a voice of hope. I especially appreciated this truth: “If the gospel that we preach is only to people who look like us, we’re robbing ourselves of witnessing the full beauty and glory of what a colorful gospel looks like.”

  4. Thank you, Barb. Our sermon at church yesterday wss about inclusiveness. Much food for thought. And action.

    • Hi Irene! Thanks for stopping by today and joining the conversation. I love that your church is having these conversations AND discussing how to live it out. So good!

  5. God created us to all be in community! Our blood is the same color, even if we are different on the outside…we are all God’s children, beautifully and wonderfully made! Things that are happening around us today, are so hurtful to me. I grew up with different nationalities, different ethnicities, different colors…but we were all children in the same school. We never questioned, we simply accepted! We played together, ate together, studied together, we were friends! And as an adult, I know and love and have been so blessed by so many that do not have the same color of skin, but praise God, we “are” the same in so many, many other ways! We were all created by God, and therefore we are all brothers and sisters, all living in the same community! I pray continually that God will open all hearts to acceptance, respect and sharing and caring for each other, no matter what! How dull it would be if God made everything the same color!
    P.S. Another thing we have in common Barb, is loving to eat desert first!! Love it!! Love you!

    • Hi Kathy, thank you for sharing your comment and your story. You were blessed to grow up in such a diverse environment and I love that you champion God’s creation of all colors.

  6. How wonderful would it be for nonbelievers today to be “astonished by the unlikely love and shocking unity” among believers? Thank you for this message. I am praying John 13:35 for the church today: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” And for each of us to understand and act on the specific part we can take.

  7. Thank you Barb for this meaningful message.
    I am an Oma to a beautiful biracial grandson. Love him to the moon and back. May we all hear God’s command to love one another.

  8. I need to ask forgiveness of my non-white Christian Brothers & Sisters, for my non-intentional actions. I didn’t seek out cross-cultural relationships very much, throughout my life. I now see, my non-actions showed a real lack of empathy & instead showed exclusion. I’m sorry!

    I have often examined my heart, mind & words down through the years, for Discrimination. When I didn’t find any, I thought it was enough. But I see now, that I Need To Do More, to seek out ways to show my acceptance & care for non-white people, on a regular basis—instead of waiting for a specific instance to happen 1st, before taking action.

    Please understand that I’m not trying to excuse my non actions. I guess my hesitations, came from my own inadequacies. I let them stop me from taking more actions.

    • Hi EL, it takes great humility to acknowledge where God is working in your heart and your willingness to show love and grace to others. We appreciate your commments.

  9. I must tell you a story. Quite some time ago my family had left to go on a cruise. I did not go along and on Sunday I decided I would visit a new church. I had met a pastor who also was a black man. I liked him and wanted to hear him preach. I found his church that Sunday morning and I was one of 2 non black persons there. But I must say I never felt so accepted and loved as I did at that church service. I truly felt “one” with the body of believers that day.
    We can only change our hearts but by making sure our hearts are one with God’s heart is when other hearts can change and we will all be the better for it.

    • Hi Loretta, thank you for joining us on (in)courage today and sharing your story! I’m glad that you enjoyed your experience worshipping with at the new church!

  10. Barb,

    This post brings to mind the story of Samaritan woman at the well. First of all Jews didn’t associate with Samaritans & they surely didn’t talk to women. Yet Jesus willingly talked to that woman. The result was that community came to know & believe in Christ. If Jesus can break barriers then why can’t we? He wants ALL people to come to a saving knowledge of Christ. That includes red, yellow, black & white, Asian, German, American, etc. Let’s do our best to connect with those that are different.

    Blessings 🙂