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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Satan loves to lie to me that my worth is in the list checked off. Such a rotten low down liar he is! My worth is in my Creator Who has made me a daughter of the Living GOD! TYJ! Happy New Year, Y’all!

  2. In Courage,

    This year will be better for my family. First off I am kicking Satan to the curb. No longer is he going to steal my joy. My joy comes from God. He makes ALL things new each day. My resolution is to get in shape mentally, physically & emotionally. Take time daily to be with God.

    Have a blessed New year!!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Amen, Beth! Ditto to all you said! May God bless you with great success for your goals!
      It’s like you took the words right out of my thoughts! And hey, my maiden name was Williams!! Happy New Year

  3. Thank you for this, and Robin Dance, for your encouragement a few days ago. With my husband now having to deal with a-fib, besides my mom and her dementia, I was dreading the new year. But with the encouragement of you all and a few friends to look for the good in every day no matter how hard, I have decided to re-read One Thousand Gifts and get back to my thanksgiving journal. God bless you all!❤️

  4. Beautiful and uplifting! Thank you and blessings to you in the New Year also. Loved your prayer! Give God the glory for all!!

  5. The past several years have been devastating with several ongoing issues that have stolen any joy I could muster and have put me in the deepest pits of depression and anxiety I have ever been in (and I’ve struggled with mental health for years). My faith has taken a huge hit over these years. I’m not sure how to turn it all around. I admit I am angry with God for what He has allowed to happen. I can’t for the life of me understand what good can ever come out of these things. But, I want 2023 to be a year where I finally find God in the midst of pain. I want to believe He does know what He is doing and rest in Him. I’m not sure what that will look like, but I sincerely hope at the end of 2023 I find myself in a better place.

  6. Eight-eight years of life, and knowing Jesus since I was four. God bless the Lord himself, for being with us every step of the way. I still sing the song I really learned from, and it is “In my heart there rings a melody, in perfect harmony,” and I hope to sing it forever.