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Dorina is an author, speaker, teacher, foodie, and trail runner. She helps people chase God's glory down unexpected trails and flourish in their callings. Her books include Breathing Through Grief, Kailani's Gift and Chasing God's Glory. Dorina and her hubby Shawn are raising three courageous daughters in Central California.

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  1. As an 80s child, I too wanted a cabbage patch kid. But my mom thought they were too ugly! Lol. And expensive. She found a lady who made beautiful dolls that fit life size baby clothes. They came with a name and birth certificate. I still have my Katherine Louise born August 2, 1983.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that my gift from God is special and is a treasure. I have a big heart that gets broken but also big capacity for caring

  3. Dorina what a lovely way you put things in today’s reading you wrote. How thank full you were to get the doll you got. Even though it was not Cabbage patch doll. My we sister had Cabbage patch doll. I never liked them. But my we sister when young loved hers. Your Mum and Dad no matter what they were going through may not have much money. Made sure you and your Brother had gifts no matter what. You got an even better gift than Cabbage Patch doll. Hand made doll. Which someone put love in to make for you for Christmas. That makes it even more special than Cabbage Patch doll. As it was hand made with love and care. As the Cabbage Patch doll would have been made in big factory. Not the same nor the same love put into them. Like your Doll you got that year. Your Mum and Dad showed you and your Brother their love by making sure you both still had gifts for Christmas. Wasn’t that so lovely. Oh what love. God showed us his love by giving the world the best gift ever that was sending his son. Who came as baby. Who grew up to show us how to live for him. No better love was that. I believe kids no matter if parents have money or not much much money. Should be taught especially this time of year to be thankful they get a gift no matter what it is. Plus hear about the most beautiful gift our Lord gave us that was his son Jesus being born. Which is more important than any other gift they could receive. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

    • Dawn, thanks for taking time to read and respond! I’m glad you could resonate with this one. We are showered with good gifts from our Heavenly Father!

  4. My grandson, age 5, was visiting not too long ago and I was telling him that we celebrate Christmas because of Jesus being born. He then very solemnly asked me “then why did they kill him?”
    Very hard question to answer to a 5 year old’s ability to comprehend what we as adults often have difficulty understanding.
    I struggled to explain that there as nice people and not so nice people in the world but in this case because Jesus is God’s son he was able to come back to life like a super hero. How else do you explain the resurrection to a 5 year old?
    When he left to go home I was left wondering if I had done the right thing by my explanation. I still am not sure but by today’s definition of a super hero I firmly believe that Jesus is that and more.

    • Loretta, thank you for sharing your experience. That is a hard question. One thing I’ve learned about kids is that they do need us adults to sit with them in their questions. And sometimes it’s easier for them to accept the answers than adults! Love your superhero analogy!

  5. Wonderful post.

    I was older than my sister. SHE got the real cabbage. For my confirmation, my grandma got me a handmade one.

  6. Dorina,

    I used to long & be jealous of my pastor’s wife. The cooking & baking talents she has I wanted them. Then one day she told someone that I am a good cook. What? Me? The one I was jealous of said I was a good cook. I started cooking more for friends as gifts, when sick or going through trials. I also realized that cooking wasn’t the biggest talent God gave me. He gave me the gift of compassion & encouragement. I see the person on the fringes & go over to talk with them. You will often find me encouraging patients or families on my job at hospital. Constantly ripping open my gift & sharing it with this sin darkened world.

    Blessings 🙂