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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. A former pastor’s son was a police officer in our area. The accounts of his son’s days gave our pastor a glimpse into the hard thanklessness of being a first responder. He & his wife began picking up the check if they spotted a first responder at the same restaurant to be an anonymous encourager. My husband & I have picked up their example. I carry gift cards to our favorite ice cream shop that we give to first responders we cross paths with. It gives us the chance to thank them for doing the hard thanklessness job, treat them to a sweet treat & be able to ask them how we can be praying for them. The shock & then delight they respond with encourages us to keep doing it. Such a small gesture with huge impact on them & us. A small token of His extravagant love for us goes further than we can imagine in this hurting world we live in! Thanks for sharing Anna! Blessings!

  2. Anna what a lovely reading. The way you explain things in such a lovely way to do with love. I am blessed with wonderful Husband. He put on wash and hang it out to dry. All I have to iron it. Plus hoover wash the floors. But he can’t cook and dose not want to learn. So that is one of my jobs. I don’t mind. He says it only right we help either with the house work. I find out that I can then show my love to my elderly Dad. By helping him. Do his house for him. Which he glad. I do on to Lord and for the Love of my Dad. I bless his home. As he not saved. He knows I am saved. I pray for his Salvation. Anna you have wonderful Husband too. We are both blessed in that. As they both show us love in helping us. You done your bit in showing love by bring up your kids and showing them love as Mum. How amazing is that. I seen that in my sister’s as they brought up there kids. Still today like you Anna pour Love on to them. So we can extend the Love of in these ways. Like the woman who poured oil on Jesus and wiped it with her hair. That was her way of showing love to Jesus. We can all show love in the little things we do. Even if for our family or friends or stranger in our own home. Jesus see that love that we share in the deeds we do to help other. Jesus as the kids song I learnt at Sunday School. Was as man who help many and showed love to all. The song goes “Jesus Hands Where Kind Hand Doing Good To All.” You can get the whole song on YouTube. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  3. This is beautiful. I do know that when I have the opportunity to help with shopping, a meal or other task, it blesses my husband and I more than others. I am not a great cook but I love to cook simple things for our kids, their spouses and granddaughter. Sending a meal to a neighbor is so satisfying. As my kids are moving away, my ability to bless becomes different and scares me.
    Thank you for such a nice post.

  4. Amen Anna Amen \0/
    We’re having a house full today making tamales. Thank you for the reminder… it’s about serving all who enter my home!
    I pray I spoil, feed and listen. Let the kiddos make a beautiful laughter filled mess….

  5. Anna,

    People believe that they must spend lots of money buying gifts to show their love. I’ve found the opposite to be true. For the past few years I have done the “Be a Santa to a Senior”. I pick out two names & shop for them. It gives me joy to know they are getting something for Christmas. When my pastor & his wife were moving her mom down here I made a chicken pot pie & bread for them to enjoy. One of my love languages is acts of kindness. Thrills me to no end when my hubby helps with laundry, dishes or better yet cooks for us. It shows how much he loves me.

    Working in ICU we have a “Kudos” board. Any one can thank or praise a co worker. Since I started working there last December I have gotten two of them. My job recently changed & a CNA came along side & helped me understand the job & all that is involved. I thought it befitting to give her a Kudos for being there helping me out. She told me it made her feel good to know someone appreciates her.

    Blessings 🙂