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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including Growing Slow. She and her husband live on the family farm, raising crops, pigs, and two humans. She’s a fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She wants to live life in such a way...

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  1. I am so often guilty of thinking my struggles are not big enough to complain or be concerned about. Even though I know God cares. That is my only reassurance at times. Thanks so much for this reminder.

  2. Oh Jennifer what a great encouragement! Our God is so vast He doesn’t have to prioritize needs. He can handle them all!!! Thank you for sharing. Blessings!

  3. I definitely keep things to myself out of fear that I may seem petty to others. And I feel guilty praying about these things. So I appreciate what you have shared.

  4. I so loved this reminder that no matter how big or small things are to us, they all matters the same to God! Thank you!

  5. I’ve done this all this week unfortunately. After going to my doctor Wednesday, and getting the news that I actually had an issue that required antibiotics, I finally let myself admit how uncomfortable I had felt the entire holiday weekend. We were hosting company and I kept smiling and minimizing my issue so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself while our guests were here, sharing their own struggles of a new season they were in. This reading is a great reminder not to compare or analyze or graph the weight of our struggles against others. Thank you.

    • As women, we just try to power through sometimes, don’t we? Just keep pushing, being there for everyone, putting our needs aside. I soooo get that! I am grateful to know this post spoke to your heart today.

  6. Thank you for this today! With so many huge problems in the world, it is easy to decide my own “little” problems aren’t worth bringing to God. Your post reminded me of something I heard years ago in a sermon about Philippians 4:6. My pastor said, “The question isn’t whether anything is too small to pray about. The real question is, is any of it NOT small to God?”

  7. Oh how we all minimize our own needs. A good reminder that God sees all pain and wants is to remember our own need for a cloak.

  8. Thank you Jennifer for this timely message….even a car accident and not enough money to fix or repair….switching to public transportation perhaps….

  9. I tend to do this when I’m praying for something I deem low on the list of importance. When I do this, I’m often praying aloud and it might go like this: God, I know you’re busy, you have a lot going on, with the war in Ukraine, gun violence, and homelessness – but — if you have a minute, I really need help with… (insert Grade D concern here). Thank you for loving me and caring about me. Amen.

  10. “I do believe that Scripture is God-breathed, and that every word is there for a reason — even the hardest and weirdest parts of the Bible”… what a good point! I tend to skim over things, looking for the deeply strong words written. A great reminder – “bring my cloak” – God sees all, even the little stuff, and is here for us.

    • So glad this spoke to you, Nancy. And like you, I’ve done the same thing. I came across the little line a couple years ago, and it really stuck with me. I had read it before, but sort of glossed over it, I guess.

  11. Dear Jennifer, this is lovely. Thanks for reminding us to “not sweat the small stuff”, but turn those things over to God. He can handle it!

  12. Jennifer, what great encouragement as I sit in a hospital room realizing that today may be the beginning of transitioning to being a caregiver. Thanks so much for the reminder that God cares about all the details of my life!

  13. Yesterday I had an MRI on my back. They needed to put dye in. The person assisting tried several times to get the needle in a vein with no luck. Another woman was called to try and we both prayed after her first attempt failed and, miraculously, but not surprisingly it worked. Praise God! That should have been my prayer with the first person.

  14. Yes God is big enough to handle all our problems. We most not think we have to do it all in our own. Because no one else will help or they have there excuses why the can’t help. When they can do something simple to make your world easier. See Jennifer my Dad is 82 in February next year. Needs alot of things done round his house for him. As he fell 6 or 7 months ago and broke his hip. Can’t walk as well as he used to has physio coming to house to help him that is helping. But he stil needs alot of help. I do his house. My two sisters visit in every evening I do his house every day. Plus walk his dog. Even though they are working during the day have kids. There kids not babies they are teenagers. They could walk my Dads dog to give me a brake. So could my sisters when visiting my Dad. Out of the half an hour or hour in the evening when visiting him plus do a we bit round his house for him. They at time do some but not enough. They just chat our Dad. If I left clothes to dry. They never some times go check them and put away to ironed. They leave them. Yes they bring him meals. But I just go on and do it. I did say something to them about this out came the exudes. So I just kept on doing it said no one else going to do it. Now tiredness has got the better of me. I taken a nasty dry cough. I was that tired with the cough. I had to phone my Dad say. I will not be round to walk his Dog. Plus I had bad dry cough. I didn’t want to give it to my Dad. I felt God saying Dawn your going to have to take more rest. My Friend and my Husband said that. Or you end up ill. I felt God say Dawn your only human. People will let you do it all if willing. But you know what your body will not let you if does not get enough rest. You have to think of yourself. No one else going to. What you said in today’s reading you wrote Jennifer has spoken to me. We have to look after ourselves too. Remember Jesus took time to rest and be with his Father. We must do the same. Don’t get me wrong I not running my sister’s down. Yes I understand they have kids and work. But they could do a little more to help my Dad there Dad when visiting him. Get the Grandkids to walk the dog more often for their Grandfather our Dad. He so much appreciate it. To give me rest. So I going to have to listen to God and my body. Take one day a week of. Tell my Dad that. Don’t get me wrong I love doing it for the Love of my Dad and on to the Love of Lord. Or I be no good to any one. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • Dawn, I am so glad that you are listening to God and to your body. You have a LOT on your plate right now. I know that you love your Dad. And I was in the same spot not long ago. My Dad passed away and went to heaven on September 4 of this year. I am so grateful that I had all of those months of helping to take care of him. Precious, precious memories. Sending my love to you!

  15. Jennifer,

    Nothing absolutely nothing is to small for God to care about. He loves you enough to send His only son to die a horrible death. Don’t think that your headache, school tests, job interview, etc. are to small to pray about. He already knows the situations & is working on your behalf. Each day at work I pray for all my ICU patients (ICU clerical). Ask God to heal the patients & comfort their families/caregivers. Also pray that God would help me in my new position. Guide my steps & help me to get done quickly. Give me the strength to endure each day. Friends don’t be afraid to pray about ALL your trials/tribulations.

    Blessings 🙂

  16. I was a small-town/farm girl at college and would frequently loose my keys. (On the farm, we fastened the keys to the steering column with wire because if you drop keys in a field–good luck finding them.) I frequently prayed in one syllable, “Dear-Lord-help!-I-can’t-find-my————-KEYS!!-thank-you-Jesus!”

    So, later when I am getting down on myself for being a hot mess, “Lord…….. I’m sorry for bothering you so often about my keys….”
    ………..”Bothering me? Dear child, what makes you think it’s a bother?”
    ………..”You see, I keep a count of the hairs on your head–just for fun. So, it’s not a bother. Instead, think of it as an acknowledgement that I am The Omniscient, Omnipotent One (that always knows where your keys are) that loves you–and I love it when you think to come to me. When you do this you are being obedient–How else would you be able to ‘pray without ceasing’ if you don’t pray about the ‘small’ things too?”

    “…so, it’s not a bother…?…”
    ……..”It bothers me when you don’t ask.”

    “Ohhhh….I think I get it…maybe…”

    The world has a lot of “little” gods that by definition care about “big” things like war, famine, cancer. But only a BIG God cares about and involves himself with the “little” things.

  17. I too have been guilty of self-sufficiency instead of prayer-sufficiency, even after all these years of walking with God. Lord, help me to turn to you FIRST! I can see intimacy growing deeper between us as I step closer to you when trouble starts–even the small ones. Thank you, Jennifer!

  18. This was such a beautiful message that really touched my soul. I really needed it. People often tell me my problems are too small and to just get over it. But I’m alone in my life with no support group in person. We don’t have strong churches here and people cave when presented with standing up for Christian values so you don’t feel like anyone is with you. But it is encouraging getting these messages and knowing this community is here for me and I will experience them in person when we all are in heaven. I truly look forward to it. I pray the Lord God gives me the strength to get through this life. I greatly desire a hug from my Savior and to hear him say well done good and faithful servant. You all keep me pressing on. I can’t thank you enough. I wish I could purchase more of your stuff but I have to pay down debt. Thank you again dear sisters

  19. Great timely devotion today, Jennifer. I felt the same way about my need to lose weight. I felt I shouldn’t pray or even ask for God’s help since I got myself in this predicament of being overweight. A godly weight loss program spoke to this exact issue, us feeling like we can’t go to God for anything…little….problems we got ourselves into…..anything. He knows and numbers the hairs on our heads! And since asking God for help with my health journey I have lost 65 pounds in the last year and half. And I agree with you about Paul’s cloak, I just red that passage few weeks ago and it made me laugh. I also think it helps us see Paul as a person just like us, with needs just like us, and thorns in our sides just like us.

  20. I am finally realizing that God is truly in control of the small things and the hard things.